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Shaping the world with a single paw! by totodice
Shaping the world with a single paw!
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Shaping the world with a single paw! by totodice
Shaping the world with a singl...
Cutekateer scary story session by totodice
Cutekateer scary story session
After party snuggle by totodice
After party snuggle
Good help is hard to come by by totodice
Good help is hard to come by
Yori preparing a circle spell by totodice
Yori preparing a circle spell
Never ending Pecha Basket! by totodice
Never ending Pecha Basket!
Inflatable...danger roo? by totodice
Inflatable...danger roo?
Inflatable sea noodle by totodice
Inflatable sea noodle
Yori solo by totodice
Yori solo
A much younger Yori by totodice
A much younger Yori
Yori shouldn't, but will fight pretty much everyone by totodice
Yori shouldn't, but will fight...
Xander and Stormy couples icon by totodice
Xander and Stormy couples icon
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Void Ref Sheet by Voidtails
Void Ref Sheet
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Wormmon by toruu90
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Cutesketeers Camp by Vee4eva
Cutesketeers Camp
by Vee4eva
After Party Snuggle by Vee4eva
After Party Snuggle
by Vee4eva
Rope play by DakkaWoof
Rope play
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Cubone eating animation by LKIWS
Cubone eating animation
Playful Babes by Vee4eva
Playful Babes
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Affrite by LKIWS
Pikachu Morgana by Namoke
Pikachu Morgana
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New Pokemon Starters by Volamont
New Pokemon Starters
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New Pokemon Starter by toruu90
New Pokemon Starter
by toruu90
New PMD looks nice ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) by blitzdrachin
New PMD looks nice ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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U-um...thank you for visiting my page here on Inkbunny! I will be trying to use this site more and will try uploading art now and again. It's going to take a long time to upload everything I have on FA to here as well, with many things being quite old. If interested in seeing any of the things that will be uploaded then please see my FA page.

For those interested, I am still currently more active on my Furaffinity account

So very bad at this...but I need to get into the habit of using this site more.

For those curious of the characters I have and will be posting overtime along with their respective reference sheets, information about them can be red below. I apologize for the long wall of text.


Pokemon OC's

Toto the Cubone - Toto is a normal cubone, but has a longer tail, a pink caplet and a blue messenger bag. He also has no back spikes unlike normal cubone. Lore wise, Toto is a child and lives with and is taken care of by a heliolisk named Ray who serves as his father and caretaker. They exists in the PMD universe(like the rest of my Pokemon characters) so he has no knowledge of humans or things like pokeballs and all that. Toto is 11 inches tall, or about 0.279 meters or 27.94 centimeters. Toto is also in a relationship relationship with Ray the heliolisk from bombly and is strictly gay and a sub, if you would like to have anything with him, than please ask first.

Seval the Meganium - Seval is odd, as said in the post, he is my first OC technically, but was replaced by Toto and then became a standalone character that interacted with Toto in my own canon. Seval is different than I am in a couple ways though, hence being made as a standalone character, but in some ways is the same such as being gay. Seval is pretty straightforward, being a merchant and selling items he would find as well as selling himself for more private services. The latter however typically ends up with Seval being unwillingly used and unpaid by most. Seval wears saddle bags around his body to carry goods and items, and has a traveling pouch and a bandanna on his head to protect from the heat. He's headstrong, but also very kind and generous. Seval is open to any SFW and NSFW content that one wishes at the moment. Seval is gay and a sub like the others. Mated with Solon the charizard belonging to overgrown_lizards.

Thadius the Slowking - Thadius is another of my older OC characters that has been finally realized into a ref sheet. He's a character that similarly has been changed a couple times, but not nearly as much as Seval has. He still remains about the same as he started out though. Thadius though, is an overweight slowking that similarly loves to travel around. Unlike Toto who wanders more aimlessly, Thadius actively searches for things of interest such as unique items or odd and mythical trinkets and other items. Since his focus is mostly on archaeological research and more academic pursuits, it leaves him little time to train or get in shape, causing his rounded appearance and less than adequate battling abilities. So, he typically hires bodyguards to protect him for more dangerous expeditions. This of course comes with its own issues as not all can be trusted, and there are times that he's been robbed or raped by the ones he hires. Thadius is similarly gay and submissive, but is not inclined towards most sexual activities, so more often than not will need to be guided into them.

Non-pokemon OC's[/u]

Stormy - Stormy is my Leviathan OC and was made by Furikake as an adopt, but has since been fleshed into his own character of sorts, before even becoming my main OC to represent myself online. Stormy is basically a sea dragon, and designed similar to typical ones, just with clawed fins. He has Pebble-like scales, horns on his head for decoration mostly and his claws are soft and rounded at the ends. Personality wise, Stormy tends to be pretty shy and hates confrontation, but does enjoy talking to others, just takes some time to open up. After he does he is quite friendly and does what he can to make sure his new friends are happy. Because of these traits, he's ends up being a huge doormat and will always buckle and listen to anyone that shows any degree of dominance or aggression towards him. He usually sticks to the sea, but will on occasion come on land, albeit his design makes traversing the earth a difficult task. Stormy measures a bit smaller compared to other Leviathan, at about 12 feet long. Or roughly 365.76 centimeters, or 3.6576 meters. Stormy is generally used in YCH's, but if interested in a commission with him then feel free to ask. Stormy is gay, and is almost exclusively a sub, preferring rough and dominant partners who take complete control and take him against his will.

Yori the Raunikayle - Yori is demeaning, sarcastic, and extremely cocky with an overly inflated opinion of himself. He’s a die hard misogynist and always treats others as less than himself while putting himself above them almost all the time and his interests very rarely extend past how they can best benefit him, especially women. This can cause others to see him as being ignorant of the seriousness of a situation or what he is actually capable of, which can work the nerves of others even quicker. Yori tends to try and do things on his own, preferring his own company over being with others and spends a large portion of his time reading and practicing magic. He also has an insatiable curiosity for the unknown and a desire to learn that which he shouldn’t, something that has hurt him many times, but he still seeks knowledge of things that he shouldn’t do. Because of this, he can be easy to fool and his thirst to learn new information, along with his condescending nature and overconfidence can cause him to be very short-sighted at times, which he’s paid for on many occasions.Yori is gay, and a bottom, but can power bottom, he is diehard masochist and vastly prefers being completely dominated by others larger than himself. He is also very Misogynistic, so any NSFW art of him with a female is not allowed.
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Thanks for the watch !
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Thanks for the watching! I do post to Fur Affinity also.
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Thanks for the fav mate ;3 I appreciate the support~
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Thanks for watchin'! Be sure to check out the artists credited in my submissions!
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