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Circle magic by totodice
Circle magic
Alright, so should probably address this now.
Sorry for the weird title, umm...so this is going to be a very difficult journal to write. Like...I assume many will find it odd, or disappointing perhaps. No worries, it isn't anything like "I'm remo...
1 year ago
Pokemon Direct
Alrighty, I guess  I am partially obligated to give some thoughts on the direct due to having so many pokemon characters myself. Overall it was...fine. I mean, that's about all I can say. Pokemon ...
1 year, 2 months ago
Legend of Mana update and Triangle Strategy
So the direct just finished. Honestly was going in not expecting much since very few updates could get me hyped. However...well...the legend of mana update came out of left field. For anyone that som...
1 year, 3 months ago
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Circle magic by totodice
Circle magic
A very gracious hello~ by totodice
A very gracious hello~
Holidays at the guild by totodice
Holidays at the guild
The little witch goddess by totodice
The little witch goddess
After the spa by totodice
After the spa
"Magic" showcase by totodice
"Magic" showcase
Clash on the waves by totodice
Clash on the waves
The role that "tough guys" strive for by totodice
The role that "tough guys" str...
Grapes taste better when served by delicate fingers by totodice
Grapes taste better when serve...
Samurai Cres by totodice
Samurai Cres
No eating interruptions by totodice
No eating interruptions
Circle magic?! by totodice
Circle magic?!
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Defeat (obviously) by totodice
How to teach an imp by totodice
A spell gone wrong by totodice
The weak little raunikayle mage that's always getting himself beaten up by everyone else around him. A total wimp in every sense of the word.
58 submissions
"Your soul is mine" by totodice
A world of possibilities by totodice
Cres christmas icon by totodice
Cres, my main OC and the one that represents me online. The cute little frog girl (intersex male) that can't really catch a break and always gets targeted by many things seeking to rape her.
33 submissions
Nervous Stormy by totodice
Inflatable sea noodle by totodice
Xander and Stormy couples icon by totodice
The leviathan princess who's kind nature and unorthodox body shape sentenced her to a life of exile.
18 submissions
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It's BIRTHDAY!! ADVENTURE!!!!!!!!!!!! by Roksim
by Roksim
Circle magic by LKIWS
Circle magic
Hey there! [Comm. Inkune] by LenniYosh
Hey there! [Comm. Inkune]
by LenniYosh
Digi-lineup! by Eraquis
by Eraquis
Corrosion 109 by GrimArt
Corrosion 109
by GrimArt
Sho's Anchor by Shoru
Sho's Anchor
by Shoru
Commission - Spike tickling by LKIWS
Commission - Spike tickling
Sho's Doodle Sketch by Shoru
Sho's Doodle Sketch
by Shoru
Corrosion 103 by GrimArt
Corrosion 103
by GrimArt
Help? [Patreon LKIWS] by PawtasticYosh
Help? [Patreon LKIWS]
match 4 and clear by 00freeze00
match 4 and clear
Anger Posting by GrimArt
Anger Posting
by GrimArt
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U-um...thank you for visiting my page here on Inkbunny!
For those who visit, here is where most of the images pertaining to Cres and Toto will be posted. So to those wishing to see more of them, here is the place for it.

For those interested, I am still active on my Furaffinity account
http://www.furaffinity.net/user/totodice1/, however, I am looking into making this something of a main account, as there are a few things here not posted on FA. This account is the only place aside from e621 that will have NSFW of Toto and Cres. So if you wish to see art of them being ravaged, here is the place. If my FA goes down for whatever reason, this will be where my new home is.


Pokemon OC's
All my pokemon characters exist within the same world setting, Aderon.

Toto the Cubone - Toto is a normal cubone, but with a longer tail, a pink caplet and a blue messenger bag. He also has no back spikes unlike normal cubone. Toto is a young child that travels alone in the large world of Aderon, the PMD like setting of which all my pokemon characters exist in. Thus, he has no knowledge of humans or things like pokeballs and all that. Toto is 11 inches tall, or about 0.279 meters or 27.94 centimeters.

Seval the Meganium - Seval is odd, as said in the post, he is my first OC technically, but was replaced by Toto and then became a standalone character that interacted with Toto in my own canon. Seval is different than I am in a couple ways though, hence being made as a standalone character, but in some ways is the same such as being gay. Seval is pretty straightforward, being a merchant and selling items he would find as well as selling himself for more private services. The latter however almost always ends up with Seval being unwillingly used and unpaid by most. Seval wears saddle bags around his body to carry goods and items, and has a traveling pouch and a bandanna on his head to protect from the heat. He's headstrong, but also very kind and generous. Seval is open to any SFW and NSFW content that one wishes at the moment. Seval is gay and a sub like the others.

Thadius the Slowking - Thadius is another of my older OC characters that has been finally realized into a ref sheet. He's a character that similarly has been changed a couple times, but not nearly as much as Seval has. He still remains about the same as he started out though. Thadius though, is an overweight slowking that similarly loves to travel around. Unlike Toto who wanders more aimlessly, Thadius actively searches for things of interest such as unique items or odd and mythical trinkets and other items. Since his focus is mostly on archaeological research and more academic pursuits, it leaves him little time to train or get in shape, causing his rounded appearance and less than adequate battling abilities. So, he typically hires bodyguards to protect him for more dangerous expeditions. This of course comes with its own issues as not all can be trusted, and there are times that he's been robbed or raped by the ones he hires. Thadius is similarly gay and submissive, but is not inclined towards most sexual activities, so more often than not will need to be guided into them.

