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The Library Of Alex Reynard by AlexReynard
The Library Of Alex Reynard
Canadabound: 2018 edition
Just wanted to let you guys know, I'll be fleeing these here United States soon and shacking up with my Canadamigos, Robby and Relee. We'll be attending Forest City Comic Con (BOOOOO Rob Paulsen cance...
20 hrs, 56 mins ago
Cruisin' Woodward
So for those of you who don't live in Michigan, Woodward Avenue is kind of a big deal. The first concrete-paved road in America, it was a legendary strip for kids in the 50s to drive up and down looki...
1 month ago
Just an idle thought I had about overdosing on politics
Sometimes I'll spend huge blocks of time watching political speakers on YouTube, reading articles, browsing subreddits. And it's enriching in the sense of seeing different viewpoints. But it's also em...
2 months ago
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Phobiopolis - Dream VI by AlexReynard
Phobiopolis - Dream VI
Phobiopolis - Dream IV, part 2 by AlexReynard
Phobiopolis - Dream IV, part 2
Phobiopolis - Dream IV, part 1 by AlexReynard
Phobiopolis - Dream IV, part 1
Phobiopolis - Dream I by AlexReynard
Phobiopolis - Dream I
Zootopia: Breaking Bellwether by AlexReynard
Zootopia: Breaking Bellwether
Relee's Birthday Transformation by AlexReynard
Relee's Birthday Transformatio...
New Blocks On The Kids by AlexReynard
New Blocks On The Kids
Ingredients by AlexReynard
Dig Dug Zeph Zeph - Christmas Gift Art-o-Rama by AlexReynard
Dig Dug Zeph Zeph - Christmas ...
Relee On The Potty - Christmas Gift Art-o-Rama by AlexReynard
Relee On The Potty - Christmas...
Kanada's Birthday Transformations by AlexReynard
Kanada's Birthday Transformati...
Jessica Nytski Sketch Pack by AlexReynard
Jessica Nytski Sketch Pack
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Bad Boys II: A Point-By-Point Review by AlexReynard
"I Love Having My Beliefs Challenged" by AlexReynard
Zootopia: Breaking Bellwether by AlexReynard
Writing - Miscellaneous
Stories, lists, jokes, etc. Whatever's too weird for the other pools.
14 submissions
Ingredients by AlexReynard
Furry Short Stories
Tales of tails. Some yiffy, some not, but all of them relatively bite-sized.
23 submissions
Against Instinct by AlexReynard
Held In Captivity by AlexReynard
Summer Vacation Of The Living Dead - Book One by AlexReynard
Furry Novels
Here they are; my masterworks. The stories I've put my greatest effort into. Here's where you'll find the characters I've spent the most time with, and often the ones I love most.
52 submissions
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Gadget Wanting by Bhawk
Gadget Wanting
by Bhawk
Gadget Ared by Tincrash
Gadget Ared
by Tincrash
Gadget and friends AR by Tincrash
Gadget and friends AR
by Tincrash
Summer Vacation by OneGutsyPony
Summer Vacation
Fifi in gym bloomers by Pepipopo
Fifi in gym bloomers
by Pepipopo
Fifi La Fume by OneGutsyPony
Fifi La Fume
Sneaker Face by Kanada
Sneaker Face
by Kanada
Tis the Season by MDGusty
Tis the Season
by MDGusty
Bosky wet the bed AGAIN! by Bosky
Bosky wet the bed AGAIN!
by Bosky
Squirrel by onstatobol
Fifi sketches by furnut5158
Fifi sketches
So Close by HydroFTT
So Close
by HydroFTT
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I am, in fact, the one and only Alex Reynard. I write novels and short stories, and I draw cartoon characters fucking in silly ways.

I've been here 'n there on the net for several years now. I started drawing Tiny Toons fanart around '99, then fell in love with Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers (mostly due to Gadget!) and did a lot of fan work about them, including some of my first novels.

Since mid-2004 though, I've mostly concentrated on my own characters. Some of you out there might be familiar with Bartleby, Razielphustar, Xander, Lexi, Milo & Suzy, Justin & Lena (among many others).

I consider myself an amateur sociologist, so the varying ways people express their yiffiness on the 'net fascinates me. The theme of accepting others' beliefs and interests shows up a lot in my written work. Also, I coined the term 'Snuffie' and am considered one of the forefathers of this happy little fetish. :)

Bon appetit.

And remember, 'It's not art until someone gets mad.'

P.S. All my old stuff, including Rescue Rangers fanfics, is available HERE at FurRag archives. If you've read everything here, maybe you'll find something else enjoyable there.
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Fur Affinity
YouTube user
2 weeks, 5 days ago
Heya, Alex! I know you probably don't remember me or nothin but I recently started reading your new story and decided to finally step up to the plate and try to properly talk to you, so I just wanted to thank you for your stories helping me to open up! I hope I can speak to you properly.
5 months, 1 week ago
Yay! Thank you for the watch!^w^
6 months ago
Not your fault I read 'em out of order :P
Also, please keep writing more <3
6 months ago
I read and faved the sequel first, haha. I probably should have read them in order... oh well.
6 months, 3 weeks ago
The Experiment by Blackraven2

11 months, 2 weeks ago
It's a great place to gather information and to generally gratify yourself if you're a drama enthusiast. Interacting with the denizens in their home territory, however, is rarely rewarding unless one is as stupid and odious as they are.
11 months, 2 weeks ago
You have nevertheless reignited their interest, which is not advisable unless one is fully prepared and adroit in tactics in their realm. I doubt this is the case for you. Also, IIRC, you were upset over their posting of your information the first time you were there, and you are a cub porn enthusiast and also have a sexual ideology regarding children which is congruent with mine (sex-positive, aka "pro-contact"). This will automatically give you a huge malus to your relations with them.

In any event, I hope you don't wind up injured or embarrassed from this. Just remember, they absolutely believe in their superiority over the lolcows, and will assert it and misconstrue everything in their favor. You'll be best served only if your intention is to entertain yourself and like-minded others.
11 months, 2 weeks ago
You really should have conferred with me before venturing to Kiwi Farms again. I'm a dramacraft tactician, after all.

Also, assuming what you just posted is true, you really shouldn't be cavalierly giving out your address and financial information.
1 year ago
did you shut your patreon down or did patreon do it to you...they have been known to be somewhat judgemental of um...non standered content in the past so...it wouldn't surprise me, and if its still runing then you should know the link here on ib doesnt work anymore, it hits a 404...a rather cute one at that.
1 year, 3 months ago
I always like how when someone like you makes threats of violence, and the person you're bullying actually stands up, your responses are just completely substanceless. Either laughter or complete dismissiveness.

Here's my home address, keyboard warrior. Come punch me.
1115 N. Wilson ave
Royal Oak, MI 48067
1 year, 4 months ago
Were I to find a "treasure trove" of Jack Chick tracts, I'd burn them unread. Send them to the hell he went to.
I have been an atheist 2 years now. I still believe in the afterlife, tho. The idea of eternal unconsciousness slides right off me.
1 year, 4 months ago
No problem. Found ran into some of your old work, "Held in Captivity", and started to binge read/look through your work.
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