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Coils and Hypnosis: Kaa and 'Lil Neko by KnightRayjack
Coils and Hypnosis: Kaa and 'Lil Neko
(No journals)
Coils and Hypnosis: Kaa and 'Lil Neko by KnightRayjack
Coils and Hypnosis: Kaa and 'L...
angry furry dude in the jungle  by Whippy
angry furry dude in the jungle...
by Whippy
Dream #1 by Whippy
Dream #1
by Whippy
Wabbit Kick by Whippy
Wabbit Kick
by Whippy
DuckTales Model Sheet by Whippy
DuckTales Model Sheet
by Whippy
Scrooge by Neenya
by Neenya
Hippy frog by Scales4sale
Hippy frog
Bullfrog Commission by Bullfrog
Bullfrog Commission
by Bullfrog
One Green Frog by IGAKattack
One Green Frog
Leaves by Christaphorac
"Hey, Buster, why don't you get down from there, buddy?" by Christaphorac
"Hey, Buster, why don't you ge...
Lance's first game - All tuckered out - FBA - Alphas  by rourkie
Lance's first game - All tucke...
by rourkie
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Hi! I'm Shai, a non-anthro Goose (and feral Raptor :)
I'm an avian furry and want to chat and meet like minded and open-minded people. ^^

What I like:

- Friendly, intelligent, interesting, "fun to hang out with" people, soulmates :)
- Beautiful weather
- Good food (I like to cook :)
- I love going to the zoo, cinemas (small suburban cinamas rock!) , walking through the city (old city parts rock! :), going out to the restaurants, cafés, bars, playing table tennis, sometimes bowling, and riding by bicycle through the beautiful landscape around here on a regular basis when the weather is fine! :)
- I'd love to learn riding horses :)

What I don't like:

I'm not a lounge lizard (or goose), so I usually don't go to clubs, parties etc, I prefer meeting with and talking to friends in private which always works perfectly :)
People with the following "features" ;) Arrogant, unfriendly, short-tempered, easily bothered, annoyed, envious/jealous etc

Looking forward to meeting friendly furries, avians and scalies on IB. Cheers! *honk* :)
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8 years, 1 month ago
Hey there! Thank you for the compliment ;)
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