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Sierra Sunset by ShinyMelanie
Sierra Sunset
TF fans
Hello everyone :) I have noticed that some are still trying to find my transformation commissions from  Aogami ( https://inkbunny.net/Aogami )  in the previous majhost submission where I give out the...
1 year, 3 months ago
As many of you know, I took pride in commissions involving transformation and I had three galleries of them on majhost featuring artists like  Aogami ( https://inkbunny.net/Aogami ) ,  bottledpapersta...
1 year, 8 months ago
Sierra vs Kateri - Poll Closed
Thank you for voting! Now that the voting is dying down, the winner is Sierra! (Thank you :) Better luck next time Kateri!) Stay tuned to see how these results impact my next work (that will be acco...
2 years, 1 month ago
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Sierra Sunset by ShinyMelanie
Sierra Sunset
Sierra Thanks You! by ShinyMelanie
Sierra Thanks You!
Sierra Waterpolo by ShinyMelanie
Sierra Waterpolo
Sierra vs Kateri by ShinyMelanie
Sierra vs Kateri
Sierra School Photo by ShinyMelanie
Sierra School Photo
Sierra Halloween Dress up by ShinyMelanie
Sierra Halloween Dress up
Diving to Glory! by ShinyMelanie
Diving to Glory!
Sierra Gymnastics by ShinyMelanie
Sierra Gymnastics
Sierra Playing The Last of Us by ShinyMelanie
Sierra Playing The Last of Us
Sierra's Bedtime by ShinyMelanie
Sierra's Bedtime
Sun Bathing Sierra by ShinyMelanie
Sun Bathing Sierra
Day Dreaming Sierra by ShinyMelanie
Day Dreaming Sierra
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Leaping Rodents!
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Hi friends!  If you're looking for background info on Sierra, here it is :) It will be updated soon as her story is told through
's writing talent.

BG :

Born into a wealthy family, Sierra is an only child of two business oriented parents.  Her father was a CEO for one of the largest group of Investors while her mother was president of a university.  Her parents' success was her driving motivation to succeed like they have.  While it pains their parents that she puts all of her attention in becoming a professional athlete instead of school, they are at least proud that she does what she loves.  Both decided to retire early since the money was good and they had a lot of personal projects they've wanted to accomplish, such as traveling and spending time with their only daughter to whom they believe they've been neglecting.  Their first family project they've initiated was to go during summer vacation on a fancy cruise from Vancouver to Hawaii.  

The trip was incredible and Sierra made new friends and discovered sides of her she didn't know about, such as what it is to feel being in love.  But when tragedy hit three months later and she lost her father to disease, Sierra lost her sense of direction and the drive she had to make her family proud.  Her grades were failing, she became an easy target for bullies and she lost touch with a lot of her friends.  Her mother mourned the passing of her father in her own personal way, leaving Sierra to fend for herself for a little while.  But after seeing how much pain his departure has brought to the family, Sierra decided after a spiritually intense experience one night to take up the mantle and strive and honour her father's legacy and his final words to her.  "Follow your dreams and become the person you want to be."  Since then, Sierra has looked for new horizons and developed an inner wisdom to enjoy life as much as she can.

This change within Sierra made her very tough and competitive and has brought her to reach feats in sports unlike others.  Since the bullying situation wasn't resolving itself and the sport programs were now inferior to what Sierra was capable of, her mother decided to start a new life and enroll her daughter in Ridgewood Elementary in an Ontario town known for their excellent sports programs for middle school students.  Ridgewood was a change from night to day as Sierra made new friends and became known in the school rather rapidly for her success.  She led sport teams to victory and she won the favour of many.  This was critical for Sierra considering where she was in the stage of her life.  She lost a father figure but finds solace in her teachers, friends and their fathers.  The young mouse lived through a tragedy and still competes and strives to make her father proud, but it has also allowed Sierra to re-explore a time she remembers being the most happy.  It wasn't while she was playing on a court with a team that she was most happy, it was when she was having fun with a boy her age called Lucas on the Cruise Line from Vancouver to Hawaii. She was care free back then and she discovered sensations she didn't think she had with her daring and adventurous tendencies.  With how things are going and from what she sees in Ridgewood Elementary, Sierra  knows she can easily rediscover those feelings from the Cruise Line and continue to find her place in her new home and new school.  She hopes to one day get into contact with Lucas again but would understand if he finds a new girlfriend and considers his adventure with Sierra to be a simple temporary summer fling.  Sierra's smile has returned and while mature for her age, she can't help to continue to do things in order to fit in as her main desire is to please and be loved by those around her.  She wouldn't hurt a fly, until you put her in a competitive setting, especially in sports.  Victory is sweet, and her teammates have often times demonstrated how much they love running behind her tail when she's the one with the ball at her feet.

Now in Grade 7, the young 12 year old mouse is as happy as she can be.  Her friends before and after the tragedy allowed to help her find her sexuality and discover new feelings.  She can't help it if her frisky friends always seem to have perverted thoughts about their team captain.

The more recent news was her mother announcing Sierra her desire to adopt a daughter and to give Sierra a taste of what it would be like having a younger sister to look after.  She believes Sierra could be a great role model and waits for Sierra to give her opinion on it, since she would not go for it if she doesn't want to.

More information to come soon as Sierra is an ever growing character :)

Thank you to everybody who have contributed in bringing Sierra to life, you know who you are.  A more notable thank you to authors and artists.

In no particular order :

Thank you
for the countless pictures and representations of Sierra in her many adventures.

Thank you
for her concept and design.

Thank you
for including her in your projects and giving her your personal touch.

Thank you
for your take on Sierra in the shower.

Thank you
for your contributional art to Verb's story.

Thank you
for the honour and priviledge to have been asked for Sierra to take part in your Cruise story.  Everybody, go read it, it's incredible!

Thank you
for welcoming her so warm-heartedly into Ridgewood Elementary.  Her new life there will bring her much happiness and I know she'll be well taken cared of in your universe.

Thank you
for the unique gifts and your wonderful art including Sierra, you're a great friend.

Thank you
for the concept of Lucas!  Without him, Sierra could have not become the girl she is today.  Who knows, maybe fate will bring them to find one another again.

And the countless of others who have given me encouragement and positive remarks on the lovely mousie.
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2 months ago
i leik that simpsons gif tf. how'r you doing?
4 months, 2 weeks ago
hey mel, where youve been lately? hope yur okay. B-)
5 months, 2 weeks ago
Hi! I saw the new image you commissioned. Pretty awesome.
5 months, 3 weeks ago
Hey gorgeous! <3 Long time no talk... I miss you! :'3
Here's to hoping we can catch up soon. *shep-coon hugs*
7 months, 1 week ago
hey mel, aogami is making another commission this month. any cool ideas you hav for him? ^_^
9 months, 1 week ago
Bonjour lá-bas! je n'ai pas entendu de toi en peu plus longtemps. J'espère que tu vas bien jusqu'ici. Est-ce que tu as vu l'image que j'ai laissé dessiner pour toi? Comment est-ce que tu la trouves? Ce serait bien d'écrire à nouveau avec toi. Tu sais, tu peux me joindre à Skype. À bientôt!
10 months ago
so, any tf commissions lately? if so, why not request chars that R barefoot cuz shoes R overrated, yes? B-)
1 year ago
howz it going lately? ^_^
1 year, 1 month ago
did U get my reply I gave you yesterday? i think it may show only on my page.
1 year, 1 month ago
i luvs your commissions from aogami & make sure he draw them tail growths looowwweeerrr. XD
1 year, 2 months ago
Happy Birthday :3
1 year, 11 months ago
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