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Textual Reference- Roketsune Clothed: Regular and Luxurious
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Roketsune's Gallery (45)

Roketsune- Strategist Variant

Kaname and Toburae

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Character Sheet for Roketsune
permanently appears and sounds 15, but is actually an adult
Character Description
My fursona has two variants. The exclusively sexual one is Schoolboi, and is detailed here. I detail the Strategist version rather extensively here. This variant is the one that usually best represents me, who I most often envision. He represents/mirrors my strategic and militaristic manner of thinking, evolving, and generally approaching matters, my complexity as a person IRL, and what I consider to be ideal. His experiences and the history of the Takomenian World War are directly influenced and formed by RL events and circumstances and conditions, and my reactions to and perspectives on them. Virtually everything I experience and feel conjures a plausible or semi-plausible fictional military scenario. My militaristic imagination is being routinely and almost constantly stimulated and inspired every day. There are two major resulting effects: there is far more background on this variant and the world he lives in, and I have a heightened level of emotional resonance with him and his world.

Supreme Strategist Roketsune is the supreme commander of the military and industry of the nation of Kantaria. In general, he has the power to make decisions within his very wide purview unilaterally. The Strategic Council and Parliament can in theory overrule him, but they never have because they never have seen fit to. Roketsune is extremely respected and revered by the military because of his natural strategic proficiency, his charisma, and his tendency to consult with and defer to his subordinates. He is revered by the population in general because he is so mischievous, straightforward, empathetic, and emotional. He's almost as much an entertainer for the Kantarians as he is their supreme commander and guardian of the nation, both because of his general style and ease in front of cameras and crowds, and because of his talents and exploits as an erotic fashion model and performer.

Actually, Roketsune wasn't known to anyone outside of a close circle of friends for anything relating to military and industrial strategy until the year of the Kantarian Revolution, 2012. He was renowned across the planet as a prancer (neutral/positive term for exuberant and girly males; extroverted and cheerful femboys) who modeled various stylish clothing and sexually performed for both magazines and his own business- more often than not serving as both an erotic performer and fashion model simultaneously. He became very affluent from that profession and was a household name across the planet. Not only would his experience and skills as an erotic prancer performer often be applicable and beneficial to the job of Supreme Strategist, but he continues to serve as an erotic model and performer somewhat frequently. In fact, he's unashamedly feminine and libidinous regardless of where he is at any given time, and this usually endears him to people rather than engenders disgust. He's in effect their chief officer and premier model simultaneously, and this works out splendidly for him and the nation. Because of all of this, he shares many characteristics and circumstances with the Schoolboi version, and does double duty as an instrument of both military and sexual fictional expression.
A 1k char limit? Fuck. His personality is better described here. He is extremely emotional and empathetic, but also extremely rational and analytical. He is generally exuberant, lighthearted, and disinhibited. He is the least professional officer in the history of warfare for a variety of reasons. He yiffs his cuter subordinates during breaks, he doesn't care whether people address him by his title, he will play humorous Terran videos and even porn on the main screen of the flagship's bridge when they're not in a heightened state of alert, he carries his plushie with him most of the time, and goes on profane tirades and tangents during press conferences. This extremely blithe demeanor does alienate him from the more uptight professionals, but it usually endears him to the military and the general population. In fact, he's so candid and disinhibited that people often assume he's incapable of dishonesty.
The likes and loves list would be about identical to that of Schoolboi character sheet, only I guess it would include pederasty. The dislike/hate list is radically different in a couple of key ways. He's openly extremely disdainful of Terran culture and many of its practices and customs, whereas the other version isn't even aware of Terra and its various insane practices and beliefs. He also dislikes the Takomenian Great War and the need to have his planet allocate so much of its capacity to warfare rather than civil infrastructure and generally advancing Takomenian civilization.
As I mentioned earlier, Strategist Roketsune before the war and revolution was in effect Schoolboi Roketsune. The main difference in that respect was instead of actually being 15 he only appears 15 permanently due to the eradication of aging through medical technology, and was thus much wealthier and further along in that career than his cub counterpart. Also, because he's lived much longer (I imagine him as being maybe in his 30's, though still having the voice and face and other features of a 15-year-old), he had the opportunity to attend a university and take various classes which interested him, and his affluence and profession allowed him to become a student at leisure. He was fascinated by a variety of concepts: industrial supply, logistics, and manufacturing (dildo production and logistics is serious business); economics; Terran and Takomenian military history. This knowledge would equip him for the role of strategist later on.

