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Tree House at Night - in Duran, New Mexico by moyomongoose
Tree House at Night - in Duran, New Mexico
Fictional Dialogue of a Scenario if the Pandemic had a Two Year Duration.
The day and time is December 10th, 2050, and the pandemic ended 29 years ago. On that December day in 2050, the local convention center is hosting a classic car show. Cars from the 1950s were by then ...
22 hrs, 29 mins ago
Music I Listened to Tonight While Viewing Artwork of Those Who I Watch
It is one of the beautiful old India songs I haven't listened to for quite some time. As well as a beautiful song, the song is also very relaxing, with instruments such as sitar, flute, santoor and ta...
1 day, 13 hrs ago
Florida Governor DeSantis Issues Stay At Home Order
Beginning midnight Thursday, a statewide stay at home order takes effect for Florida. Errands away from home will only be allowed for essential purposes, and for those who have jobs that are essentia...
2 days, 12 hrs ago
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Tree House at Night - in Duran, New Mexico by moyomongoose
Tree House at Night - in Duran...
Elias Ferret Hitchhiking - Viewed From Both Directions by moyomongoose
Elias Ferret Hitchhiking - Vie...
Car Logos from 1950s and 1960 - Gift by moyomongoose
Car Logos from 1950s and 1960 ...
1960 Plymouth Fury Station Wagon - Gift Drawing by moyomongoose
1960 Plymouth Fury Station Wag...
A Couple of Ryan Lynx's Clothing Outfits by moyomongoose
A Couple of Ryan Lynx's Clothi...
The Outcome of Grimy Troll's Toilet Paper Quest by moyomongoose
The Outcome of Grimy Troll's T...
Gift Drawing - 1960 Chrysler 300 by moyomongoose
Gift Drawing - 1960 Chrysler 3...
Grimy Troll's Toilet Paper Quest by moyomongoose
Grimy Troll's Toilet Paper Que...
Rabbit Family Riding in their Car by moyomongoose
Rabbit Family Riding in their ...
View Looking South by moyomongoose
View Looking South
Clarence Coyote and Project Courier - Part 32 Edited SFW - Door to Door Sales Weasel by moyomongoose
Clarence Coyote and Project Co...
C.F.B. Passenger Train by moyomongoose
C.F.B. Passenger Train
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Clarence Coyote and Project Courier - Part 1 by moyomongoose
Clarence Coyote and Project Courier - Part 2 by moyomongoose
Clarence Coyote and Project Courier - Part 3 by moyomongoose
Project Courier - SFW Edited
In this pool, any parts of the story in the original version that contain NSFW material, or depict blood, are edited to being SFW...This pool is completely SFW.
32 submissions
Clarence Coyote and Project Courier - Part 1 by moyomongoose
Clarence Coyote and Project Courier - Part 2 by moyomongoose
Clarence Coyote and Project Courier - Part 3 by moyomongoose
Project Courier - With NSFW Parts
This is for parts of the story, Clarence Coyote and Project Courier.
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Happy Birthday Greeting by moyomongoose
Sounding the Welcome by moyomongoose
Furry Version of Smiley Face by moyomongoose
These insets are my most common used submissions in my scraps.
Pooled here, I don't have to scroll through my scraps gallery to access them.
6 submissions
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Comm Dascuro: A Day At the Waterpark by ProjectDarkFox
Comm Dascuro: A Day At the Wat...
Zaphal Batgirl by alhedgehog
Zaphal Batgirl
Jordan Play'n some music by JordanTheChipmunk
Jordan Play'n some music
[COM] Lost by eleode
[COM] Lost
by eleode
Zootopia Judy's sunset by darkbunny666
Zootopia Judy's sunset
Tucker Badge by Saucy
Tucker Badge
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[Commissioned] Robinstic by PrinceofSpirits by Robinstic
[Commissioned] Robinstic by Pr...
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Queen Guivderin of Dugroznik by Chucky
Queen Guivderin of Dugroznik
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ASK BONNIE & CO 969 by BonnieandCo
Vacak from Tiny Heroes (1997) by IceAgeChippies
Vacak from Tiny Heroes (1997)
Kemono Shopping mall by Elesh
Kemono Shopping mall
by Elesh
It had to happen by pandapaco
It had to happen
by pandapaco
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Moyo is a male, African banded mongoose who was born at home on May 1st, 1954 in what was then British occupied Kenya. Moyo is of a mild mannered demeanor and appears outwardly to be a bit naive, but sees things as they really are. Moyo is loving, sexy and cute. His sexual orientation is straight, and he is loyal in any sexual relationship. Moyo is also honest. He feels more comfortable with someone having $50 that belongs to him, than to have $50 of someone else's money wrongfully taken. And although having only a 7th grade education, Moyo does manage to get by pretty good in life.

