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Monkey See, Monkey Stomp by MuddyMonkey
Monkey See, Monkey Stomp
Monkey don't see, now Monkey see.
Hi all, so it's been a hell of a long time, hasn' it? I've neglected inkbunny badly for the past few months, though that timeframe sure has been a busy one, and occasionally difficult, I must confess ...
1 year, 7 months ago
Long time, no see.
Hi all, So I felt it about time to explain the reasons behind my fairly long absence, especially since I foolishly claimed in the description of A Fish Out of Water's Chapter 3 that I could feasibly ...
1 year, 8 months ago
A Flow of Information
Morning all (if you're in the U.K; any other time zone? Appropriate that to whatever your current time is); Monkey here, and I thought I'd start by apologising for the drought of content after I uploa...
1 year, 11 months ago
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Monkey See, Monkey Stomp by MuddyMonkey
Monkey See, Monkey Stomp
Randolph the Chimp by MuddyMonkey
Randolph the Chimp
A Slippery Situation - Chapter 1 by MuddyMonkey
A Slippery Situation - Chapter...
Connor the Monkey Character Icon by MuddyMonkey
Connor the Monkey Character Ic...
If the Boots Fit by MuddyMonkey
If the Boots Fit
A Fish out of Water: Chapter 1 by MuddyMonkey
A Fish out of Water: Chapter 1
Sun Wukong the Monkey King by Bastion
Sun Wukong the Monkey King
by Bastion
Refueling by ZorroRe
by ZorroRe
Warming a warm morning [by requiembeatz] by WagnerMutt
Warming a warm morning [by req...
Hello, and welcome to my page. I'm MuddyMonkey; a 20-year-old Student who can kinda' draw (O.K, I'm not very good in the grand scheme of things), but my main passion is writing stories. I've been in the Fandom a fairly short amount of time; only about a year and a half at most, but truth be told, I'm mainly interested in the art/writing side of the Furry Fandom; heck, I haven't even been to any sort of meet-up, let alone Convention before.
Anyways, my non-furry interests are mainly cars; I love Japanese cars, in particular Toyotas, and aside from that, I'm also quite a big fan of Sonic the Hedgehog (I know, that's fairly taboo these days in a culture where it's seen to be "cool" to hate Sonic, but I do dislike the Boom franchise, so there's that xD!), with my favourites in the series being Adventure 1, Generations, and Colours in no particular order.

I don't actually have a fursona, as such; rather I just like to create many different characters, and I don't feel any sort of attachment to one particular animal, at least not enough to create an anthro representation of myself. That being said, monkeys are my favourite animal to be 'anthropomorphicised' (is that even a word?), hence why the species appears in my profile name; my "main" character is also a monkey. Due to academic work, my upload schedule is...non-existant, to be frank; I'll upload various drawings and stories when I find the time.

Rules and Boundaries:
Now, onto what you can expect from my profile in terms of maturity. I'll happily draw characters in their underwear, but characters under 18 will be clean only; across the board, however, you won't see exposed genitals, or raunchy sexual intercourse; only close affection between characters at most. That being said, however, I do intend for this account to be slightly more suggestive than my Deviantart account (under a different name), as I'll be posting art and stories I deem a little too inappropriate for my more visible art profiles (but nothing 18+, to reiterate). That about wraps it up; have a look around and see what you like; I'm open to constructive criticism too, don't worry :)
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