While the Kantarian Revolution was being planned, he volunteered to assist them, despite having an extremely comfortable and worry-free lifestyle in Kantaria for his entire life. He astonished them by wanting to do something besides morale and entertainment: oversee and manage supply and industrial affairs. He was actually rather knowledgeable about those matters despite only having employment experience in modeling and performing. He later would demonstrate his battlefield tactical abilities by becoming the marshal of a field army which was severely struggling. He was also responsible for conceiving the design of the national flag: a phoenix rising from ashes with a rainbow in the background, representing the rebirth of the republic and its biological/racial diversity. During most of the year of 2012, he repeatedly proved to be extremely competent, insightful, charismatic, and willing to facilitate maximal harmony and cooperation between his departments and others. For this reason, when Kantaria's strategic officers decided they needed a supreme leader rather than continue ruling by consensus by default, despite his relative inexperience they voted to make him Supreme Strategist, which actually surprised him.

Upon his appointment, he had to address the world on the latest developments and how they were going to survive as a nation after the setback they incurred just before. His emotional press conference was received with enormous sympathy by friend and enemy alike, being the face and voice of a brave and outmatched nation fighting desperately to retain its newly regained independence. Their ally by then had already declared war on their enemy and the situation was stabilizing, but soon after that they themselves were invaded, and the entire world was thus plunged into war. He oversaw Kantaria's reclamation of their homeland after a series of ferocious and close battles in 2012 and 2013, and established himself as a supremely qualified strategist despite his extreme informality and free-spiritedness.
I actually have never envisioned any of his relatives, and never have pictured him meeting siblings or parents. Obviously, he would have parents. He wouldn't be alive if there were no parents. I just never have had any visions of family or relatives. The closest thing to relatives I've imagined is his 12-year-old mate, Lucien, and HIS parents.
I actually describe the world in great detail here, and the military doctrines of the four nations are here. The summarized version is... Takomen is a post-modern planet technologically, inhabited by humans and various anthro races across two continents and four nations. The world is physically much smaller in terms of physical size and population than Terra/Earth, being maybe 35-50% the size and having 500-600 million inhabitants. Bengaria and Kantaria are on the Eastern Continent, and Wesitaria and Likuria are on the Western Continent. Bengaria and Wesitaria are in one alliance, and Kantaria and Likuria are in the other.

The world is culturally quite homogeneous, as there aren't great differences in government, morals, and general outlook between the four nations. The peoples of Takomen are extremely progress-oriented and rational relative to Terrans, and as a result they have advanced rapidly in technology over their comparatively short period of existence, having gone so far as to massively collaborate to discover a cure for aging and various diseases. Their governments and economic models could be best described as socialistic republics and democracies. All four societies are entirely atheistic. Their views on sexuality very drastically differ from ours, believing that sex is a normal and natural form of pleasure which merely requires some instruction and caution, and thus pederasty is a completely normal and respected tradition which Roketsune enthusiastically engages in. They are extremely liberal compared to us in matters of sexuality and gender, legal customs, and other matters, but far more authoritarian/right-wing on other matters. Eugenics is a concept that horrifies people in most modern nations on Terra, while on Takomen it's an utterly accepted and normalized practice which is neither racially motivated nor cruel. They execute a much higher proportion of criminals than most nations on Terra, though they are far superior in rehabilitation, protections for the accused, and crime prevention. They have highly developed civil infrastructure, and well-funded civil services, proportionally for their overall level of technology. Poverty and homelessness don't really exist there.

They have had relatively few wars in their histories, and in the last century or two- excluding the previous ~30 years- they haven't generally done more than maintain a moderate force and systems of fortifications to keep themselves secure from internal threats and their neighbors. Their military technology has lagged behind other fields, being 20-30 years ahead of us in most martial technological fields while they usually are 50-150 years ahead of us in other fields, especially medical technology. Their advanced medical technology allows them to permanently stop aging at a point of everyone's choosing, and to engage in advanced genetic manipulation and therapy, and such treatments and medical care in general are universal rights.

