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A collection of forgotten legacy characters from our forum RPG called The Terryville All-Stars. A forgotten legacy is any fan-made son, daughter, or cousin of an actual toon or anime character.
6 submissions
QCP - Timesheart Tiger by Pouchlaw
QCP - Miyuki Tsukino by Pouchlaw
QCP - Dalis Hailey by Pouchlaw
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This is where my freehand head shots of people I know will be posted to.
31 submissions
Hand drawn Dipper Draper v1 by Pouchlaw
Hand drawn Dipper Draper v2 by Pouchlaw
Hand drawn KittyBird by Pouchlaw
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This is where my line art drawings receive the coloring treatment that they truly deserve. I hope everyone enjoys these pictures.
11 submissions
Digitally Colored - Dipper by Pouchlaw
Digitally Colored - Kittybird by Pouchlaw
Digitally Colored - Hollie by Pouchlaw
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This is the collection of my own personal spoofed movies all starring Dipper Draper and his friend. Dipper is owned by MaxDeGroot.
1 submission
Cookie Wars (Star Wars spoof) by Pouchlaw
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The collective place where these stories occur. Beach Bears appear in the stories with MaxDeGroot's permission. All rights are reserved.
4 submissions
Eternal Forest - Character Intros by Pouchlaw
Eternal Forest - 1 - The Bomber Jacket by Pouchlaw
Eternal Forest - 2 - OH! Pawpets! Road Trip by Pouchlaw
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