In the tag linked below, there is a good story of my fursona's family history;

Moyo was born May 1st, 1954 to Aluna Jais Mongoose (Mom, maiden name being Aluna Tatazu Mongoose) and Makori Jais Mongoose (Dad).
Moyo was 7th born out of a total of nine siblings, six of whom are older, and two younger:
Brother, Chege, born March 25th, 1935.
Sister, Makena, born February 4th, 1939.
Sister, Kioni, born April 8th,1944.
Brother, Ruguru, born January 15th, 1947.
Sister, Chanya, born March 6th, 1949.
Brother, Kanja, born December 15th, 1952. Kanja was born borderline mentally challenged.
Brother, Jomo, born September 10th 1955.
Sister, Jabet, born August 30th, 1957.
Moyo and siblings are 1/4 binturong and 1/4 Pokot tribal African banded mongoose from Mom's side of the family...And 1/2 Kikuyu tribal African banded mongoose from Dad's side of the family.

In real life, I live in central Arkansas (in the U.S.), with my pet wolf, Natasha, on my 10 acres of rural, wooded land, in a small house trailer I paid $200 for, which is an area so remote utilities don't go out that far...The land is paid for, and I pay less than $40 property taxes on it each year. It is a one lane, rough, dirt road that goes out to my place.
I am on a Social Security income (monthly amount I will not disclose).
My spiritual faith is nondenominal Christian (one of the "people of the book" as folks in some parts of the world would say).  
Like my fursona, I too was born May 1st, 1954, and have only a 7th grade education.
Also like my fursona, I am biracial...However, as I am 7/8 white and 1/8 black, that is flipped opposite for my fursona...Moyo is 7/8 mix of African species mongoose and binturong, and 1/8 Indian species mongoose.
I am also 1/4 Polish being my grandmother on my mom's side of the family is Polish...Likewise, my fursona, Moyo, is 1/4 binturong (bearcat) because grandmother on Mom's side of the family was an Asian binturong.
The Jais Mongoose Family is depicted as never have immigrated to the U.S. and are still living in Kenya...Thus the location setting for my stories about Moyo and family are depicted in the Lodwar area of northwest Kenya, just west of Lake Turkana.

I am open for commissions...general, mature or adult.

Rather than to establish a price list, prices are negotiated on an individual bases being that no two drawings are the same.
I am into feral characters, but am still willing to do anthro.
There are a few things I don't care to draw, which is discussed in the posting in the following link. NSFW filters must be turned off to view the list because of some of the wording;
If you are interested in SFW art, that list would not be an issue.

Artwork that is in my gallery and on my favorites list give a good idea of what I am OK with drawing.

Other artwork of mine can also be seen in;

Important note about method of payment:
Being that I do not trust online payment services, Paypal being a notorious one, my accepted method of payment will be money order (no personal checks please) made out to Moyomongoose.

And would be sent by conventional mail to;
P.O. Box 664
Clinton, Arkansas, 72031
('U.S.A.' included if outside the U.S)

Links and Contact Details
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Thanks for the faves.
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Thanks for the fave again!
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You're very welcome. :)
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Yw! Your watch is also appreciated! ^^
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Always be my pleasure, keep it up maling lovely pics moyo!! :3
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