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@islandrazor Unfortunately I know how this feels far too well. A week with very little to none sleep because of my… https://twitter.com/i/web/status/1194682726684798977
5 days, 3 hrs ago
Gona take a brake
I'm going to take a brake from my upload schedule. At the moment I'm "remastering" a book from myself. By "remaster" I mean rewriting about 1/5 to 1/4 of the 150 pages. This is necessary because I di...
8 months, 3 weeks ago
[ENG/GER] Not just a Pet get's delayed! Nicht einfach nur ein Haustier kommt später als geplant!
*ENG* Sorry but I just now finished the translation and so I haven't even started the work on the character sheet. Sorry but it will take some time ;( *GER* Tut mir leid aber da ich erst heute mit ...
11 months, 3 weeks ago
That is just my profile were I post stuff. I won't follow anybody on this account but I might do it with my personal. ;)

Little FAQ:

Who are you?

Hi my Name is Marcel. I'm the friendly otter from next door and I'm from Germany.
I'm 20 years old and I'm Bi

OK what are you doing?

I write stories about anything that crosses my mind. My goal is to write not just a quick fap story. I'm trying to tell a entire story and give my stories a deep law. It sounds maybe strange but you should get an idea what I mean if you read one of my stories. Oh and I love drama and I can't get my hands of it.

What are your "kicks"?

Oh a lot of things ;) There are just a few things that I don't like. That is: Fatal Vore (non fatal is totally fine) Snuff, death and heavy gore. Of cause, people can die in my stories but that is not the kick. More like a way to dramatize a story. So apart from that pretty much anything can be happening: scat, watersports, diapers, rapes, cubs, etc.

What makes your stories special?

I would say my mix of science and fantasy. In real life, I am a scientist (kind of) so I try to find reasonable explanations for the things that happens. I normally don't just say "for some magical reason" and I only do this if I don't find an explanation. Oh and sometimes, it can get a bit more scientific.

Why are you writing in two languages?

I don't see German stories very often on Inkbunny and I thought I might try it and see if anybody is interested. This might change soon or later because it is hard work and that time I can't continue to write.

Dude you’re writing is sooo bad (grammar and spelling)

Yep sorry about that. I'm diagnosed with a spelling weakness and even through the correction of Word and Google docs there are some errors. Reason 2 would be that English isn't my native language. Like I said I'm from Germany and so my native language is German (but my writing isn't relay better in German ;P)

And you write Stories.... with a spelling weakness?

Yeah I know, ironic isn't it? I just see that writing is my only way to be creative. I can't draw at all and I don't think that I have the voice for an audio book thing. Writing is my only way to relax and it helped me with a huge depression.

Ok so what are your upload schedules?

I try to upload every 2-3 Weeks. Sorry but I can't be any more precise or faster. Now I have very much free time and I write almost every day but of cause, it takes time. In addition, the correcting of the text is very annoying, too.

Can I talk with you or are there any other methods of communicating with you?

There are some options:
1. Just send me a PM via Inkbunny. Normally I'm online every day and so it is very likely that I read your Massage.
2. Send me an E-Mail. But I don't check my mails every day... more like one a week. So maybe not that recommended.
3. Add me on Discord. Right now also not the Ideal method to contact me but this could change if I head a reason to check discord more often.
4. Follow me on Twitter. I check my twitter once a day or more (at lest every 2 days).
5. Just write a comment under one of my uploads. Normally I answer questions quickly.
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thebluestorm #7488
7 months ago
Hey =^~°= *meows*

i wish you a perfect start to Easter weekend *hugs*
enjoy the beautiful beginning of spring <3
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