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Flying High by BlueMysteryWolf
Flying High
Monthly Update (February 2021)
I still can't spell out February easily. Anyways, I've been a bit slow this month. There's been...a bit more IRL drama than usual. A small example is freezing pipes, lots of money, and people at home...
3 months, 3 weeks ago
Monthly Update (Jan 2021)
Well, the first of the year was uh, definitely interesting. Totally not behind. Nope. Not me at all. Okay I'm missing a few stories I'm still working on that are due, and I promise to have them done ...
4 months, 3 weeks ago
Doing a Lunar Calendar for this month!
Commission wise, I'm changing things up a bit with a lunar calendar. Check it out if you want me to write something for you: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/39890418/
5 months, 2 weeks ago
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Flying High by BlueMysteryWolf
Flying High
Horse Fever by BlueMysteryWolf
Horse Fever
Gender Identity by BlueMysteryWolf
Gender Identity
Swimming with the fishes by BlueMysteryWolf
Swimming with the fishes
Long Cat by BlueMysteryWolf
Long Cat
Safe For Work by BlueMysteryWolf
Safe For Work
Mistranslation by BlueMysteryWolf
Roo's Day by BlueMysteryWolf
Roo's Day
Online Regression by BlueMysteryWolf
Online Regression
YCHtober Day 14: Giant by BlueMysteryWolf
YCHtober Day 14: Giant
Vaporeon Rush by BlueMysteryWolf
Vaporeon Rush
YCH Day 2: Fairy by BlueMysteryWolf
YCH Day 2: Fairy
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Japanese Exchange by BlueMysteryWolf
Wonderous Order of the Wolpertinger by BlueMysteryWolf
Mistranslation by BlueMysteryWolf
Male to Female
The man becomes the woman.
75 submissions
Vaporeon Rush by BlueMysteryWolf
Stories not on my website
Because of copyright reasons I don't post all the stories on my website. You can find them here though!
23 submissions
Roo's Day by BlueMysteryWolf
Mistranslation by BlueMysteryWolf
Safe For Work by BlueMysteryWolf
2021 Stories
Insert a clever description of the year here.
40 submissions
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Most of the time, I won't post a 'thanks' if you favorite or watch me. Rest assured though, I love all the favorites and comments about my work, I'm just too lazy to respond to it all. #Honesty I may also go by, or people may also refer to me, as Myu.

Want me to work for you? Commission me! Send me a message for details when I have an open slot.
Or we could skip the work part and you could just pay me. Either way, really.
(Before asking me to do some writing, check out this page here: https://mysterysden.com/verified/commissioninfo

Various Links:
https://mysterysden.com Personal Website. 100% ad free. | https://www.patreon.com/mysterywolf Patreon. Cause I like Money. | http://ko-fi.com/mysterywolf Ko-Fi Stuff. Cause I still like money.


Not accepting. Unless it's friends.


Current Commissions:

Story Commissions:

Check my website for commission information.

About Me

I do love to RP and would be more than eager to try it with people. In particular...I can play villains rather well.
https://www.f-list.net/c/myu%20dalimo/ Visit my F-List page for details!

I'm a terrible artist, though excellent writer.


What I will write about:

See "What I won't write about", as I am very open about most things, EXCEPT what I won't write about.

Most stories will include Transformation, as that's what I often enjoy. There aren't many limitations as to what kinds (except with what I won't write about)
Examples of what I will write about include, but are not limited to:
-Weight Gain, including slob traits.
-Mental Changes (Hypnosis or otherwise)
-Gender Transformation (MTF, FTM, ETC.)
-Shrinking. Or growing.
-Inanimate transformation.
-General Safe For Work or Not Safe For Work.

If you're curious, ask. I make sure to respond to anyone and everyone when it comes to notes, even if it takes me some time.

Yeah. I'm like Ringo Starr. Except with the whole "Lots of money" and "Popular" part. And the talent. And the looks.
...I respond to people is what I'm getting at.

What I won't write about:

-Any content involving "Real" religion. Fake religions are fine. I do not feel comfortable writing about real ones.

-Blood, death, violence, things of that nature.

-Mature situations for people under 18. I will gladly de-age a character under 18, I will however, not put them in mature situations.

- You can check my F-List page to get a better idea. Anything in my 'no' list I simply will not write, with extremely few exceptions. (One being Myu being a sub. That's for high roller Patreons only.)

-Science Fiction, specifically futuristic settings. (Think Star Wars, Star Trek, that sort of stuff) I'm just not good at writing these kinds of things.

-Babyplay. I will use diapers and the scat and the ilk, not so much treating characters like an infant.

-Incest. Personal reasons.

-I will change Feral into anthro and human, however they will not be put into sexual situations. Human and anthro may go feral, but will not be put in sexual situations unless with another human/anthro that was turned feral. Time skips and 'implied' mating are allowed, but no explicit scenes of it.

-Certain franchises. There are some franchises I just don't want to write about. This is fairly limited and specific though. Right now it's like...three. Three franchises. Out of millions.

-Other things that may be added over time. 6+ billion people in the world I know there's some oddly specific things I wouldn't really want to deal with. This is likely few and far between though.
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Fur Affinity
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