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Moving Accounts by Simplemind
Moving Accounts
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Moving Accounts by Simplemind
Moving Accounts
Bullies Part 2 - Routine by Simplemind
Bullies Part 2 - Routine
Westport: Bullies Part 1 - Royal Lessons by Simplemind
Westport: Bullies Part 1 - Roy...
Westport: Der erste Eindruck by Simplemind
Westport: Der erste Eindruck
Dexter & Tod Kapitel 10 - Kollaboration by Simplemind
Dexter & Tod Kapitel 10 - Koll...
Dexter & Tod Kapitel 9 - Falscher Stolz by Simplemind
Dexter & Tod Kapitel 9 - Falsc...
Dexter & Tod Kapitel 8 - Die Katze ist aus dem Sack by Simplemind
Dexter & Tod Kapitel 8 - Die K...
Dexter & Tod Kapitel 7 - In der Höhle des Löwen by Simplemind
Dexter & Tod Kapitel 7 - In de...
Dexter & Tod Kapitel 6 - Schlangen sind geduldig by Simplemind
Dexter & Tod Kapitel 6 - Schla...
Dexter & Tod Kapitel 5 - Freund und Feind by Simplemind
Dexter & Tod Kapitel 5 - Freun...
New Submission by Simplemind
New Submission
Dexter & Tod Kapitel 3 - Vom Regen in die Traufe by Simplemind
Dexter & Tod Kapitel 3 - Vom R...
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Zootopia - A Night at the Movies by Simplemind
Weighty Tome by Simplemind
Percy's Life Part 1 - The Mighty Caterpillar by Simplemind
Short Stories
20 submissions
Westport: Der erste Eindruck by Simplemind
Westport: Bullies Part 1 - Royal Lessons by Simplemind
Bullies Part 2 - Routine by Simplemind
All artwoks and stories that take place in the Westport universe, a world I created to show off and develop my original characters.
3 submissions
Des(s)ert Fox by Simplemind
Nightmare Plush Icon 1 by Simplemind
Limon & Coal - Flash Fiction Collection by Simplemind
Limon (Fennec)
All works featuring my original character Limon the fennec fox
20 submissions
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*C*_Goodnight (cover art, check description) by Fuf
*C*_Goodnight (cover art, chec...
by Fuf
Let's play, my master! by mrluca
Let's play, my master!
by mrluca
*W*_How's it going, otterboy? by Fuf
*W*_How's it going, otterboy?
by Fuf
More than expected by mrluca
More than expected
by mrluca
Nick and Finnick by Lando
Nick and Finnick
by Lando
*C*_Anything for the customer part. 8 -ending by Fuf
*C*_Anything for the customer ...
by Fuf
Yer oil is changed .... by sockswolf
Yer oil is changed ....
by sockswolf
Finnick by Hirousan
by Hirousan
Nick finds... by iChiba
Nick finds...
by iChiba
Zootopia x Hot Fuzz by KinoJaggernov
Zootopia x Hot Fuzz
"Zootopia:Finnick!" by nelson88
by nelson88
J&N by Iztli
by Iztli
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Age: 23
Gender: Male
Orientation: Gay
Relationship status: Single
Languages: German, English
Location: Germany

About me:
I am Simplemind, but you can just call me Sim for short. So, after silently lurking through the fandom for a long time now, I've finally decided to get creative myself and contribute a small part to this awesome community by writing stories. Obviously I'm still rather new to this profession, but I always learn new things and try to improve myself to produce better stories for you to enjoy! I'm a little bit shy sometimes, and not the best with small talk, but I am always nice and friendly, and an easy-going and understanding person in general. I love receiving comments from readers and I always have an open ear for critiques and suggestions to improve myself, so don't hold back! If you have any questions about me or my works then please don't hesitate to ask! It's me a pleasure to answer you.

About my work:
I'm a writer, so my main focus will lie within the literary world of arts. I plan on doing short stories and longer, novel-like projects as well, ranging from clean to adult rated content. My works will be posted here for free for you to enjoy, and are also available at all my other galleries, in case you prefer to follow me elsewhere. My goal in writing is to let you sink into a world of marvelous fiction with believable characters you can love and hate, fantastic settings you want to explore and absorbing tales to guide you into amazing adventures. I will always give my best to present you with the best quality I'm capable of, and I hope you will enjoy the many stories I have to tell!

My Original Characters:
- Limon (A cheeky, little fennec fox who is heavily into paws.)
- Percy (A very submissive red fox slave with a rather unusual color mutation.)
- Bruce (Percy's loving, but also strict master. A huge, dominant tiger with a basement full of fun.)
- Jesse (This young cheetah is energetic, practically glued to his phone, and also a runner (what else?!)
- Pollux (A strong, proud dragon and an excelent warrior with a short temper.)
- Malloy (A tall, bossy Doberman who loves to be in charge. He's a thug, so you'd better watch out!)

Copyright Notice:
Unless stated otherwise, all content I upload is my own intellectual property and protected under existing copyright laws. All content to which I don't own the copyrights, was used by me with the express permission of the original content creator and/or copyright owner and will be declared as such. Please do not redistribute, reproduce, modify, alter, adapt or otherwise use any content without the express permission of all copyright owners involved, unless expressly stated otherwise! If you have any questions about this, feel free to contact me.

Current icon by Ekbellatrix

Last updated on 23-Apr-2018
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6 years, 8 months ago
Hey! Danke für die Übersetzung von Night Terrors, bitte mach weiter! Grüße aus Ingolstadt :)
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