The world of Takomen is currently in a state of world war. Over 30 years ago Bengaria invaded and occupied Kantaria, something their ally Likuria was not able to prevent at the time. Likuria subsequently quietly and covertly militarized and stockpiled weapons and ammunition, and strengthened its system of fortifications so they could better resist invasion. Bengaria neglected Kantaria enough to cause the desire for revolution, and this Likuria with great secrecy facilitated and fostered. The Kantarian Revolution started in 2012, and was quite successful against Bengaria, prompting them to use atomic weapons on military targets en masse later in the year. Likuria was forced to declare war on Bengaria and engage their military directly to save them, and Wesitaria belatedly capitalized on their vulnerable position and invaded. The world has been in a global conflict for almost four years at the time I have written this.
Exactly the same as the Schoolboi version. Literally no difference. It's better to just refer you to the textual references and the Tsaiwolf clothed version.
When he is on duty, he usually ("usually" being the operative word: occasionally he'll carry out business in civilian femboy clothes or even completely naked) is wearing his uniform. The picture I am currently using for this one doesn't accurately reflect what I have more recently envisioned him wearing and preferring. He designed his own uniform when he was elected to the top position, and I picture it being multi-colored, somewhat ornate, and aristocratically official-looking. The outfits in this and this picture greatly inspired me and are loose references I will provide the artist who next draws him, only Roketsune's uniform is perhaps more ornate or bejeweled, and it is a tunic rather than what they're wearing, which means the bottom part resembles and serves as a skirt. He would be wearing some sort of stretchy leggings, and perhaps shoes/boots akin to what the kitties in the linked pictures are wearing.

When he is off duty (or when he wants to parade around the flagship or command base dressed as an adolescent femboy fashion model), he wears exactly the same kind of stuff that his Schoolboy counterpart does. Refer to the Malachyte and Tsaiwolf pictures, and especially the textual references. I want to commission one of him wearing more luxurious clothing to better reflect his affluence and flamboyance.
When he's in uniform, he would have attached to his belt a sidearm, a pouch which would have miscellaneous items, perhaps a ceremonial sword, and some sort of ornate and pretty strategist's baton. I imagine he would have a few miscellaneous items with him while he's discharging his duties such as a purse or adorable bag, and a hairpiece or two. Maybe other things. He also usually carries with him a raccoon plushie named Kaleusthes, one that is identical to the one I have IRL and carry with me in the field. Speaking of plushies, I have almost never contemplated this before now, but I see no reason why he wouldn't have a plushie representing Lucien and Lucien have one representing Roketsune. Schoolboi Roketsune and Kirashi have mateship plushies, so perhaps Strategist Roketsune and Lucien should have them as well, and they would carry them almost constantly regardless of setting.

When he's not at his post, especially if he's patronizing and exploring places within the capital or working as a model or performer, he will have all the accessories the Schoolboi counterpart does. Refer to pictures and textual reference. Maybe a necklace and/or a couple of bracelets, a purse, maybe an adorable plushie backpack, and a girly hairpiece or two. He would also have with him Kaleusthes and maybe the mateship plushie.
First in pool
Roketsune, Prancer and Commander! (lengthy character history in description)
Character sheet revised on 18 September 2016

The picture was completed by
on 29 July 2014. He is very friendly, has a strong work ethic, exclusively does streaming for commissioners (though they can decline to join the stream), and charges a very reasonable amount considering all this and the rate at which he can complete pictures. Oh, and, he specializes in underage furry and human porn! Go commission him. Do it!

Anyway, this is the first ever rendering of my persona as the Kantarian Supreme Strategist. I went to a cub/shota/loli artist for this because Aogami does streams and I knew no other artist who did them, and I couldn't fully envision or describe the uniform. I wanted to be there for the process and interject when needed. Due to Aogami's injury a couple of months previous, the time scheduled was actually 2.5 rather than 3 hours (the price was reduced to compensate, of course). Because of the fact this was the 'prototype' and due to my frequent corrections, this not only required the entire slot I reserved, but 20 minutes over that. We went right to the wire on this!

I was much, much less experienced as a commissioner then compared to now, which did effect the picture outcome and also caused him to waste time. This sort of thing also was not his strong suit, and my frequent corrections and inadequate instructions certainly didn't help. Honestly, I don't know if I will ever be suited to doing a stream commission, because it's so immediate. I don't have much time for analysis and deliberation, and I tend to commit errors when I have so little time to process.

