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Aren't I the Prettiest Boi Ever? by Roketsune
Aren't I the Prettiest Boi Ever?
Very Short Rant On Political Affairs
So, the unstable and easily trolled sexual predator and misogynist was fucking elected President, and Republicans will control all three branches of government. This sucks royally. Seriously, America,...
2 months, 1 week ago
I Just Heard/Read/Was Shown ____: Dispelling Inimical Myths
So, as some of you may be aware, I have a small band of trolls and miscreants who have become fascinated with me. They've invoked my previous or current name so casually and repeatedly that even the a...
3 months ago
Pounced Thinks Cubfurs Seeking Cub RP is "Pedophilia"
‌*There is a band of trolls presenting commentaries of mine in an ambush manner. I don't condone this at all, and I ask you don't reward their acts of unprovoked aggression by responding to either the...
4 months ago
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Lucien- Clothed/Tame by Roketsune
Lucien- Clothed/Tame
14 June 2016 by Roketsune
14 June 2016
12 May 2016 by Roketsune
12 May 2016
30 April 2016 by Roketsune
30 April 2016
5 April 2016 by Roketsune
5 April 2016
24 March 2016 by Roketsune
24 March 2016
9 March 2016 by Roketsune
9 March 2016
1 March 2016 by Roketsune
1 March 2016
24 February 2016 by Roketsune
24 February 2016
17 February 2016 by Roketsune
17 February 2016
12 February 2016 by Roketsune
12 February 2016
3 February 2016 by Roketsune
3 February 2016
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Textual Reference- Roketsune Clothed: Regular and Luxurious by Roketsune
Lucien- Clothed/Tame by Roketsune
Textual References
Where the descriptions of my various characters are placed.
4 submissions
14 June 2016 by Roketsune
12 May 2016 by Roketsune
30 April 2016 by Roketsune
Roketsune's War Diary
The experiences of my strategist variant and his nation, documented by himself.
48 submissions
Summary of Process and Themes by Roketsune
Takomen and the Nation-States by Roketsune
People by Roketsune
Universe of Takomen
Detailed descriptions of the various aspects, objects, and figures of my military/warfare universe. NOTE: Massive revisions in progress, hopefully will be done in mid-August 2016.
9 submissions
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$squirrelliness by Bastion
by Bastion
[ENGLISH] Art & Biro comic issue 1 by pandapaco
[ENGLISH] Art & Biro comic iss...
by pandapaco
Master and Commander of Furries by Aogami
Master and Commander of Furrie...
by Aogami
candyXcandy by Harumi
by Harumi
otter lord by SamWiding
otter lord
by SamWiding
White Chocolate Cream by hoshikitsunuki
White Chocolate Cream
Revised on 27 November 2016

Special Advisory There's a group of low-functioning trolls/agitators who are rather obsessed with me. They're very stupid, lazy, and distracted by their own shitposting, so they're a low-risk on any given day. In the event one of them on Telegram or whereever asserted they are me and/or brought you here to shock and appall, I do not approve of this!. Please inform me of the incident (I would do the same for you).

Imperative Advisory I have a slightly to very active presence on here, SoFurry, FurAffinity, Facebook, Telegram, Tumblr, and Twitter. I have an inactive presence on MLPForums, WrongPlanet, Pounced, FurriesXtreme, Weasyl, and BoyMoment. There should NOT be commentary from a furry/brony Roketsune anywhere else, and I only go by "Roketsune" in online venues unless I specify otherwise here or in contact info fields (full name is 'Roketsune Raccoonboi' on Facebook). Please relay any suspicious activity to me if you witness any.

                                                                        Front Conditions

Aesthetical    Literary     Morality and Service     Preparedness and Welfare     Recovery    
Resource and Home Management     Social

Wondering what the Hell this means? Go here!

Avatar created by P-Aei!

Georgian raccoon furry. Flamboyant femboi strategist and tactician (both IRL and IC, though Roketsune's way prettier). Unabashed hebephile and advocate of pederasty. Militaristic autistic misanthrope. In recovery from alcoholism, life in general, and a few other things. Extremely arrogant, self-assured, and disdainful of popularity for admitting all of this shit in his opening paragraph.

Welcome to Kantarian Supreme Command, my idiosyncratic name for my primary furry resource and spiritual home, my repository for my most incendiary commentary not ordinarily acceptable elsewhere! Of course, you may well be a sworn enemy of mine (either previously or upon reading the 1st paragraph), or a sworn friend, or just a sufficiently curious and intelligent neutral person to read the profiles of all people whose submissions or comments you like. Whatever your reason for being here, I hope you find the information and porn here useful (isn't it wonderful when you can combine cub porn and politics?).

Here are some additional and critical facts for your perusal, so that you may be further repulsed/intrigued/excited (you have to be super-pawesome to be the latter):

