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Fun on a warm day. by travis181
Fun on a warm day.
Merry Christmas 2018.
Happy holidays to everyone here on Ink Bunny.
5 months ago
moving art here from old account
Will be moving all art and stories here.
1 year ago
Happy hollidays
Hoping everyone has a good day tomorrow, hugs.
1 year, 5 months ago
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Travis's hind paw pads by travis181
Travis's hind paw pads
Travis playing baseball by travis181
Travis playing baseball
Kaden by travis181
Posing by travis181
3 best friends by travis181
3 best friends
New Submission by travis181
New Submission
head shot by travis181
head shot
Travis dressein his best. by travis181
Travis dressein his best.
Huggs by travis181
Travis and Kaden by travis181
Travis and Kaden
Fun on a warm day. by travis181
Fun on a warm day.
Travis by travis181
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My other account is
for some reason cannot get back in there with my laptop, so using this one. Travis is a 13 year old male skunk, and red panda hybrid, thus his special red and white colors, never knowing his father. He is short at 3' 2'' tall but slightly stocky with  wide hips, from behind looking more like a girl or fem-boi. Living with his black and white normal skunk mom and two siblings, his fifteen year old brother and seventeen year old sister. His family blame him for their own dad leaving them when he was born and treat him badly at time he has to wait until they eat before he does. He has to do many of their chores too. Since he started puberty just before reaching 13 and his pubic fur grew and his sex drive seemed higher as well as his testes now producing more testosterone, he has been getting closer to his friends, other boys that is, even tying out sex, oral and anal, preferring boys over girls for now, being shy around girls still,thinking of females as too clean and not liking getting dirty or playing rough. He seemed to be homosexual, maybe bisexual, having the same parts his buddy's do really helps during making love to them, knowing what feels good to his own body and applying that to their own. His penis is sheathed and connects below his stomach to his abdomen, leaving it much like a ferals, sticking upwards until erect and slightly sticking out from his belly, its speared shaped glans tip when erect reaches to his naval, unlike canines his shaft can be pulled outward as its got no bone inside. Travis's best asset other then his boyhood seems to be his girlish hind end, and he wears only  tight shorts, mainly his favorite tan cargo pants, that hold his cell phone and other goodies, such as anal lube and condoms as well as a white tee-shirt and most times his blue ball cap. Being that his tail is so large and fluffy, its always upwards to keep it from dragging and keep it clean and he likes to tease his friends with his bubble butt, often bending down with his rump facing them as he sways his hips. His main body color is a dark reddish brown mix with his white markings from his head down his back and up his outer tail to tip and wider then a normal skunks instead of duel stripes. His face and snout red but white markings, around his large green eyes, along both sides of his upper snout towards his pink nose pad and chin white running down his chest belly and over and around his sex organ and scrotum , under his pelvis and back past his tail hole.He gets lots of paw groping or smacks and rubs on his rump. He is an antro but unlike many other's his anal orifice rest just below his tail base, surrounded in his inner pure white clefts dense fur that runs slightly up his tails under area, turning to his main red colors, making his rose bud easy to see,  not like some others that are farther down from their tails.  He also loves allowing his best friends get under his base tail to finger his tight looking anal orifice or maybe just sniff his personal scents and even if lucky letting them wash around or over his wrinkled orifice, licking his  pinkish rose bud was something he now loved and they seem to like shoving thru his sphincters tight ring's muscle and eat out his rectal large passage dragging his special taste from his hind ends deep rippling entrails, some what musky, earthy, tangy and bitter sweet as his diet is mainly fruits and veggies, always clean inside too. He loves boys with log broad tongues that can reach his g-spot to tickle his prostate gland as he gets a good blow job, then cumming hard inside his partners gulping throat. He has very good hygiene back there too,  not into scat or even passing gas on their snouts as he's very polite and kind. He even allows them to put their boyhoods up his pucker after rimming and lots of lube. He can control his duel sprayers that are just above his upper rim in his tail base so his friends never worry about getting a snout full of his not so toxic skunk spray. Some of his friends do go under his tail to sniff his sprayers to boast that they did that to a skunk's hind end, even pulling at them with puckered lips or just licking and sucking his nozzles as he pushes both out just to sample his potent skunk oils, being part red panda his anal sacks don't have that more stronger musk like normal skunks do so they like that tangy oils special flavors, often emptying both of his anal sacks dry. Travis even himself loves give blow jobs or just to lick other boy's back doors tail stars and feast on their own special taste inside their gut.
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4 days, 2 hrs ago
Thx T :D
4 days, 14 hrs ago
Thanks fur da watch
4 days, 16 hrs ago
thanks for watching and faving >^_^<
5 days, 13 hrs ago
I loooooove your gallery! It's quite fantastic! I may have to apologize for all the fave notifications that I produced 😉
5 days, 17 hrs ago
thx for the fav =^.^=
6 days, 19 hrs ago
Thanks a lot for faving! ^w^
6 days, 19 hrs ago
A bit late but, no problem at all!
1 week, 3 days ago
Thanks for the faves!
1 week, 4 days ago
Cute and sexy is how he would look ^__^ I love skunkies!  
1 week, 6 days ago
Thank you so much for watching x
2 weeks ago
Thankies a ottery ton for all those faves <3
2 weeks, 3 days ago
You are welcome!
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