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Aren't I the Prettiest Boi Ever? by Roketsune
Aren't I the Prettiest Boi Ever?
To Artists and Patrons- Please Stop Blacklisting and Fighting Each Other Over Bullshit
I have noticed and personally experienced an unfortunate and disturbing phenomenon within furrydom which is increasing in frequency lately, something which decreases the health of our subculture and i...
3 years, 2 months ago
A Polemic on Intolerance and Foolishness Within the Transgender Community
So, an incident transpired yesterday which incited me to write a blunt and acerbic rant about a series of matters which had been on my mind for a while. I find myself unsettled and disgusted enough by...
3 years, 4 months ago
A Raccoon, Norn, and Gender Unicorn- Lessons on Appropriate Outrage
So, there has been a major furor centered on  RoareyRaccoon ( https://inkbunny.net/RoareyRaccoon )  and a couple of his pictures. There was a secondary firestorm when the supreme administrator  GreenR...
3 years, 5 months ago
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Roketsune, Prancer and Commander! (lengthy character history in description) by Roketsune
Roketsune, Prancer and Command...
Lucien- Clothed/Tame by Roketsune
Lucien- Clothed/Tame
14 June 2016 by Roketsune
14 June 2016
12 May 2016 by Roketsune
12 May 2016
30 April 2016 by Roketsune
30 April 2016
5 April 2016 by Roketsune
5 April 2016
24 March 2016 by Roketsune
24 March 2016
9 March 2016 by Roketsune
9 March 2016
1 March 2016 by Roketsune
1 March 2016
24 February 2016 by Roketsune
24 February 2016
17 February 2016 by Roketsune
17 February 2016
12 February 2016 by Roketsune
12 February 2016
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Roketsune- Strategist Variant by Roketsune
Roketsune, Prancer and Commander! (lengthy character history in description) by Roketsune
Images- Military
This will be where commissions of Roketsune the Strategist and other assorted military/Great War images are placed.
2 submissions
Aren't I the Prettiest Boi Ever? by Roketsune
Kirashi- Partner to Schoolboi Roketsune by Roketsune
Kaname and Toburae by Roketsune
Images- Femboys, Females, Twinks, and Cubs
This contains all pictures of all ratings of my twink, female, and femboy characters, some of whom are 11-16.
10 submissions
14 June 2016 by Roketsune
12 May 2016 by Roketsune
30 April 2016 by Roketsune
Literary- Roketsune's Wartime Diary
The experiences of Supreme Strategist Roketsune and his nation, documented by himself.
41 submissions
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Skunk loli trap by Kloudmutt
Skunk loli trap
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by TierKhaos
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Merry Christm@s and H@ppy Holi...
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Hanazawa Sudou .:tablet test:. by KoCorona
Hanazawa Sudou .:tablet test:.
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.:Gift Art:. Let's Go Team by KoCorona
.:Gift Art:. Let's Go Team
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Boredom sketch by KoCorona
Boredom sketch
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summer summer
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 Inkbunny T-shirt Competition by ZUdragon
Inkbunny T-shirt Competition
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Kovsai's Imperial Lingerie by fluffKevlar
Kovsai's Imperial Lingerie
Bedtime by Zekey
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Adore-a-Pup Seeks Cute Artists
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Revised on 25 October 2017

Icon created by P-Aei!


Welcome to the spiritual home and main online residence of the detestable, inscrutable, and eccentric raccoon known as Roketsune! I describe or identify myself as the following:

