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Writing Commission information by pentrep
Writing Commission information
All the digital artwork I've commissioned during my time in the fandom has been posted. Will have to do the same on sofurry eventually, lol. How many of you would like to see me continue my story arch...
4 days, 15 hrs ago
Art Spam
I'm going to be starting posting the art I've had commissioned during the time I've been involved in the fandom. I apologize in advanced because it will take a few days as I've built up quite the thre...
1 week, 3 days ago
Visibility and Feedback
It's been a while since I've posted anything of mine on here. To be honest it was quite difficult to write my latest piece, Clarity part 2. I've found it increasingly hard to continue the series. Over...
3 weeks, 3 days ago
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Samaliel's reference by pentrep
Samaliel's reference
Writing Commission information by pentrep
Writing Commission information
Pent in his school uniform by pentrep
Pent in his school uniform
Pent in a kimono by pentrep
Pent in a kimono
Pent taking off his socks by pentrep
Pent taking off his socks
Pent the werefox by pentrep
Pent the werefox
Pent snowboarding by pentrep
Pent snowboarding
Pent measuring himself by pentrep
Pent measuring himself
Pent as a plushy by pentrep
Pent as a plushy
Teenaged hockey player Pent by pentrep
Teenaged hockey player Pent
Pent the Privateer by pentrep
Pent the Privateer
Pent relaxing at home by pentrep
Pent relaxing at home
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Pent the boyscout by pentrep
Pent the Colonial Solider by pentrep
Pent playing Hockey on the Lake by pentrep
Artwork done for me by PandaPaco.
15 submissions
Writing Commission information by pentrep
All the works of fiction I have written for other people.
7 submissions
Pent 3d model by pentrep
Pent's little mistake by pentrep
Pent's paws by pentrep
Artwork done for me by assorted artists.
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A "big boy" in big undies by nh63879
A "big boy" in big undies
by nh63879
Pent Ghelsburg is an 12 year old male arctic fox cub. Pent is around 4'10''/147cm and weighs about 88 lbs/40 kg. He is covered in snow white fur and has a single bushy tail. He walks upright on his two hind paws and has claws which retract when he needs them to. He is an active member of the fox scouts and generally wears his scout uniform. Alternatively wears his school uniform. Pent likes outdoors activities such as hiking and exploring. He enjoys playing Ice hockey and is an avid forward for a youth hockey team. He tends to keep to himself but he tries his hardest to make friends despite his introverted, normally shy, and antisocial behavior. His love of science is second to none but excels in both Math and Science. He is one of the most advanced students for his age and places well above the average student. Pent also enjoys reading and sometimes video games alone at home alone despite being terrible at them. Pent prefers other boys around his own age however he has a small group of friends of both genders of various ages.

Pent is also an avid student of history. So much so that he enjoys playing dress-up as if he were alive in different eras. Whether playing as pirate, a knight in shining armor, a samurai, or even a privateer. Pent's imagination is boundless. Pent is a bookworm who enjoys a variety of different genre spanning from fantasy to non-fiction. Pent also entertains himself by going out in the wilderness to experience his naturalist mindset. Pent partakes in animal watching and tracking while taking in the various sites and sounds of his native home. Pent finds himself at ease when surrounded by other animals out in the wilderness. Pent truly enjoys the outdoors for all it's natural beauty but winter time is his favorite season.

Pent lives with his older brother, a 17 year old Black Arctic Fox. Together they live on the outskirts of Kingston, Canada. They live astray of human establishments as humans have tended to cause them trouble in the past. His brother is very protective of him and they have lived together since the death of their parents. Pent is often made fun of for being a "furry" and is bullied and antagonized for it. He tries his best to ignore the negativity but often times his feral nature gets the better of him and he can get very aggressive. As a result Pent and his brother are very weary of humans and generally mistrust them. Pent more often than not is very kind to others and despite his social status, he tries his best to make friends. Together they try to make the best of a sour situation.
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5 days, 17 hrs ago
I totally forgot to add you to my watch list, fixed that now. :3
1 week, 1 day ago
Happy to see you faved my big kid in his new undies there :-)
1 week, 2 days ago
lovely fur =^~°=
and such wonderful pictures *soft pounce*

i wish you a nice weekend *meow
1 week, 2 days ago
Super cute foxy! Cant get enough :3
1 week, 2 days ago
Thanks so much for watching my friend
8 months, 2 weeks ago
thank you so much for the fave!
1 year ago
thanks for the watch! *hug*
1 year, 5 months ago
Oh thanks, lol. I had no idea.
1 year, 5 months ago
Hi pent, a little late but just wanna say I'm glad u liked my art.

FYI, in order to "reply" to a shout, you will have to go directly to the person's profile and leave a shout on their profile. I didn't quite received your comment cuz technically, u left a shout to yourself, Kay.

BTW saw your furry boy on pandapaco's page, love your foxy, so adowable :)
1 year, 6 months ago
I like your art, it's quite nice. If you ever do commissions lemme know.
1 year, 6 months ago
Just wanna say thanks for the watch.
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