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Writing Challenge #9: Apocalyptic Bridge Memorial Edition...

So, everyone enjoying the Rapture? Heaven never looked so nice, wot? :D Anyhoo...... A month late, but here it is, the NINTH installment of dmf's ever-loving Inkbunny Writing Challenge, the (usually) roughly-twice-monthly writer's prompt exclusively on Inkbunny (although the stories may not be exclusive to IB-- A couple authors have posted Writing Challenge entries also on FA, and I'm kosher with that)....

Or is this just a dream?

(#9 Dream-- Get it? No... You're too young if you don't, I guess. :) )

But.... Since this is the 74th anniversary of that most remarkable of west-coast bridges, the Golden Gate Bridge at San Francisco, CA (well, tomorrow, the 28th, is), as it falls on the Memorial Day weekend here in the US, a week after the Rapture That Wasn't ("Ooops, I meant October 21- Silly me!" Give it up, Mr. Camping- You're a fraud and charlatan, and you've swindled millions out of your faithful followers who are too feeble-minded to be skeptical of doomsday prophecies), and I've been having a HELL of a time catching up on events that would've been perfect for posting Writing Challenges (May Day, Cinco de Mayo, Mother's Day, 10th Anniversary of the death of Douglas Adams)... It's about friggin' time I posted this! :P

SoOoOoOoOo then, what's going to be this installment's Challenge?

Well... I decided this Challenge's species would be.....

FIREFOX! (aka sankam, red panda, lesser panda...)

And for the other two keywords?

SERVICE (as in public service, military service, etc., in honour of Memorial Day)


FUTURE (for that ill-fated doomsday prophecy! :P )

So there it is, then! As usual, submissions can be short-short (perfect for summer weather!) or long-in-the-tooth, clean or dirty (oOoOoOoOoh!), serious or funny-- Whatever! :) Anything goes, as long as the three keywords are used, with only one caveat: I don't expect the obvious! There is NO expiry date, but if you're going to write something, please at least give me a heads-up that you've either got something or have something in mind (as usual). Stories may not necessarily be tied to events that the Writing Challenges are posted around-- That's moreso for my convenience, unlike a certain other well-known writing prompt that is connected to a day of the week (and a phrase, whereas mine uses keywords).

Below is a list of past and current Challenges, with links to all submissions for each.

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#9 (#9, #9, #9, #9....): SF Golden Gate Bridge, ruptured Rapture, Memorial Day
FIREFOX (lesser/red panda, sankam, nin wah)
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#11: National & personal birthdays
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#13: Dog Days of Summer

#14: Special 46th Birthday Edition
SQUIRREL, MOUSE, BUNNY, SKUNK and/or LEPTICTIDIUM (any one or more or all)
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(species chosen: BUNNY, SKUNK)

#15: The War of the Worlds broadcast of 1938...

#16: Thanksgiving
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#17: Holiday Season
Moon Rabbit - Part 8 by CyberCornEntropic

#18: New Year's Resolutions
Moon Rabbit - Part 10 by CyberCornEntropic

Until next time (or the Second Coming of Zarquad),

First up, another spine-tingling chapter- the sixth- in
's Moon Rabbit series:
Moon Rabbit - Part 6 by CyberCornEntropic

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Added: 7 years, 11 months ago
7 years, 11 months ago
rapture, n. A particularly nasty bird of pray.

We'll just have to see if I can use these keywords, I guess. :p
7 years, 11 months ago
What's particularly funny is reading some comments elsewhere when they write "raptor" (which is, indeed, a type of bird) when they really mean "Rapture", referring to Camping's hoax.. But then, I've seen so much bad grammar and vocabulary, I'm not particularly surprised by it any more. :P

7 years, 11 months ago
I guess I'm not really surprised about the association.  Of course, the main difference between them and me is that I did it on purpose. :p

I don't like any of the doomsday "predictions", mostly because my dad seems so gung ho for them.  Lots of people die horrible deaths, and you're looking forward to it?  I find that disturbing at the very least.
7 years, 11 months ago
a: I know... :)

b: Yes, it's tiresome and often getting it quite wrong, in terms of the signs... Gah, I have to sift through that...crap...on YouTube whilst searching for videos pertaining to exoplanets. :P Believe me when I say I really think the majority of people in the world really are stupid. :( But I wouldn't wish for the end of the world, even though I don't feel I, myself have much of a future (maybe another 10, 15 years, but not 30-50 as most of my age might expect)-- I still believe one deserves another chance at getting it right before retiring from life altogether.

(I'd like to be proven wrong, as to level of stupidity-- I'd gladly accept that.)

7 years, 11 months ago
I'd call it foolishness (of one of the more extreme flavors), rather than stupidity.  People can be quite intelligent, but that doesn't mean they can't be working on incomplete or inaccurate information, jumping to conclusions, or simply not thinking at all.

The desire for an apocalypse has been around for over 4000 years. (http://www.abhota.info/end1.htm ) To me, this suggests that a lot of people simply look at the world, believe they can't do anything to change it, and feel trapped.  The greedy and power-hungry take advantage of their frustration to give them an apparent way out.  It's something like what I've read in Sun Tzu's The Art of War.  People are more likely to give up the fight if they are given a way out.

There's also the possibility that the pro-Rupture crowd is misinterpreting the whole concept (nothing new there).  Stripped of its mystical and spiritual associations, what is the end of the world?  Basically, it's another way of saying people die.  What is death (of a person, society, culture, civilization, etc.) but the end of the world for that person/society/culture/civilization/whatever?  Thus, the commonly quoted passage from the Bible arguably takes on new light.  No one can determine the exact end of the world, because the end of the world is different for everyone and everything.  Furthermore, we never know the exact time of our deaths (or at least, the vast majority of us never know until it's too late) because of so many variables, so we won't know when our own personal end of the world happens until it happens.

And if that makes me sound like some religious preacher or nutcase, I sincerely apologize and retract what I said as meandering babblings.
7 years, 11 months ago
On a more rational note than ruptures, I just wan to say that I've started the next part, but that's about it.  Rest assured that I know where this part is going, but I haven't had much of a chance to work on it, what with other obligations, ideas, and a fairly depressing month so far.  Even reorganizing my Star Trek: The Collectible Card Game cards didn't fully cheer me up, thanks to not being able to actually finish.  Fortunately, I have Care Bears.
7 years, 8 months ago
I've come up with something and am working on it?  
Moon Rabbit - Part 6 by CyberCornEntropic
  Two more parts (at least) to go.
7 years, 8 months ago
Worthy reading. :)

7 years, 8 months ago
Thank you. :)

By the way, I suppose by now you've noticed I've updated the look of the thumbnails.  Hopefully, it looks better.  Also, I have it set up so I can change the object Baksrit's looking at according to story.
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