    • My Schoolboi fursona and his mate are 15 (Strategist has the appearance and body of a 15 YO), and the other characters are 12-15. Thus, if you find them sexually attractive, you are into underage stuff whether you like it or not. Ahh, making people uncomfortable is fun!
    • My fursona has two forms with identical basic traits: the 'Strategist' and the 'Schoolboi'. The former is the great hero and leader of the military of Kantaria whose experiences are linked to mine through my unique, intense, and constant imagination. The latter is the teenage heartthrob model and self-employed porn star who seduces all of the cute and horny classmates and spends much of his time yiffing or pawing off, and my primary manner of sexual expression. I generally am in the role of the former version when I speak to people online.
    • My supreme imperative is systematic self-betterment through superior reasoning and strategizing, and this process is envisioned and described as a massive and protracted war. On a spiritual level I am a strategist/tactician, as I process data and relate to everything as such. In fact, military ideations and speech are so ingrained and prevalent that I created a strategist version of my fursona and wrote many diary entries for him, and wrote background files of his world.
    • I'm a really, really bad person. I reject universal suffrage and egalitarianism, embrace certain aspects of fascism, believe extremely passionately in eugenics laws (no, not the Nazi variety) so we have a healthy society and people, and wouldn't care if 10s of millions had to perish or flee to achieve such reforms. I do very much endorse universal healthcare, college, and other entitlements, though, and I actually voted for Sanders.
    • I am virulently misanthropic, probably terrifyingly so at this point. Ever feel like your species just doesn't merit continued survival, and if you could leave with your friends you wouldn't care if Earth was glassed behind you? That is where I am on some or most days, especially this election season.
    • I had a fascinating realization, speaking of misanthropy. Despite being a highly resplendent and vibrant raccoon femboy when I leave the house and thus being our loudest and proudest representative, I'm actually the most anti-furry of all the furs. Furries are Terrans and Terrans are usually trash, so I really do hate most furries. Isn't life bizarre?
    • Seemingly rather discordant with the above, I am ordinarily courteous, respectful, and helpful, consonant with the virtue of Reciprocity. A substantial level of provocation is needed for me to become aggressive and disrespectful. However, with virtually all, I am willfully very emotionally distant.
    • Speaking of emotional distance, I generally don't like speaking to people privately without a reason to. Meaning, if you just wave hello to me and I have no reason to give a shit about you, I'm unlikely to respond at all and will find you fucking stupid. I'm very helpful and informative if there's a specific subject being discussed, or if I'm given a reason to be interested.
    • I very much love feedback on submissions and journals, even murry purry sorts. If you find yourself compulsively pawing off to my fursona or other cubs or my erotic cub literature, feel free to inform me! I also like informative criticism and suggestions!
    • My interactions on sites in general tend to be erratic and in bursts, especially private communications or comments which require a substantial amount of thought. I also have other matters competing for my time and energy constantly, which further delays my response time. Usually within 7 days I will reply.
    • I am very truthful, fair, and self-perceptive. While I'm usually the first one to castigate and repudiate people, I'm also the first to castigate and criticize myself when I see I have behaved or strategized erroneously. My Objectivity is nearly unsurpassed.
    • I am highly open about my weaknesses and deficiencies. A huge problem I have is severe emotional inefficiency and vulnerability. I bleed energy doing things the average person finds trivial, and I am highly prone to anxiety when overexerted or beset with several matters. I seem to have been given high intelligence and extremely acute insight and reasoning at the expense of severe neurosis.
    • I am very stridently anti-circumcision. The available information leaves no room for rational debate. It is destructive and it is a sexual assault upon children of the highest order. If you're depraved enough to disagree, be forewarned that I hate you very much. No one has the moral authority to speak on child sexual welfare when they deny this is severe abuse, whether they're a hebephile or anti, PERIOD.
    • I am vehemently opposed to the restriction of information or intercourse (except extreme things like epithets), whether that be cub porn or racist ideology. To interfere in the flow of information is a grave crime, and I loathe those who needlessly suppress discourse and expression.

What, you're actually desirous of more?! Well, then, take a gander at these various musings and declarations and such!

Explanation of my autism, alcoholism, hebephilia, and how they affect me and how I view them.

This is a comparatively short but elaborate description of my general behavior and attitudes, and what one should expect, in several environments.

I have an entry on circumcision specifically, as that is something I am extremely passionate about. Hopefully this will be revised within a couple of weeks along with everything else.

Are you serious? You wish to know still more?! You must be crazy or something to still be interested in me. Here is my code of ethics, values, and aspirations. It's so long it's in four parts: Summary and explanation  Virtues and Precepts  General Doctrine and RoE  Fronts and Grand Strategies
Links and Contact Details
Fur Affinity
7 months ago
My fursona would call VirPeds retarded too!
7 months, 2 weeks ago
Thank you! I guess she was pretty nasty in her reply, implying that I have a feel of guilt, but whatever floats her boat! It's not that there are many other (and better) artists out there that deserve my support :)

And you're welcome! IB is by far the most mature, friendly and awesome furry community out there, so it's a pleasure and a honor for me to be able to help it from the technical side of things ^^
1 year, 1 month ago
Oh and one more thing, happy thanksgiving!
1 year, 1 month ago
Hi rocketsune, yeah, that was me who favored it. I didn't actaully read the whole thing just yet but I liked how you fleshed out the universe in your story. I mean, damn, you worked mad hard on it.

I happen to be working on a furry universe of my own just for the fun of it myself.

1 year, 5 months ago
Go easy on me. I'm just new around this site. Yes I love femboy or none femboy and I hope I can find other red panda
1 year, 5 months ago
A fellow ringtail ^^ yay
1 year, 5 months ago
lol I'm sure there are at least a couple people with more views/watchers than I have. I think Lando does. Also, thanks for bday wishes n.n
2 years ago
Love the new Icon. It's cute ^.^
2 years, 2 months ago
Today, confused penises.
Tomorrow, THE WORLD!
2 years, 2 months ago
There can never be enough! We should combine like Voltron!
2 years, 5 months ago
Thank you so much for that comment and favorite. And yea, I have many characters like Aubrey haha. A lot of my stories involve those same topics, like Fertile Soil is big on that if you like horses. I really enjoy transformation stories of young male into anthromorph.
2 years, 5 months ago
I hope that you do. Lol.
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