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Old Lone Roads by moyomongoose
Old Lone Roads
Mento Music - Caribbean - Mostly 1950s
Mento was the forerunner to the Reggae of today. Rough Rider [10 inch] - Bedasse with Local Calypso Quintet https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pMJAET5jakg DAY OH; Linstead Market [10 inch] - The Wiggl...
11 hrs, 9 mins ago
Really Awesome Soca Songs - If Ya Neva Heard 'em, Ya Doh Know Whatcha Missin'
The first one is really heavy-n-awesome. "When yuh stuck in yuh wheel nobody doh know how yuh feel!". https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KhqI6Uc3zAM The rest of these are also really great songs; https...
2 days, 13 hrs ago
Washing a Train - The Silly Way
If there was ever a book written on mischief, the guys in this video obviously wrote it; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZwAJO6Js3pw I did see some open doors and windows on the passing train.
3 days, 12 hrs ago
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Old Lone Roads by moyomongoose
Old Lone Roads
Subway Stop by moyomongoose
Subway Stop
Other 1994 Doodlings by moyomongoose
Other 1994 Doodlings
Whacky Professor by moyomongoose
Whacky Professor
Wasafa Mongoose's Car in for Repair by moyomongoose
Wasafa Mongoose's Car in for R...
Where the Lightning Hit by moyomongoose
Where the Lightning Hit
Lightning Strike Near the Shop by moyomongoose
Lightning Strike Near the Shop
Sy Aardwolf's Shop by moyomongoose
Sy Aardwolf's Shop
Curva de Estrada do Diabo by moyomongoose
Curva de Estrada do Diabo
Satellite View of Aardwolf Family's Shop and Home by moyomongoose
Satellite View of Aardwolf Fam...
Lighting Up the Sky by moyomongoose
Lighting Up the Sky
A Closer Look at "Passagem do Anjo da Morte" by moyomongoose
A Closer Look at "Passagem do ...
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[OOO-017] It's Been A While by BobbyThornbody
[OOO-017] It's Been A While
He was laughing at me... by BobbyThornbody
He was laughing at me...
A Punk and his Poke Pet by Furfit
A Punk and his Poke Pet
by Furfit
Look At That Over There by Christaphorac
Look At That Over There
Daniel Tiger With rainwear by FERNANDOADF96
Daniel Tiger With rainwear
Daniel Tiger in pajamas by FERNANDOADF96
Daniel Tiger in pajamas
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Paladin (Final Version) by Dbruin
Paladin (Final Version)
by Dbruin
Good Fishing by AJDurai
Good Fishing
by AJDurai
Zabivaka The Wolf by jamesfoxbr
Zabivaka The Wolf
My catmorpf by PinkiHusky
My catmorpf
Comfy, Cozy, Padded Boys by Kizgin
Comfy, Cozy, Padded Boys
by Kizgin
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Moyo is a male, African banded mongoose who was born at home on May 1st, 1954 in what was then British occupied Kenya. Moyo is of a mild mannered demeanor and appears outwardly to be a bit naive, but sees things as they really are. Moyo is loving, sexy and cute. His sexual orientation is straight, and he is loyal in any sexual relationship. Moyo is also honest. He feels more comfortable with someone having $50 that belongs to him, than to have $50 of someone else's money wrongfully taken.
Moyo lives in mountainous countryside (highlands), where the nearest railroad and divided highway is more than an hour's drive away. There is some illiteracy, little modern technology  and the locals have always been poor. But everyone is helpful to each other. And Moyo gets by well with a 7th grade education.
The Mongoose Family is depicted as living in the rural Highlands area of Northwestern Kenya, Africa, in the Great Rift Valley.
Moyo is from a fairly low income family, but not as poverty stricken as the Meerkat Family in Southern rural Angola had been. Even though Moyo and Family are below the middle class income level, they do enjoy a standard of living above that of the 3rd world.
The family home is fairly sizable, old, wood frame, with a slightly rusted tin roof, and the floors creek a little. The house is surrounded completely by porch, and what would be the attic is an upper story with gables...what some realtors would call "an old, white elephant house".  But the 100+ year old house is of 19th to 20th century construction, modern for the time it was built, with wooden floors (as oppose to clay walls and dirt floors).
Over the years, floors in the bathroom, kitchen and parlor had gotten in pretty bad condition. Those three rooms were eventually re-floored with plywood and tiled.
The parlor floor is shown in the BB code tag below;

Walls in the parlor and living room have been wood paneled and stained dark mauve, the kitchen and two other rooms have been dry-walled, the bathroom walls have been ceramic tiled, and most of the rooms and the hallway still bare the original lath and plaster troweled stucco the house was built with.
The bathroom wall tile is shown in the BB code tag below;

The house was originally built in 1907 without electricity. In 1958, electrical service became available through a rural development program continued by the Kenyan government after the British relinquished occupation of the country.
In the summer of 1960 (when Moyo was age 6) the house was wired for electricity. The wiring was installed on the outer surfaces of the walls and ceilings, under decorative wire guards, as was done with many buildings in those days that didn't originally have electricity.
Having electricity also made it possible to run a well pump so plumbing could be piped into the house, which was done in that same year with help from a rural development program grant awarded to the family...Since 1960, water no longer had to be carried in from the well by pails for drinking, cooking, bathing and toilet flushing (Of course, being animals with no clothing, there are no laundry needs except for blankets, towels and wash rags).

The family cars have always been old station wagons or old utility vehicles (not 'sport utility'). However, the cars the family has owned, although old, have not been in a condition to the extent of being ragged, rusted out and falling apart.
The car Moyo's family had when Moyo was born was a 1951 Standard Vanguard wagon like the one in the link below, except the Mongoose Family's car was right paw drive and being purchased used, did show some age.
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