Ryme -  Ryme is the last, but biggest of my pokemon OC's that I have. Ryme is a male salazzle that, thanks to much of his parents help, managed to evolve, but due to the amount of time without them, regressed and caused a deformed and unfinished evolution. Despite being male, Ryme is typically referred to using female pronouns in most cases. Ryme is an assassin in name, but mostly focuses on spy and thief work, rather than actual assassinations. This is due much in part to her simply being bad at them, but also that she's much better at the former by comparison. Ryme is a member of a criminal organization that simply refer to themselves as the frost demons. After a very long and unwanted past, Ryme eventually seeks to join the group in order to get revenge on exploration teams as a whole for killing her parents as part of a mission long ago. After joining them, she is put under the garchomp Zylo's command, working under him as his only subordinate due to the latter's tendency to kill those assigned to him. Zylo belongs to :linkvee4eva:.Ryme is actually a character meant for NSFW and Mature art, so unlike the others, Ryme should mostly be drawn in one of the two ways listed. SFW of her should not be drawn or made much if at all.

Non-pokemon OC's

Cres - Cres is my newest OC designed by
, and permanent main going forward. Cres is a young frog child that works as a priestess in her village. Being born a mage, Cres, much like her father, is locked to the age she found out about her magic abilities and thus cannot age. Tasked with protecting the village from creatures that roam the forests outside their village, Cres and her father exist to have their mana drained every now and again to sate the monsters via perverse actions that typically involve being being physically taken advantage of. Cres herself is a soft spoken and fairy timid individual due to being born and having to work as a priestess for her village early on in her life. Lacking any understanding of the world around her, she comes in with a curiosity of anything new she sees, but lacks a sense of danger and understanding of how to avoid it, causing her to be raped quite often by the various creatures inhabiting the world. Overall, Cres is someone completely reliant on others to keep her safe, sticking to them as best she can wherever she goes. Cres is a cub character and a complete sub, being unable to be anything else due to her anatomy.

Stormy - Stormy is my Leviathan OC and was made by :linkFurikake: as an adopt. Stormy is an effeminate, male leviathan. Despite Stormy's gender, due to his upbringing, being called and referred to as female feels more natural to him than being seen as male. He has Pebble-like scales and horns on his head that are simply there for decoration. His chest underneath the neck bulges out more compared to any others of his species, leading many non-leviathan to see and treat him like a female, though he prefers it when others treat him as such, due to how he was treated growing up. With that said, her claws are soft and rounded at the tips, making them ill suited for scratching or rending anything. Personality wise, Stormy tends to be pretty shy and hates confrontation and fighting, refusing to do so even to defend herself. She does however enjoy talking to others, just takes some time to open up. After she does she is quite friendly and does what she can to make sure her new friends are happy. Because of these traits, she always ends up being a huge doormat and will buckle and listen to anyone that shows any degree of dominance or aggression towards her. She usually sticks to a cave she found at the bottom of a ravine, but will on occasion travel out to sea and to land, leading to quite a few misadventures that always see her getting used in some capacity. Stormy measures a bit smaller compared to other Leviathan, at about 12 feet long. Or roughly 365.76 centimeters, or 3.6576 meters. Stormy is gay, and is almost exclusively a sub, preferring rough and dominant partners who take complete control and take her against her will.

Yori the Raunikayle - Yori is rude, condescending, mean, extremely cocky and has a severely over inflated opinion of himself, believing himself to more or less be the center of the universe. He’s an extreme misogynist and will always treat others as less than himself while constantly putting himself above them at any given moment. Likewise, his interests very rarely extend past how they can best benefit him, being willing to put others in danger in exchange for his own self indulgence and gratification. This causes Yori to be completely ignorant of the seriousness of a given situation or how completely outmatched he might be against someone, which always leads him to getting beaten up and needing to be saved. In actuality, Yori is extremely weak and incapable of doing practically anything on his own, with his life basically being a guide on how to fail. All in all, Yori is little more than a cocky loser, who does little more than get put in his place by everyone around him, never really learning from his constantly growing list of failures. Yori is gay, and a bottom, he is diehard masochist and typically eds up being completely dominated by others larger than himself. He is also very Misogynistic, so any NSFW art of him with a female is not allowed.
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Fur Affinity
1 year, 4 months ago
thank you for watch!
1 year, 5 months ago
Thanks for the faves! c:
1 year, 5 months ago
Love some of your characters. I'd definitely wanna interact with them someway. X3
1 year, 8 months ago
Thank you for the watch! 🐾
2 years, 1 month ago
thanks for the fave~
2 years, 1 month ago
Thanks a lot 4 watching , really appreciated :D
2 years, 3 months ago
Thank you kindly for the fave
3 years, 5 months ago
3 years, 5 months ago
Thanks for the watch !
3 years, 5 months ago
Thanks for the watching! I do post to Fur Affinity also.
3 years, 6 months ago
Thanks for the fav mate ;3 I appreciate the support~
3 years, 6 months ago
Thanks for watchin'! Be sure to check out the artists credited in my submissions!
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