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This is where most of my pics with Sonic Pronz will be posted, there will be instances where I'll post uncolored pics, until I manage to color them and replace the file
153 submissions
Tablet Practice by Aval0nX
NICOLE suit Sally by Aval0nX
BSC - Playing Poker by Aval0nX
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this is where all the stuff related to my Inner Sanctum setting will go.
26 submissions
Cihuātlàtoāni Blaze by Aval0nX
Inner Sanctum | "Shutting Down Nicole EX" by Aval0nX
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Here's where I post the comics I do
15 submissions
Grojband mini comic now on Tumblr by Aval0nX
Grojband mini comic 2 now on Tumblr by Aval0nX
Grojband fancomic #2 now on Tumblr by Aval0nX
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all the stuff related to the CBG including previews, official releases, etc.
32 submissions
BSC - Playing Poker by Aval0nX
Babysitting Cream ver.1.herpderp.01 preview 3 by Aval0nX
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this is a collection of sketchie comic thingies I do in my sketchbooks, some have text some have not, enjoy, oh and if you'd like to add text to them or work in any of them feel free to ask.
2 submissions
Sally Hibernation - (7/7/2020 Stream) by Aval0nX
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this is a collection of all my old art, back in the day 2007 - 2010
7 submissions
Old Art- Creepy Cream by Aval0nX
Old Art- Darth Sally by Aval0nX
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this pool is for inked art that has not been colored, some are inked manualy with either a sharpie or a micron pen, or via SAI
34 submissions
Cream Babysitting Game - Rouge Sprite by Aval0nX
Creampunny or Locreamy by Aval0nX
Cihuātlàtoāni Blaze by Aval0nX
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my works associated with Team Acorn
3 submissions
TA: Lady Sally Alicia Acorn, Grand Master of the Knights Emerald by Aval0nX
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