He did the best he could for me, but I need to commission a more modern work of Strategist Roketsune. I have a couple of references for uniforms now and am generally and literarily more evolved now, so I'm sure the next attempt will be much better since I won't be fouling up the process. Hopefully my name will be drawn from her queue soon...

male 654,300, raccoon 20,924, femboy 15,330, femboi 6,173, military 1,609, genderqueer 198
Type: Character Sheet
Published: 4 years, 5 months ago
Rating: General

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4 years, 5 months ago
It's not impossible that a 15 year old boy could rise to major command.  Galusha Pennypecker, if his claims regarding his birthdate are factual, was commanding a regiment during the Civil War at 17 and achieved the rank of brigadier at 20.  The Marquis de La Fayette was commissioned a major general by the Second Continental Congress during the War of the Revolution at 19 and, of course, actually commanded the Continental forces during major engagements.  Finally, Alexander the Great first commanded troops in battle at the age of 16, driving the Thracian Maedi from Macedonia, and began his campaign of conquest only two years later.

Marshal Darosne is younger than any of them, but he's just that much more talented.

Oh... and King Richard II suppressed Wat Tyler's Rebellion in 1381 at the age of 14.  He had lots of help, of course, but it appears that he was calling the shots.
4 years, 5 months ago
Come to think of it, Alexander was a hebephilic, too.
4 years, 5 months ago
Hmmm, you seem to be very knowledgeable about military history. I wasn't aware of any of that. Well, I remember reading or hearing something about a 20-year-old reaching a General rank in the Civil War, but didn't remember any specifics beyond that.

And, I wasn't aware Alexander the Great was actually hebephilic. Was he actually hebephilic, or just liked some underage males of that age? A -philia indicates a preference.
4 years, 5 months ago
To be honest, I can't quote any source about this.  I know he was, at the very least, bisexual, and my recollection is that he rejected his wife in favor of a teenage boy, but I can't give any details.  I once made a study of his siege warfare, but not of his personal life.

I CAN say with some certainty that military hebephiliacs of note include King Richard the Lionhearted and Baron von Steuben, who was fleeing from some unhappy parents when he came to America to become the drillmaster at Valley Forge, transforming the ragtag Colonial militias into the first true American army.
4 years, 5 months ago
Ahh, you know much more about both siege warfare and hebephilic military leaders than I do. Now I feel like an incompetent ass. *bursts into laughter*
4 years, 5 months ago
Whose incompetent ass do you feel like having?  <g>
4 years, 5 months ago
I just spent a whole shift thinking about this.  Have you read ENDER'S GAME by Orson Scott Card?

MAJOR BIG-ASS SPOILER!!!  Don't read if you haven't at least seen the movie!

Ender winds up commanding the IF fleet at age 11, without knowing it... he thinks he's participating in some high-intensite training exercises.  Card wrote several books that take place in the same world.  The SPEAKER series, which focuses on the adult Ender, doesn't really fall into this discussion, but the SHADOW series, which focuses on the immediate aftermath of the original book and features Ender's second-in-command, Bean, shows many of the battle school graduates commanding armies, mostly while around the age of fifteen.  Is it possible that Marshal Darosne came to power through a similar backstory?
4 years, 5 months ago
Ehhh, not really? I mean, there isn't a backstory to his rise to power. In the 'canon' storyline the main protagonist is a better human version of me and it's more realistic. When I speak militarily or envision myself, generally I like to do it as my raccoon self. However, all of my characters have certain inviolable limitations/protections, such as changes to basic bodily appearance and age. So, I'm going to be a girly 15-year-old 'coonboi whether I'm bombarding some cretin or yiffing a classmate.
4 years, 5 months ago
Or doing both at the same time....
4 years, 5 months ago
Ahh, you're online. I've had a very eventful couple of days, including winning decisively a public war in local furrydom. While that went very well, the need for resources being diverted to fight that war combined with developments from it means everything else is behind schedule.

Also, nope, actually. I mean, if I find another partner and he/she (it'll almost certainly be a male) really, really wants me to yiff as the marshal/strategist, I'd probably do it. However, the two are quite separate.
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