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Just my little way of showing off my creative process as a pic moves from a rough pencil drawing too a digital finished product
20 submissions
Bada-BANG! by AsherTye
There's No Need To Fear! by AsherTye
The Perfect Son by AsherTye
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Just a little something I started last year.  Kaa should probably be more careful regarding strange animals he tries to eat.
2 submissions
Watch What You Eat (normal) by AsherTye
Watch What You Eat (variant) by AsherTye
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Been working on this since February, so I'm hoping everyone likes it.  Imp manages to get his hands on one of Beerus's spare costumes and decides to puff up his ego a bit.  Whis is not having it.

12 submissions
Imp The Destroyer Page 3 by AsherTye
Imp The Destroyer Page 4 (underwear version) by AsherTye
Imp The Destroyer Page 5 (Underwear version) by AsherTye
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2 submissions
Elf In Training by AsherTye
Elf In Training (Gag Variant) by AsherTye
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An epic tale of the battle for free cookies.
6 submissions
Cookie Monster: Part 1 by AsherTye
Cookie Monster: Part 2 by AsherTye
Cookie Monster: Part 3 by AsherTye
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