  •  Autistic misanthrope and dramamonger who tends to eschew and deride factions, group allegiances, and people in general. I will happily shit on nearly anyone behaving idiotically and/or unethically in general, and I care very little about humanity's mostly self-inflicted suffering. (I possess empathy, care about friends, and have appropriate automatic emotional responses. I just generally hate and am unsympathetic to humanity and its plights.)
  •  Unmitigated femboy raccoon tactician and strategist who takes great pride in possessing/exhibiting their seemingly entirely dissimilar traits and mannerisms! My fursona is literally both a femboy model/performer and the chief military strategist for his nation simultaneously (though the latter takes precedence during the Great War). IRL, I'm a shameless furry femboy even while on errands, and I think, process, plan, and speak in a very military-like and strategic manner.
  •  Shameless sex-positive pedofurry (I'm hebe/ephebophilic and overwhelmingly prefer drawings over RL people and children) firebrand who gleefully and undiplomatically reminds foolish people of their utterly idiotic stances on fictional porn and sexuality, and their ignoring and mistreatment of real children and victims!
  •  Fetishist for athletic and well endowed femboys/twinks and girls, pretty and well-endowed cubs/shotas 10+, modeling, masturbation, sibling incest, and romantic pederasty!
  •  Furry drama investigator and documentarian who is absolutely loyal to truth and objectivity, and casually eschews factionalism and sociopolitical conformity. I will work with or against any entity as circumstances warrant, and I'll even aid or work with enemies of mine to achieve the greater objectives of info dissemination and progress. I always operate on my own peculiar morality and interests.
  •  Enthusiast of military history, strategy, tactics, terminology, and concepts.
  •  Creator of the world of Takomen and the Takomenian Great War. Aspiring creator of a military strategy game and a vast wiki of the Takomenian Great War and its many events and subjects.
  •  Current and future author of cub and general femboy/girl erotica, and military fiction. I've been enormously frustrated by my inability to spare time and energy for fictional writing due to various life circumstances, and I hope that changes in 2018!
  •  Unmitigated ideological/political nonconformist who rejects all of the well known and typical political parties and labels! All of the ideologies have some correct and laudable tenets, but are severely flawed and broken in their entirety. My positions are based on reason and the attainment of progress for society in general, which means my beliefs run the gamut from progressive socialism to outright fascism.
  •  Extremely strident and vehement advocate for rational and sane eugenics laws, sexual liberation/protection/autonomy of people and children, and progress- the things critical to our species' wellness but almost everyone abhors.

Major Aspirations

My life has been a tumultuous, inefficient, and excruciating mess in recent months, and thus I have not been able to indulge in few major aspirations of mine very much. Hopefully my various fronts will be far more stable and I will be far less neurotic and disorderly in 2018. That said, these grand written/literary works and objectives of mine are:

  •  Erotic stories featuring my assorted characters in assorted circumstances and scenarios. Some of them would feature substantial background and development, illustrating facets and periods of their lives, society, or the "Great War" which dominates their planet and its people. My fetishes/kinks are not extreme or violent at all (unless you count cubs of the ages of 11-17 as "extreme"): femboys and sexy femboy and female clothes, pubescent cubs, pederastic romance, semi-hyper, incest, exhibitionism and models, nicely shaped canine dongs, penis milking, sexual exhaustion, pheromones/heat (no pregnancy), masturbation, happiness, and probably a few others.
  •  Create and overhaul a variety of background, conceptual, explanatory, and historical documents and pages for my universe's aforementioned "Great War". The world, wartime history and concepts, and people have evolved and developed greatly since I really conceived it a few years ago and is very dear to me. Yet, I've been able to scribe so little of what I've envisioned and keep track of mentally, and much of what I have really need to be refined so it represents my current abilities and attentiveness. Ideally, there will be a whole wiki dedicated to the Takomenian Great War. I want to have a turn-based grand strategy game made of it ultimately, though that won't even begin to be feasible to start on for years.
  •  Improve my furry drama research, documentation, and presentation effectiveness and refinement, and complete research and documentation of a few well known major sagas and incidents which even now aren't well understood. I need to find, establish myself on, and become accustomed to one or two sites which are better suited for presenting data in an optimal and user-friendly manner. I already plan to use Dreamwidth for that if all else fails. After that, I want to present findings and events on a few epic but widely misunderstood and misportrayed subjects, like the RMFC debacle and its catalyst, Foxler, AltFurry and Furry Raiders.  


My SoFurry account showcases my most modern and skillfully written documents, though they all are over a year old and are few in number. It contains three erotic stories, and the core documentation of the various facets of Takomenian society and their world war.

