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Speed Paint- Igrath SKIRMISH card side 1 by Dreamkeepers
Speed Paint- Igrath SKIRMISH card side 1
Chat-n-Sketch 04 Itinerary
We're getting ready for the Chat-n-Sketch 4!  It's happening tomorrow- Friday March 17th, on our Picarto channel: https://picarto.tv/Dreamkeepers I'll be sketching Patron requests while a range of g...
1 week ago
MDM- Tournament Style Reviews?
Special thanks to Matt Doyle Media for reviewing Volume 1- check out the site, some fresh ideas at play over there: https://mattdoylemedia.com/2017/02/16/comic-review-dreamkeepers-volume-1-awakening...
1 month ago
Chat n Sketch 3 Itinerary
The Chat-n-Sketch 3 is streaming tomorrow February 17th, on Picarto:  https://picarto.tv/dreamkeepers Beginning at 5pm EST, stop in to watch David sketch Patron requests, while featured guests share ...
1 month ago
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Speed Paint- Igrath SKIRMISH card side 1 by Dreamkeepers
Speed Paint- Igrath SKIRMISH c...
Dreamkeepers Saga page 350 by Dreamkeepers
Dreamkeepers Saga page 350
Speed Draw- Chat n Sketch 3 by Dreamkeepers
Speed Draw- Chat n Sketch 3
Plush Party Vi video by Dreamkeepers
Plush Party Vi video
Prelude 359 by Dreamkeepers
Prelude 359
Streaming SKIRMISH card art- Scuttles by Dreamkeepers
Streaming SKIRMISH card art- S...
Streaming Bast SKIRMISH card- side 1 by Dreamkeepers
Streaming Bast SKIRMISH card- ...
SpeedPaint: SKIRMISH card- Ravat 2 by Dreamkeepers
SpeedPaint: SKIRMISH card- Rav...
Dreamkeepers Saga page 349 by Dreamkeepers
Dreamkeepers Saga page 349
New Submission by Dreamkeepers
New Submission
Prelude 358 by Dreamkeepers
Prelude 358
AC 2014 Namah Sketch by Dreamkeepers
AC 2014 Namah Sketch
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SKIRMISH- Preliminary Box art mockup by Dreamkeepers
New Submission by Dreamkeepers
SpeedPaint:  SKIRMISH card- Lilith 1 by Dreamkeepers
Gaming Art
Concept and original art for Dreamkeepers-related gaming projects.
9 submissions
SpeedPaint:  SKIRMISH card- Lilith 1 by Dreamkeepers
Streaming SKIRMISH card art- Igrath side A by Dreamkeepers
SpeedPaint: SKIRMISH card- Lilith 2 by Dreamkeepers
Speed Paints & Streaming
Watch us paint final art for the series, and catch our Chat-n-Sketches featuring guest interviews and more.
7 submissions
Dreamkeepers Volume 4 by Dreamkeepers
Volume 4 Title page by Dreamkeepers
Dreamkeepers Saga page 322 by Dreamkeepers
Dreamkeepers Volume 4
29 submissions
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Vi - Posing by bbmbbf
Vi - Posing
by bbmbbf
Dark Bast ~ End Dragon Rising by BronyXXI
Dark Bast ~ End Dragon Rising
by BronyXXI
Jason At Soup! by Rokku1994
Jason At Soup!
by Rokku1994
Yakko is strong! by Nikonah
Yakko is strong!
by Nikonah
Night by xepxyu
by xepxyu
Madison de la Bleu by kkitty23
Madison de la Bleu
by kkitty23
Hey everyone! DreamKeepers is comprised of Dave and Liz, two art college lovebirds who got together and are creating the DreamKeepers graphic novel series. We're here to showcase some of the artwork from it, see other cool artwork, and to share our progress in our self - publishing adventures for all who are interested. If you like fun, action - adventure, fantasy, furry, character-based storylines, or artwork relating to it, check out some of the pics - thanks for visiting!

Also, there is a weekly DreamKeepers webcomic up on our website, so feel free to stop by and visit that as well. 8 )
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Fur Affinity
5 months, 3 weeks ago
Are you guy going to come to Youmacon this year. I was going to buy from you last year but you were not there. maybe you can get a panel this year.
6 months, 2 weeks ago
imagine what is like, like Toa Matau from Bionicle who was part of the comics when he heard about Paige's death and mace is blamed. so he helped mace because instead of just escaping successfully, he can use his "Kanohi Mahiki" (mask of shape shifting) to change himself into a different form to pretend to be "Paige" but this time in a form of the fresh bloody corpse from before so he "as dead Paige" bursts out from the wooden/sandy floor to scare randy, like: "scaring a living crap out of randy for continuing spreading humors about mace when things go too far" scary. shouting at randy: "YOU! YOU FILTHY RAT!" and then he would apologize and telling the truth. or else scaring more would be perswaysive like: "you told me the sandman is going to GET me! now that i am dead, I WILL GET YOU!!!"

8 months, 2 weeks ago
Hmm, I notice just Lilith and Evzen have a rear view in the turn-around pieces, is that because they are the only ones with significant markings there?
9 months, 1 week ago
Hello there,
Due to the recent happenings on deviantART I got a little bit inspired.
Inspired to make a silly little image, I hope it brightens up your day:
The Image
11 months, 4 weeks ago
You are great artist and designer!
1 year ago
Your style and characters are amazing.  Gonna keep an eye on you ^_^
1 year, 1 month ago
Awesome work you've got here -- I'm definitely looking forward to seeing what more you guys have in store!
1 year, 1 month ago
How about Art Trades?
I really like your works and...
I hope you like my art style and
want to make a Art Trade with me.
1 year, 4 months ago
Next week! :3
1 year, 6 months ago
Next year, august 17th-21th you need to go to the Eurofurencs 2 in Berlin germany. i want to buy some  commissions(sketch or color XD whatever you sell XD) XDXDXD

i will not accept a no XD
1 year, 8 months ago
Chapter.1 of "Erotic Adventure Time" is up check it out
1 year, 9 months ago
I didn't realize you were here.
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