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This pool is reserved for sketches and concept arts.
25 submissions
[Concept Art] Zonizan soldier by vpn
[Concept Art] The Dujan by vpn
[Study] Female Hatran heads, in several different angles by vpn
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This pool contains all the stuff related to other characters set in Nakti. It can include drawings, reference sheets and biographies of all the Naktians made for other people or by other people.
9 submissions
[Art Trade] Naktian character for Kitsune-Kori by vpn
The Fazan Maiden by vpn
Slave princess Lakitara by vpn
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This pool contains all the clean (non adult) artworks set in Abun. The pool contains mature artworks too.
19 submissions
How Kaliendra is depicted in Abunese art by vpn
Kaliendra, beloved by the Gods by vpn
Paper Kaliendra - Talking (Animated GIF) by vpn
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In this pool you can find the descriptions of some of the characters set in the Kingdom of Abun.
10 submissions
Farada Rynus Ahkis, Kaliendra's mother by vpn
Nahara, the beloved servant by vpn
Prince Zu Ahkis, Kaliendra's father by vpn
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Here you can find all the gift and fan arts of Kaliendra and the Kingdom of Abun made by my friends. Check them out and don't forget to watch them too! :3
7 submissions
[Fan Art] "Would you like to take a seat, Sir?" - By Tlapa by vpn
Come to Nakti! by vpn
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This pool contains all the stories and the fan-stories set in the Kingdom of Abun or another Naktian country. Make sure you visit and watch their authors! The pool features clean and 18+ stories.
6 submissions
[Story] The history of Ald'Hin - By Kalibran by vpn
[Story] The People and Customs of Ald’Hin (Part I) - By Kalibran by vpn
[Story] Sed the Elder of Issad: In Abun - By Kalibran by vpn
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This pool will contain all the short overviews and facts about the kingdom of Abun and planet Nakti in general. Most of the stuff uploaded here will be text-only.
9 submissions
Daily life in Abun: Ten facts by vpn
Daily life in Abun: Ten facts (Part II) by vpn
Map of planet Nakti by vpn
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