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I'm a horrible person by Aval0nX
I'm a horrible person
SLCC aftermath
SLCC was really cool met up with some really awesome artists and got lots of goodies, congrats to the 5 - 6 fans who followed the additional clues when requested through PMs and met up with me, hope y...
2 months ago
I feel so ashamed, I thought I'd never cave in, but I did...
I've done a terrible horrible thing, I feel so ashamed... https://www.patreon.com/Aval0nX
2 months ago
Status update (september 2015)
So I finaly moved somewhere in the mid west mountais.  Work has been good and I'm slowly furnishing my new home.  I should be getting a new computer up and running in a week or two.  Untill then I'm s...
2 months, 3 weeks ago
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I'm a horrible person by Aval0nX
I'm a horrible person
TA: Lady Sally Alicia Acorn, Grand Master of the Knights Emerald by Aval0nX
TA: Lady Sally Alicia Acorn, G...
So I heard u liek cartoon bunnies <3 by Aval0nX
So I heard u liek cartoon bunn...
Babysitting Cream ver.1.herpderp.01 preview 3 by Aval0nX
Babysitting Cream ver.1.herpde...
Sunday 8/4/2013 art stream by Aval0nX
Sunday 8/4/2013 art stream
Grojband fancomic #7 now on Tumblr by Aval0nX
Grojband fancomic #7 now on Tu...
Grojband fancomic #6 now on Tumblr by Aval0nX
Grojband fancomic #6 now on Tu...
Grojband fancomic #5 now on Tumblr by Aval0nX
Grojband fancomic #5 now on Tu...
Grojband fancomic #4 now on Tumblr by Aval0nX
Grojband fancomic #4 now on Tu...
Grojband fancomic #2 now on Tumblr by Aval0nX
Grojband fancomic #2 now on Tu...
Grojband mini comic 2 now on Tumblr by Aval0nX
Grojband mini comic 2 now on T...
Grojband mini comic now on Tumblr by Aval0nX
Grojband mini comic now on Tum...
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This is where most of my pics with Sonic Pronz will be posted, there will be instances where I'll post uncolored pics, until I manage to color them and replace the file
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Cihuātlàtoāni Blaze by Aval0nX
Inner Sanctum
this is where all the stuff related to my Inner Sanctum setting will go.
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BSC - Playing Poker by Aval0nX
Babysitting Cream ver.1.herpderp.01 preview 3 by Aval0nX
Cream Babysitting Game
all the stuff related to the CBG including previews, official releases, etc.
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Linda n' Bunny -- COMM by Amuzoreh
Linda n' Bunny -- COMM
by Amuzoreh
Alyssa Don't Share -- COMM by Amuzoreh
Alyssa Don't Share -- COMM
by Amuzoreh
Painted owo by ZetaR02
Painted owo
by ZetaR02
Merry Holidays :sketch: by BlueChika
Merry Holidays :sketch:
by BlueChika
cream doodling again by FreeFlySpecter
cream doodling again
whoo by nyowa
by nyowa
sailor cream doodle by nyowa
sailor cream doodle
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Cihuatlàtoani Blaze by Atemisc
Cihuatlàtoani Blaze
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Caressing Tikal by Canastus
Caressing Tikal
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Sonic Yacht by Atemisc
Sonic Yacht
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Burned Blaze by ZetaR02
Burned Blaze
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Cream Mall Outfit Submission by SapphireOtter
Cream Mall Outfit Submission
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Hello everyone Aval0nX here, well I'm kindoff officialy making this my new account since my old account on Fur Affinity is as good as gone.  I'm going to miss my old account I loved all my pageviews and watches and all the love going on.

Anyway a little bit about myself, I draw delishus Sonic Pronz, It's my specialty, but I can draw all sorts of diferent kinds, It just depends on my mood, I'm extreamly lethargic, and...

yes I'm the head Producer of the ... "infamous" Cream Babysitting Game.

WRz is my signature and Aval0nX is sortof my pen name of sorts.

hopefully this place will be my new home from now on since I am very dissapointed at FA's desicion to ban cubby art, I have a soft spot for it (yes I'm a supporter of the cub community) I support freedom of expression and ideas.  I'm not going to initiate a philosophical dispute on the matter, but If you'd like to I'd be happy to argue with you.

well I have high hopes for this place and I hope this new home is as good as I expect

much love
Aval0nX - WRz

PS: I'm in a transitory stage I will try to make this account as similar as possible as my old FA account, I will not post ALL of my works from that account here since I'm a bit lethargic on that, If they ever get removed, well I'll think about posting them here then.  I'll post my more famous works in this accounts, and of course any updates on the Cream Babysitting Game.


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Contact Details
Fur Affinity
3 weeks ago
Hey avalon i hate to be that guy. But any news on BSC?
3 weeks, 1 day ago
08th place take a time to comment!
Click Here!
keep it up and keep it kool!
1 month ago
because it is not finished yet
1 month ago
Sooooo do i have to pledge to see the finishing touch of BSC game. Becuase i read the journals but it doesn't say the game is finished.  
1 month, 2 weeks ago
So Aval0n, a different question about Babysitting Cream and Inner Sanctum, How did you come up with the idea to do it?
1 month, 3 weeks ago
2 months, 1 week ago
i hope you will come back one day, i would even be interested in helping with a new game if you like to X3
4 months ago
Interested in an art trade ?
4 months, 3 weeks ago
I saw your Steven Universe picture over on Paheal.  Got to say it was fantastic, I love how on-model and clever it was.  You should let me know how I can give you a donation sometime, since you don't have a Patreon.
5 months ago
Update? k another year mb.
5 months, 3 weeks ago
So, I'm amazed at this but I don't think anyone has figured this out yet.  If they have, the info isn't getting around!

There is an easy way to "break" the time limitation and get as many days with Cream as you want!  

How's that?  Download the file, and use a media player (I recommend WMP classic).  As you play, you'll notice that the time indicator skips around as you do different things.  Normally, you are forced to go to the "sleep" option as a way to recover your powers.  And this means that after day 7, the game goes to end stage.

BUT!  When you reach that point using the player, you can then scrub back to any earlier point in the game.  From then on, you'll be in day 8 or later and you can player forever and ever!!

You're welcome. :)
6 months, 2 weeks ago
Just playing Babysitting Cream again after so long. Is there any way to quickly raise the relationship with cream so you can do as much naughty stuff as you can?
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