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98 submissions
2010 Christmas Prelude (animated) by Dreamkeepers
Christmas 2011 Prelude  by Dreamkeepers
Prelude 258 by Dreamkeepers
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40 submissions
Commission 4: Harem Overload by Dreamkeepers
Commission #5: Beyond the Sky by Dreamkeepers
Commission #6: Grove of Secrets by Dreamkeepers
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105 submissions
Dreamkeepers Volume 4 by Dreamkeepers
Volume 4 Title page by Dreamkeepers
Dreamkeepers Saga page 322 by Dreamkeepers
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Official character references and color swatches of the Dreamkeepers graphic novels and Prelude webcomic
8 submissions
Sassy Swatch Anise and Sage by Dreamkeepers
Mace Plush Style Guide by Dreamkeepers
Vi Plush Style Guide by Dreamkeepers
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Concept and original art for Dreamkeepers-related gaming projects.
55 submissions
SKIRMISH- Preliminary Box art mockup by Dreamkeepers
New Submission by Dreamkeepers
SpeedPaint:  SKIRMISH card- Lilith 1 by Dreamkeepers
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Watch us paint final art for the series, and catch our Chat-n-Sketches featuring guest interviews and more.
19 submissions
SpeedPaint:  SKIRMISH card- Lilith 1 by Dreamkeepers
Streaming SKIRMISH card art- Igrath side A by Dreamkeepers
SpeedPaint: SKIRMISH card- Lilith 2 by Dreamkeepers
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Other finished comics by David Lillie, unrelated to Dreamkeepers.
10 submissions
2008: Grape Comic Page 1 of 9 by Dreamkeepers
2008: Grape Comic Page 2 of 9 by Dreamkeepers
2008: Grape Comic Page 3 of 9 by Dreamkeepers
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Our 2016 Dreamkeepers OC Tournament- the winner will be featured on a card in our upcoming card game.   But there are 50 entrants- that means 49 literary take downs...
55 submissions
Tournament Match 1.01- VAJA vs JADE by Dreamkeepers
Tournament Match 2- Ark vs Vis by Dreamkeepers
Tournament Match 4: Shrock vs Jay by Dreamkeepers
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9 submissions
Lion Dragon - InfinityFire by Dreamkeepers
Fireworks over Pittsburgh by Dreamkeepers
Advice Ferret by Dreamkeepers
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11 submissions
Volume 1:  Awakenings, Front Cover  by Dreamkeepers
Volume 1:  Awakenings, page 1 by Dreamkeepers
Volume 1:  Awakenings, page 2 by Dreamkeepers
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A few choice scenes from the 3rd installment of the Dreamkeepers graphic novel saga.
7 submissions
Dreamkeepers Volume 3: page 5 by Dreamkeepers
Dreamkeepers Volume 3: page 6 by Dreamkeepers
Dreamkeepers Volume 3: page 7 by Dreamkeepers
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