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Quills Reference Sheet by TrevorFox
Quills Reference Sheet
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Quills Reference Sheet by TrevorFox
Quills Reference Sheet
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Quills by TrevorFox
Chocolate Friends by TrevorFox
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Superhero Double Team by TrevorFox
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Paw Practice by TrevorFox
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Hello all! My name is Trevor.

I live in Georgia now! I moved out to Utah at 22 in order to study animation, but that plan didn't work out as I expected. It's now my goal to be a freelance artist full time! I really enjoy drawing. I love doing comics and drawing things to make people laugh, but it's really fun to draw stuff for children. I remember growing up and getting ignored by those older than me. I just want to do something for the kids out there. Make them laugh. Make them feel happy and special.

I love to draw silly, funny things, and I really love to draw transformation art. I've always enjoyed acts of transformation in shows, and now I draw these types of sequences myself.

I had a comic-strip in the newspaper for a while, but I had to stop it once I went on my mission. I had enough backed up to last the first year though. But the second year I was gone, there were no more comics for the paper. I have not currently resumed my job at the paper.

One thing that is super important to me is friendship. Stories and movies and such that have an emphasis on friendship--I love them. Stories like "The Fox and the Hound" and "One Stormy Night." I really connect with those, and it's true for me in life. I am really shy and quiet until I get to know someone. But as I get more and more comfortable around people, I really start to open up. Friendship and trust are very important to me.

Now, I am a HUGE gamer. I love video games. I've been playing them since I was two years old, and I beat my first game at 3 years old (it was Super Mario Bros. 3). Gaming is a major past-time for me, and I have my uncle to thank for getting me into it a lot. I would always go over to his house to play the new games he had and such. I really love the Single Player portions of games, and love to get into the story. I'm pretty well-rounded with my genres, though. My top favorite would have to be Platformer. I also love RPG's, Third-Person Shooters, FPS, Strategy, Puzzle, Real Time Strategy (though I'm terrible at it). I don't enjoy Sports games.

I'm a big indoors person. I tried at one point to be more outdoorsy, but then I realized, that's not for me. And I hate it. So indoors it is!

And...that's pretty much it about myself. Hope I haven't bored you. =3

Current Commission List: https://trello.com/b/H5wuYf5L
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Fur Affinity
1 year ago
Yeah! I am not as good, but I know what you mean: my OC also had a fair share of "reworks" as well! X-3
1 year ago
your more then welcome
1 year ago
You're welcome >:3
1 year ago
You're much welcome!
I really liked your art and OC.
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