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Sidney the Rottweiler (Also RP Opportunity) by Reyalsendre
Sidney the Rottweiler (Also RP Opportunity)
Reyalsendre on Inkbunny
Hi, I'm Reyalsendre! I love Sonic, and I love detailed and quality roleplaying so I want to combine them with you! I have had many quality Sonic RPs in the past, but recently it seems that people who...
2 years, 3 months ago
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Sidney the Rottweiler (Also RP Opportunity) by Reyalsendre
Sidney the Rottweiler (Also RP...
IDW Sonic problem with morals by KrazyELF
IDW Sonic problem with morals
by KrazyELF
City of Gold? by Tahlian
City of Gold?
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Femknuckles by DimeHeist
by DimeHeist
Gold Dust by Shadowwalk
Gold Dust
Metalia the Hawkmoth - Commission by OgTheCarrot
Metalia the Hawkmoth - Commiss...
Inku the Shiba Inu by DXXK
Inku the Shiba Inu
The Color of Light & Shadow by Norithics
The Color of Light & Shadow
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Rougified Tails by Frost-Lock by MemoryAfterDark
Rougified Tails by Frost-Lock
Curse of the WereBitch by WhiteWhiskey
Curse of the WereBitch
Jet's New Treasure by WhiteWhiskey
Jet's New Treasure
Sonic! This time there's no way outta marrying me! by SMPTHEHEDGEHOG
Sonic! This time there's no wa...
Hey, the name's Auburn! by BlaccAuburn
Hey, the name's Auburn!
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If you are interested in detailed Sonic Roleplaying, add me on Discord! I will post my RP rules here and then my Discord underneath them, if you attempt to add me then I will assume you have read my rules!



RULE 1: These RPs will be on my discord, if you get confirmed, I will note you with my Discord.

RULE 2: I expect detailed responses, if you are transforming into an animal I want to see you animate the animal you have become as your new body would come with new instincts and such. I want several lines as a response and I will do my best to reciprocate. I also do not appreciate single sentence responses.     - I will list the sort of responses I am and am not looking for.

- I am not looking for:

Anything in script format, sorry but I feel like most people that use script either use it as a crutch to write less or are not as experienced at roleplaying, if you fall into either of these categories I am sorry but I am not going to accept you.

- I am not looking for:

"He looked at the thing" - Gives nothing to work from.

- I am not looking for:

"He looked at the thing, wondering why it was there..." - A good starting sentence but still gives nothing to work from.

- I am not looking for:

"He looked at the thing, wondering why it was there... So many thoughts racing across his mind." - adds characterisation but there still isn't really anything meaningful from it.

- I am looking for:

"He looked at the thing, wondering why it was there... So many thoughts racing across his mind. What could have brought this thing here? What was its purpose? This thing was very mysterious and he had never seen anything like it before! He would approach slowly and carefully since he had no clue what this thing could do and thus needed to make sure he wouldn't be caught by surprise. Little did he know that his fate was sealed the moment he came across the thing.."

- Now this is great, it gives insight to the thought processes of the character and makes it interesting to see how he will react to his changes! Anything around this or longer will pretty much guarantee that I will be interested.

RULE 3: If you have a problem or questions feel free to let me know.

RULE 4: I reserve the right to end the RP without notification, I will most likely let you know however.

RULE 5: No scat/ABDL, feet, tickle or vore fetishes and I am not comfortable with same-sex pairings .(includes Futa, Dickgirls and C*ntboys)

RULE 6: If you have read these rules then you will type 'I HAVE READ THE RULES', If this is not in your first comment then you will be asked to read the rules until you type it out.

RULE 7: Have fun, I don't enjoy an RP if only one of us is getting something out of it.

RULE 8: I will be asking for an example of your typical RP response.

RULE 9: These RPs will be 18+ and have such content in them, if you don't want that then I am not the RPer for you

If you have read these rules and can agree to them, then my discord is Reyalsendre#4620
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Fur Affinity
4 months, 3 weeks ago
Thank you for the watch, glad you like my work :)
7 months ago
Thanks for watching.
1 year, 2 months ago
Not at the moment, sorry
1 year, 9 months ago
Not really, sorry
1 year, 10 months ago
Thanks for watching! ^^
2 years ago
Thanks for everything!
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