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Me and Me (but neither is me) by SammuWamm
Me and Me (but neither is me)
Turns out I may have genuine claustrophilia
First of all, despite the "philia" part, it's not actually an adult activity thing. That's a mistake that almost everyone makes. Claustrophilia is being more comfortable in enclosed spaces than open...
2 years, 10 months ago
Shitteruka (Did you know)
Stench (your Earth) was bought by a Jovian scrap merchant for some Europium landfill in the 1960's. "Why would anyone want your planet?" you ask. Why, for all the lead you were just throwing away.
3 years, 1 month ago
Sammu's most epic skill explained - The 4-extension unintentional-dab cancel
I'm pretty sure no-one can claim to be a Jerome main but they can't deny the power of his Magic Cancel special ability. - For a bit of background for those that don't know, Jerome was a character th...
3 years, 1 month ago
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Beatrix Dolittle by SammuWamm
Beatrix Dolittle
Denzel Douglas, The REAL Sammu by SammuWamm
Denzel Douglas, The REAL Sammu
John "C.O." Samer / Duo by SammuWamm
John "C.O." Samer / Duo
Lind "Cleft" Anci by SammuWamm
Lind "Cleft" Anci
Josh Rüdban (Jeuschuetz Rothemd-Ulfberht) by SammuWamm
Josh Rüdban (Jeuschuetz Rothem...
Violet Akuchin by SammuWamm
Violet Akuchin
Harold Starlight by SammuWamm
Harold Starlight
Hanz Britches (Glen Belt in the Oasis series) by SammuWamm
Hanz Britches (Glen Belt in th...
Me and Me (but neither is me) by SammuWamm
Me and Me (but neither is me)
John Eq (this is me...-ish) by SammuWamm
John Eq (this is me...-ish)
Chamelea Harding by SammuWamm
Chamelea Harding
Soubi Petalfeather (Soubi Ironstone in the Oasis series) by SammuWamm
Soubi Petalfeather (Soubi Iron...
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John Eq (this is me...-ish) by SammuWamm
My Fursona (yes it's mine. read the description) by SammuWamm
Soubi Petalfeather (Soubi Ironstone in the Oasis series) by SammuWamm
Sammu Fandom Characters
Characters from the Sammu fandom. That being characters that are officially included and not just a random OC he did a cameo with once. Please respect the individual character's original creators.
11 submissions
John "C.O." Samer / Duo by SammuWamm
Albion Characters S2S6: New World Saga
Characters from Season 6 of Series 2 of the Albion series. After the destruction of their dimension the heroes find themselves on Planet Albion, a fantasy world with new heroes and new villains.
1 submission
John "C.O." Samer / Duo by SammuWamm
Albion Characters S2S2: The Elite Saga
Characters from Season 2 of Series 2 of the Albion series. Trench, Versus, War and various others fight to save various dimensions from LeChon and his henchmen who are hellbent on destroying them all.
1 submission
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Would you make me Happy and... by R0ttR0tt
Would you make me Happy and...
by R0ttR0tt
Walking into the Sunrise by LadySilvie
Walking into the Sunrise
(2005) Valentine's Day: Kiss th' Bunneh by Tremaine
(2005) Valentine's Day: Kiss t...
by Tremaine
Robin Hood Sketches by Grrrwolf
Robin Hood Sketches
by Grrrwolf
Ch.3 pg.46 by GottaGoBlastNSFW
Ch.3 pg.46
Always Here for You (by oreo-septim) by fennyflametail
Always Here for You (by oreo-s...
Holding Hands by HowlsMoon
Holding Hands
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Where flowers bloom by Lycangel
Where flowers bloom
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the SMOOCH by sashtrash
by sashtrash
Halloween Kisses by mobkiller
Halloween Kisses
by mobkiller
Together by CainetheLongshot
Ch.1 pg.48 by GottaGoBlastNSFW
Ch.1 pg.48
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Sammu Akuchin Wamm (サッム・悪神・ワム)

I'm John Samer AKA http://inkbunny.net/JohnSamer98

I lost both my password to my Inkbunny account and my email account when my PC kicked the bucket so can't really get into my account again. I think I got real close to what they were but might be off by a few characters as it was a long string of random letters and numbers and it was not wise to not write it down somewhere.

Sammu Akuchin Wamm is the name of my personal OC that represents myself (if in a manner of behavior that is totally out of character with myself) and that's why I have this username. The full name's a mouthful so most call him just Sam. Also don't call him Wammu. It's not clever it's just just stupid and not even funny. Trust me I've heard much better puns.

I'll try to be me here but if I'm acting in character I'll behave like Sam so please be clear which persona you wish me to be in if you start impromptu roleplaying mid-conversation or something. My persona is not the same personality as myself by no stretch of the imagination. Sam's behavior only works in a fictional universe because well he's a criminal.

Fan art is welcome ...-ish. I know people are going to draw art of my characters whether I like it or not but remember that if you are sending it to me personally then please try at least to make it something I might like and obviously read the website's rules before posting anything. My persona is not the same personality as myself by no stretch of the imagination. I have a separate character that represents my true self which is basically just a drawing of myself but highly simplified to a cartoon. If you want to represent me and not Sam then that's who you should use.

