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An innocent little group of female furry scouts.  Honest. *wink*
2 submissions
Gem Scouts Selling Cookies by LoneWolf23k
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A seasonal celebration of Dungeons and Dragons and its wonderful creatures.
30 submissions
D&Dtober Day 1 - Goblin by LoneWolf23k
D&Dtober Day 2 - Hellhound by LoneWolf23k
D&Dtober Day 3 - Hydra by LoneWolf23k
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Enter the world of Rom Lonewolf, wizard extraordinaire!  

...Well, Wizard Adequate, at least.
24 submissions
Meet Rom and his Apprentices by LoneWolf23k
Rom by LoneWolf23k
Apprentice Profile: Karl by LoneWolf23k
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A collection of submissions for the Character Design Challenge tumblr/facebook group.
21 submissions
Character Design Challenge #1: Wolf Pirate by LoneWolf23k
 Character Design: A Rito from LoZ Wind Waker by LoneWolf23k
CDC: The Lead Singer of the Wyld Talyns! by LoneWolf23k
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A collection of Fan Art for various settings.
17 submissions
A Valentine's Day Dance, My Lady? by LoneWolf23k
Sonic Redesign Sketches by LoneWolf23k
Sonic Hooters: Sally Acorn by LoneWolf23k
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Pics related to various Holidays.
2 submissions
Santa Claws 2018 by LoneWolf23k
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My Furry Superhero Universe, combining a Furry Freedom City with other sources.
40 submissions
Portrait of Four Teen Hero PCs  by LoneWolf23k
Hero Character: Seraph by LoneWolf23k
Hero Character: Auriela by LoneWolf23k
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A collection of Orcs, Goblins, Ogres and Trolls for the Month of October
29 submissions
Ogretember Day One: Orc by LoneWolf23k
Ogretober Day 2: Goblin by LoneWolf23k
Ogretober Day 3: Troll by LoneWolf23k
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A Furry Fantasy world of my own Design.
2 submissions
 Arendis: a World of Furry Fantasy [PFRPG] by LoneWolf23k
Setting Riff: Furry Fantasy Races by LoneWolf23k
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Dungeoncrawling for Fun and Profit in a modern world with a fantasy twist
1 submission
XCrawl: Presenting the Olym-Pack by LoneWolf23k
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Decided to start collecting some characters I like...
4 submissions
Rom's Collection: No. 2, Princess Azula (TF) by LoneWolf23k
Rom by gNaw: Through the Portal  by LoneWolf23k
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One Pic a Day 'till Christmas!
16 submissions
Advent Sketch-Calender Day Three: Kittycat by LoneWolf23k
Advent Sketch-Calender Day One: Groot and Rocket by LoneWolf23k
 Advent Sketch-Calender Day Two: Santa Sally  by LoneWolf23k
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