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Would You Always Trust This Sign? by wild1
Would You Always Trust This Sign?
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Would You Always Trust This Sign? by wild1
Would You Always Trust This Si...
Merry Christmas 2017 by wild1
Merry Christmas 2017

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Chapter 1 Marker by wild1
Chapter 2 Marker by wild1
Chapter 3 Marker by wild1
Chapter Markers
This pool is where the chapter markers are isolated together in numerical order. This eliminates the need of scrolling through the scraps to find them after a time more things are added.
21 submissions
Profile Greeting for This Account by wild1

 Because I am very seldom logged into this account, a PM or shout left here could go for months before I am ever aware of it.

is my main account, which I am most active on...I am Moyomongoose.
Any communication can be left on my Moyomongoose account.                  

I have other accounts on this site. The scraps section in this account is where I am storing my text insets that are applied by means of BB Code tags.
There is some artwork from time to time I upload to the main gallery from this account.

Anything that is in the scraps, and in pools, of this account is offered as fair use. I've given permission to anyone who chooses to use anything in the scraps and pools they want to use.

However, permission for fair use does not apply to anything that appears in the main gallery of this account, unless it also appears in scraps.
Fair use permission pertaining to this account applies only to things that are in scraps and in pools...or if it appears in both scraps and main gallery.
(Nothing from the main gallery of this account is in pools anyway)

If you find something that appears in both scraps and in the main gallery, you may use it, but not if it appears in the main gallery only and nowhere else.
Bottom line is, if you see it in scraps and pools of this account, you may use it.

If you want to give me a fave or a watch on this account, you may. I will thank you from my Moyomongoose account upon noticing it.

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