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Koron Request: Harko by JacobMace
Koron Request: Harko
The Worst Vacation Ever
I recently got back from what has got to be the worst vacation I've ever been on in my life. A few weeks ago, my mom convinced me to go with her down south to North Carolina to visit some relatives a...
8 years, 2 months ago
Still Alive
Hey, everybody. Yep, I'm still alive. It's been a long time since I've done a journal so I figured even if I don't have a whole lot to go into that it would be good of me to at least make my continued...
8 years, 4 months ago
Halfway Homeless
How's it going, everybody? Long time, no journal, huh? Quite a bit has changed for me since my last journal. For starters, I no longer have a home technically. Things finally blew up at my house so I'...
8 years, 5 months ago
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Koron Request: Harko by JacobMace
Koron Request: Harko
Alone in the Rain (TT Concept - 19 colored) by JacobMace
Alone in the Rain (TT Concept ...
Fates of the Seasons (TT Concept - 22) by JacobMace
Fates of the Seasons (TT Conce...
TT Concept - 21 - Thrall Concept by JacobMace
TT Concept - 21 - Thrall Conce...
TT Concept - 20 - Foothills of Rahm 2 by JacobMace
TT Concept - 20 - Foothills of...
TT Concept - 19 by JacobMace
TT Concept - 19
TT Concept - 18 by JacobMace
TT Concept - 18
TT Concept - 17 - Foothills of Rahm by JacobMace
TT Concept - 17 - Foothills of...
TT Concept - 16 by JacobMace
TT Concept - 16
TT Concept - 15 by JacobMace
TT Concept - 15
TT Concept - 14 by JacobMace
TT Concept - 14
TT Concept - 13 by JacobMace
TT Concept - 13
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Art Trade: Hunterbahamut 2 by JacobMace
Art for others
Art I've done for other people. Anything including gifts, art trades, commissions, etc.
11 submissions
TT Concept - 1 by JacobMace
TT Concept - 2 by JacobMace
TT Concept - 3 by JacobMace
TT Concept Art
A series of conceptual art for a project I'm currently working on.
23 submissions
Juna Autumntail by JacobMace
May Autumntail by JacobMace
Derp Dalken by JacobMace
Demordicai Diamonds Character Art
Non-comic art with characters from the Demordicai Diamonds cast in it.
49 submissions
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RD: Sweetie Belle by Mhedgehog21
RD: Sweetie Belle
Commission 4: Harem Overload by Dreamkeepers
Commission 4: Harem Overload
Cute Couple (by Slushie-Nyappy-Paws) by Zeikcied
Cute Couple (by Slushie-Nyappy...
by Zeikcied
Halloween Jack 'o Lantern Icon 2011 by Clemikou by OreoClarity
Halloween Jack 'o Lantern Icon...
My name is Jacob Mace. I'm an artist from the state of Ohio struggling to make ends meet all the while dealing
with my crazy and often troublesome family. I've been an artist since I was a little and it's something I enjoy doing very much. In addition to art, I also enjoy storytelling. Through comics, I can tell many stories that I've had in my head for years.

Comic work is usually a little challenging for me but I've gotten quite a bit better since I first started. I've been away from doing comic work for a while now unfortunately but I'm slowly gearing up for my biggest comic project yet, learning from the setbacks and mistakes of my previous one. I hope to someday soon do have the finished script done for the first three chapters but until then, there's plenty of art left for me to get out of my head and on to paper!

I am open for commissions as I currently have a good deal of time to work on them. If you have any questions on what I will or won't draw, feel free to ask. I can also do comics but my prices will vary based on the complexity of the work and the number of pages. Prices for comics will be worked out on an individual project basis.

Commission Prices:

Sketch - $5.00

Colored - $10.00

Comics - Prices will be worked out on an individual project basis.
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Fur Affinity
10 years, 10 months ago
thank you much for the fav
11 years, 1 month ago
Welcome to Ink Bunny fellow comic creator. :)
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