While I'm quite receptive to intelligent and respectful inquiries, commentary, criticisms, and professions of goodwill and compatibility, please bear in mind my activities online are very erratic. I usually suspend tasks such as reading and responding to PMs and comments (such as right now and for the last 1-2 weeks), and even remove my presence on some or all sites and media, to preserve emotional energy and what semblance of focus and efficiency I have. I rarely forget someone's missive entirely, even when it seems I have. Please only prod me if it's been 15 or more days.

In the unlikely event you wish to read overwhelmingly elaborate and lengthy essays on matters few care about, here they are:

  •  A comparatively and intentionally short and succinct essay about my sexuality and sexual ideology.
  •  My first major investigative project! (Part 1 | Part 2) Bad Dragon, Varka, DragonFruit, are shitty people and you shouldn't give them more fame and money.
  •  I wrote a mammoth series on the various aspects of the femboy lifestyle last year. Some parts are in dire need of updating and revision, especially the part on discrimination-related laws and agencies.
  •  Gargantuan explanation of my autism, alcoholism, hebephilia (including advice for seeking therapy, both for non-offending and offending MAPs), and how they affected me and my life.
  •  I wrote this on circumcision specifically, as that is something I am extremely passionate about.

Lastly, bear in mind I extremely strongly operate on a Reciprocity Principle. If you demonstrate benevolence and courtesy, I'll be naturally compelled to be gracious and helpful. If you demonstrate malevolence and discourtesy, I'll be naturally compelled to be a bellicose and sadistic prick.
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Fur Affinity
4 months, 4 weeks ago
Hey Roketsune, I hope you're doing well! You haven't updated your IB for years. But your favs and FA show that you're at least recently alive, which I'm glad for!
5 months, 3 weeks ago
Thanks for the kind compliment. I'm always glad to find more science enthusiasts regardless of education.
8 months, 3 weeks ago
I just wanted to say thanks for the insight you gave me it was very.... Ummm insightful  UwU  have  an super-duper amazing day
9 months, 3 weeks ago
I appreciate what you said :)
1 year, 3 months ago
Hey. :3 You might remember me. I used to be creeped out by cub art until I realized there's nothing wrong with liking it. I've changed a bit over the past few years.
1 year, 7 months ago
I'll gather a pedofur bodyguard army to protect them at MFF.
2 years, 1 month ago
Nah, I haven't been banned from MFF. Or at least I have no reason to believe I have been. Many people have reported me in the past and nothing has come of it. I think that guy @somtoph on Twitter is just so mentally incompetent that he's mistaken a generic response from MFF as proof of his success.

And @GFegget is me. I just don't plan on using the account regularly because it'll just be deleted again.
2 years, 2 months ago
You better believe it!

Oh no, I've known about the website for a good while, I just didn't know the mascot belonged to an actual user/founder. xD

I guess Hyun's dojo shoulda tipped me off. Now, to read this delicious wall of profile text. x)
2 years, 8 months ago
Good to see you here n_n
3 years, 3 months ago
Oh my, that was quite a bit of information and stuff you put on... someone's... journal.

Have to say. I pretty strongly agree with a lot of what you put down. Well said.

Recently I decided to move on past their harassment and lies of me and forgive them, even though they most likely would not be able to move on or even understand what they did wrong.

Anyway, hope you have a good one.
3 years, 3 months ago
I find they are useful. I don't want to be the kind of angry, inflammatory, argue-just-to-argue asshole I once was. So sometimes I poke a hornet's nest to see if I can remain completely calm as they swarm around me. I try to keep my responses as minimal, honest, and non-aggressive as possible.

Know what your enemy wants and starve them of it. If what they want is drama, be polite and boring.

I couldn't resist the debit card thing though. Sometimes you just gotta. One time I noticed some channers bothering a friend of mine, I said "Hey, I got his phone number!", posted it and waited. It was actually for the Alaska state troopers. :)
3 years, 3 months ago
I gave them nothing they haven't already had for years. And the debit card number is alphanumeric substitution for "you dumbass". :3

Thanks for the concern though!
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