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Pictures related with my OCs in the World of Warcraft game
6 submissions
Fruit of Life by Kooskia
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Comic.  Feral lions, NSFW themes.
8 submissions
The Blessing of a Pride - page 01 by Kooskia
The Blessing of a Pride - page 02 by Kooskia
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A series collection of one-page episodes with my anthro wolf fursona.
Inspired by IRL experiences.
11 submissions
Spanish or Italian Curse? by Kooskia
Kooskia teen years by Kooskia
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Specific folder for the feral feline comic "Dust in the Wind" commissioned by me and drawn by Luca on Furaffinity. Multiple YCH and cameos also.
7 submissions
Dust in the Wind - Page 6 by Kooskia
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The adventures of my cheetah character, Kiburi. He's young and horny both as anthro and feral xD
41 submissions
Nursing the cubs by Kooskia
Good Morning!  by Kooskia
Queen of the jungle by Kooskia
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Sub-folder for the activities of Kiburi (my cheetah) while acting as anthro.
Some more darker themes (and urban background), for him.
33 submissions
 Suadela 's memory part 3 (end) by Kooskia
Unresponsive - page 07 by Kooskia
Unresponsive - part 3 (Responsive) - page 07 by Kooskia
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The adventures of my cat character Khaldun x3  He's an OC set in Felidae world.
30 submissions
Kitten Boom! by Kooskia
Well...that's new by Kooskia
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The adventures of Rubin, a big horse wandering warrior. This stud enjoy having fun with girls after battles and quests.
15 submissions
 Aftermath of the Tavern night by Kooskia
The Gang Celebrates by Kooskia
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Different pics (commissions or gifts) with my female feline Niya in her anthro form. Usually unrelated/open story (she has not a strict canon story).
8 submissions
Fun with raptors - part 2  by Kooskia
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Most are parodies, humor fanarts or fancomics from books, games, comics I enjoyed. It include both old and new works, pics are gathered in submission according their theme.

12 submissions
Warriors & Seekers (Erin Hunter' series) fanarts and fancomics (spoiler) by Kooskia
Temeraire (Naomi Novik series) fanarts and fancomics by Kooskia
Kimba (Jungle Emperor Leo - anime/manga)  fanarts and fancomic by Kooskia
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Folder for old arts I did: including some test drawing of anthros, or even full-comics done in scrap old style. Mostly for fun. Warning: it may include killing&death.
14 submissions
(OLD) A battle for a Red Dawn page 7/7 by Kooskia
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Some adventures of a crocodile anthro: he's not a good guy ; )
3 submissions
Lizard Trouble - part 2 by Kooskia
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A nice trade series with art both done by me and both by Shadoweon
9 submissions
Trade with Shadoweon 9/9 (end) by Kooskia
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