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Shop business plans by Angellothefox
Shop business plans
My furst Confuzzle meme 2017
I stole it from frostbite-guardianpaws that he stole from IllusionFox Nothing to add more stealing in the furry fandom. We all should be very ashamed of ourselfs Frostbite and me ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~...
3 weeks, 4 days ago
Everyone is so kind here
I know I have been on inkbunny for a while now a few years so I do not know why I should say this but dispite what people think of the content of this site the people here are really nice. Conpared t...
1 month, 1 week ago
Hi I am new here
Hi I am new here after FA got attacked and will not be up for 7 days I came over here to this wonderful place inkbunny or as I mestakingly call it inkabunny ‌I am a‌blue‌fox with white fur neck and a ...
1 year ago
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Shop business plans by Angellothefox
Shop business plans
Anchovy loves his diaper by Angellothefox
Anchovy loves his diaper
Mummy Skye #3 by Angellothefox
Mummy Skye #3
Lost big kids item by Angellothefox
Lost big kids item
Mummy Skye #2 by Angellothefox
Mummy Skye #2
Isabelle ruined it by Angellothefox
Isabelle ruined it
Mummy Skye by Angellothefox
Mummy Skye
Why did Skye ask for a baby crib? by Angellothefox
Why did Skye ask for a baby cr...
Angello back in diapers by Angellothefox
Angello back in diapers
Can someone help me by Angellothefox
Can someone help me
Angello on the convaer belt by Angellothefox
Angello on the convaer belt
Angellothefox very very upset by Angellothefox
Angellothefox very very upset
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Derpy Easter [Reward]
Shiny Mythical Pokemon Mega-Batch - Over 20 Pictures! by hooligan
Shiny Mythical Pokemon Mega-Ba...
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Flushemon by YoshiFarts
Let's Do The Warp Room Again. by DaveyMod9093
Let's Do The Warp Room Again.
Party Poopers, Part 1 by hooligan
Party Poopers, Part 1
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Feeding the little sister by Loupy
Feeding the little sister
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New Submission by Venmar
New Submission
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Commission for Regandor by yojoo
Commission for Regandor
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Gnar by norphen
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Lax Cookie Security by RandyTheRiolu
Lax Cookie Security
Megachar $10 Sketch Commission by Friar
Megachar $10 Sketch Commission
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Sleeping Stinker by KibaSWolf
Sleeping Stinker
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Hello my name is Angellothefox

I am a blue fox with white fur.
I am dignosed with High Functioning Autism
I consider myself a babyfur/diaperfur but do not let that put you off.

I like
Playing games mostly video games
I like doing art
writting stories
and my favorite plush Mr Foxy

My 5 favorite artist are followed
Esher, Leon13 or LeonXIII, Sofi ryder, Banksy, Gemmar

My Sexuality which we mean your gender

I am Male ha ha you can quite lifting my legs up now to check ^^"

How did find or come here.
Well because FA is down due to downtime attackers stuff like that I desided to make a account on here.
I know the baronies waned me about this site but I am on it now.

OK last think can you conferm your age for use please. I am 23
Sorry I forgot to change my age. Please do not kick me off for that.
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Fur Affinity
3 weeks, 5 days ago
(I know right?)
1 month, 1 week ago
By the way thanks for watching me *hugs* ^^
1 month, 1 week ago
Your welcome and thanks for telling me ^^
11 months, 2 weeks ago
yeah it takes time too get use to all of the stuff IB can do
12 months ago
your more then welcome
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