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Commission: What an Adorable Couple by thelithianqueen
Commission: What an Adorable Couple
Asks are Open + OCS asks Part Two
*NOTE 1: Decided to make one for all of the ocs that don't have theme songs.* Ask me anything about everything! There are ocs asks open too if people are interested. Links will be posted when they'...
3 months, 2 weeks ago
Asks are Open + OC asks Part One
*NOTE 1: links are to the ones on my deviant art account. NOTE 2: added all the ocs that have theme songs onto this. I basically said, "Fuck it, let's do it." Ask me anything about everything!* Ther...
3 months, 2 weeks ago
Requests and Art Trades *OPEN for now*
*NOTE 1: made because I'd rather have people know through this way that I do requests and art trades. Will be updated each time I open or close the requests. Art trades are always open if anyone is wo...
5 months, 2 weeks ago
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Commission: What an Adorable Couple by thelithianqueen
Commission: What an Adorable C...
Demantoid SUS Reference by thelithianqueen
Demantoid SUS Reference
Zebra Jasper SUS Reference by thelithianqueen
Zebra Jasper SUS Reference
All Gem OCS Mouths by thelithianqueen
All Gem OCS Mouths
Commission: Dramatic Much? by thelithianqueen
Commission: Dramatic Much?
Goretober 2018 Day 10 by thelithianqueen
Goretober 2018 Day 10
Goretober 2018 Day 9 by thelithianqueen
Goretober 2018 Day 9
Goretober Days 9 and 10 by thelithianqueen
Goretober Days 9 and 10
Goretober 2018 Day 8 by thelithianqueen
Goretober 2018 Day 8
Goretober 2018 Day 7 by thelithianqueen
Goretober 2018 Day 7
Goretober Days 7 and 8 by thelithianqueen
Goretober Days 7 and 8
Goretober 2018 Day 6 by thelithianqueen
Goretober 2018 Day 6
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Blade Hands Reference by thelithianqueen
Dark Fang Reference by thelithianqueen
Serafina Reference by thelithianqueen
OC References
All of the ocs that I will be sharing here. They belong to me, my brother and my nephews.
132 submissions
AT: Cute Girls~ by thelithianqueen
AT ~ Cute Couple by thelithianqueen
AT - You're Kinda Cute by thelithianqueen
For People
Any Art Trade, Point Commission, Gift, Request or random drawing that I do for people.

Some are for friends and others are for contests.
52 submissions
Blackarachnia and Smokescreen by thelithianqueen
When you and your BFF love singing by thelithianqueen
Nightwish and Safire by thelithianqueen
Transformers Fanfic Stories
All of the pictures are scenes from these stories of mine;

1. The Beginning of Hell
2. This Means War
3. The Future Is Now
4. Hale to The King
5. Through The Fire And Flames

20 submissions
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Sonadow Week Day 1-7 by EsbelleXD
Sonadow Week Day 1-7
by EsbelleXD
Trauma (part one short comic) by EsbelleXD
Trauma (part one short comic)
by EsbelleXD
Sonic Concentration by Ithiliam
Sonic Concentration
by Ithiliam
Scarlet the jackal by EsbelleXD
Scarlet the jackal
by EsbelleXD
(っ˘̩╭╮˘̩)っ by EsbelleXD
by EsbelleXD
Sake by EsbelleXD
by EsbelleXD
Shadow the hedgehog by EsbelleXD
Shadow the hedgehog
by EsbelleXD
infinite x gadget by EsbelleXD
infinite x gadget
by EsbelleXD
Baby Infinite by EsbelleXD
Baby Infinite
by EsbelleXD
Sakura Gadget by mikomaestra
Sakura Gadget
Sonic Forces!!!! by Ithiliam
Sonic Forces!!!!
by Ithiliam
You are under arrest..Don't F***** move! by SonicFoxhound
You are under arrest..Don't F*...
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Just a girl that loves drawing and other stuff.

Please keep this a positive zone as I do not tolerate people picking on others over something childish.

All of my art and written work can be found on my Deviant Art account.

Artwork that I'm posting is from about three years ago to the very latest one I posted onto my DA and tumblr. Information is staying the same, only some exceptions with some pictures.
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10 months, 1 week ago
I really like how you add descriptions to all of the drawings i would love to see more <3 :3
10 months, 2 weeks ago
Love your art ^_^
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