Please remember that a lot of the characters in the Sammu fandom are owned by their original creators and not by me. You may have to get permission from whoever owns that character before you can use it. Don't come crying to me about it because it's essentially out of my hands. I can't help you there. If requested I can pass the request to use the character on to whoever owns the character if they are difficult to contact as happens in some cases but I can only just act as a messenger passing between the two of you. You can't beg and plead to me for me to change their mind about it. That's not my job. It's between you and them.

For the idiots who think my character is a child just because they are short. There's such a thing as a pituitary dwarf, look it up. It's a person who retains a child-like appearance despite being adult age. Sam is indeed an adult and should act in a way that adults do. If I see people trying to turn this stuff into pedophilia I will not be happy. Also whilst on that subject you can create whatever sick perverted nonsense you like in your own home but if you start making that kind of nonsense don't expect that somehow I'll be supportive of that. Break the law and somebody will probably report you to the appropriate authorities and that includes the rules of this website.

On a lighter note I'd prefer it if you looked up a character's profile or some examples of works they've been in before making fan content. It's okay to have your own interpretation of a character but you should always try to stay somewhat similar to the source material. I'm not saying that you can't have some sort of rampant escapade with my characters in but it is slightly jarring when they have a complete personality transplant. You get extra brownie points for remembering obscure facts about the character instead of stumbling over contradictions.

Remember that the Sammu fandom is a constantly shifting thing of course and as such memes will shift in and out of use. Might want to keep on top of the latest trends so you don't look a bit out of fashion. That's not to say you can't use your favorite character or setting that's already out of style but of course if you do then try to make it your own rather than just spitting dad jokes essentially.

Onto the subject of my other content such as games and the like. Again the same things that apply to what I said above also apply to that. However, if you make some sort of parody of my content be sure to make it somewhat original and please give credit. If there's a feature you might like to add to my content or remove one then try asking me about it first, I'm always interested to see what ideas you have and how I may improve.

Don't be disheartened if I say no because there are certain other people you could ask for such a thing who are either part of my team or have some involvement on the project in question. I usually give a list of such people when making the project and I can point you in the right direction. This is because I personally might not want to be associated with certain things and if I post it on my account then people are likely to ask me in future for much of the same. Other people will be able to organize such a thing as that kind of material will be okay by them.

If you don't manage to find anyone who will help you with the combination of interests you have then bad luck buddy. I can't help that. Anyone who'll probably help you there will likely be doing something that might offend some of the people involved in the project. Remember, my projects often involve material owned by other users and they might not like their character or whatnot being used that way.

Now that the legislation nightmare is out of the way you can also suggest to me the kinds of things you might want to see in my own works. Bare in mind that me John Samer myself has no real interest in adult content per say but I am willing to facilitate other people's needs if it's not too graphic. That includes sexual content, gorey content, bodily juices and stuff and I might avoid controversial topics and depictions of illegal activity as well. Though the topic may be fascinating there's a certain level of detail where it crosses the line, for all of those topics. I'm asexual myself so I'm not exactly going to be interested in that kind of stuff and I'm a generally lawful good.

That said there's 1 major bug bear I have to get out of the way. Please understand that I have a lot of love and respect for religious individuals when I say the following. I think religion is great and a generally positive influence on society. I have many friends who are religious and despite how black I'm about paint a certain group of people please be aware that they are in fact a minority and my feelings towards these certain people certainly do not represent my opinion on religions as a whole or any religion at all. There are many many more individuals of these religions that are perfectly nice people. It's just that the bad ones are mouthy.

There are these people I refer to as religious nutcases. That's not to say that religion in general insights insanity or any particular religious group. But if you've been around you'll probably have met someone like who I'm about to describe. They tend to have their own interpretation of the religion which remarkably other people share despite these particular beliefs not being represented by any religious faction. These guys are of course The Goat Haters.

No, it's not specifically a Christian thing either. For various reasons there are people on this world who think their religion is telling them to hate goats for some reason. When I said that I like goats they instantly took offense and made huge efforts to attack me claiming that I was in league with evil forces. This was not at all helped when I decided that goats where my power animal and they somehow believed I was the reincarnation of the devil or Naigamesha especially after I used a goat furry as my own persona. Worse still is that they carried misleading information to the reasonable and well meaning religious individuals so that they would join in the fight. Many people acted without question or knowing the reality of the situation leading to me being accused of all kinds of terrible things.

I have no interest in Satanism or whatever or in fact any religion at the moment since I'm pretty busy with my own life and don't really have the head space to think of anything else. If THAT offends you then I'm sorry. I don't just pick up a religion and follow it blindly. Religion has to have meaning to me. I personally think it's kinda offensive how people might follow a faith just because. If religion has a deep meaning to you in your life then that's okay and I'd actually be quite interested to know how you feel about it when i have the time. Until then I think I'm somewhat religious, maybe more religion than spiritualism, I think there is something but I don't know what, I've had way too many coincidences in my own life to think everything follows our current understanding of science, but that doesn't mean I dis science either, both are very valuable things.

I'm not an evil person. I try my best to do what's right. So far I've been improvising that interpretation from what I can see and hear with my own senses. I know what helps people, in the short and long term. I'm honest, sometimes to great sacrifice. I try to use tact as best I can but I avoid lying. I've spent my whole life being "wrong" in every definition despite doing the right thing. I don't even try to fit in anymore. So what, you hate me. What's new? At least you'll be better off for having known me. I aim to leave a positive effect on the world whether you like it or not. I expect nothing in return not even recognition. I just do it because I want to.
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3 years, 3 months ago
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