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The Mark of Maximus (Episode 6)

Commission - Gus Up and Out
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Gavin played by TK Adler.

The script is posted below!

Keep in mind that I, Buddy Tippet, also am an author of some very dirty books published on Amazon in paperback and Kindle.

Click here for a list of all of my books!

Enjoy the show!



Narrator: For many days I was granted a reprieve from my nightmares. I, as a matter of verity, had no dreams at all. The story of Daxter and his evils, at least for a time, felt as if they had drifted away into the deepest recesses of Hell. I thought perhaps the demon which had plagued my sleep had abandoned me, and if that be the case, then good riddance. I dearly desired a respite [Pronounced Reh’-Spit] from the likes of the goat man Daxter, the horrible rat known as Miremouth, and their fat god called Maximus.

[Long pause as music fades into dark ambi]

It was not but six days that I was given reprieve and at the end of those six days I was, once more, assailed by the nightmares. I did not expect them, for I thought they had been somehow banished from my mind. I fell into my bed, closed my eyes, and soon... I found myself standing in a room that I had never seen prior.

[Dark ambi /slowly/ fades to a room with a ticking clock]

Daxter stood before me. His hair was unkempt. The look in his eyes was that of pain and suffering. His lips moved, but I could not hear what he was saying. But then I realized that his words were not meant for me. I turned... and there I beheld an old dog wearing a pair of spectacles. As he leaned upon his work-desk, I soon heard him speak.

Gavin: [Calm and proper] How long have you been afflicted by this anomaly?

Daxter: [Struggling through pain] It... It just appeared on my hand as I slept last night. <Pained gasp> It burns like it's on fire.

Gavin: It certainly seems that way.

Daxter: [Pained] Gavin, your reputation proceeds you. I knew of no other person to come to.

Gavin: You're a student of Maximus?

Daxter: [Pained but with conviction] Maximus is my all. All that I do, I do in his name for my own pleasure.

Gavin: Ah, very good. Let me see the afflicted hand.

Daxter: [Pained] Look at it. I know nothing of its origins.

Gavin: Hmmm~

Daxter: <Pained grunt>

Gavin: Very interesting. Let me just get my magnifying glass.

[Drawer open. Item rustle.]

Daxter: <Pained sigh>

Gavin: [Calm and casual much like a doctor checking out a patient] Ah... that's much better. Indeed, I have seen this symbol before.

Daxter: [Pained and frustrated] What the hell is it?

Gavin: [Calm and casual] Oh, it's clearly a Triskelion.

Daxter: [Pained] A what?

Gavin: That's what it is. A Triskelion. It's one of the few symbols associated with the fat rat. I think I have an edition of his book that has a similar looking symbol.

[Multiple Page Turns]

Gavin: Mmhmm. Right here. Almost the same one that's on your hand.


Daxter: [More curious than pained. Said to himself] A triskelion... [Pause] Gavin... Why have I been marked? <Painful gasp> [Pained and irritated] And why does it sting?

Gavin: Admittedly what you are going through is quite the rarity. Most of his servants, me included, never experience what you are going through. [Pause] Think of it like... a branding of sorts.

Daxter: [Pained] Maximus... Maximus branded me?

Gavin: You should be honored. He has chosen you as one of his most blessed. No doubt you have done something recently that has added you to his pride. He desires you as one of his own.

Daxter: [Pained] But the sting...

Gavin: It should wear off soon.

Daxter: <Pained grunt>

Gavin: Mister Daxter... This may be our first meeting, but you are not unknown within this land. It has fallen upon some ears that a goat from the hand of Hedon had suddenly come across an abundance of wealth. We've noticed you.

Daxter: You want something of me?

Gavin: Don't we all? Wouldn't anyone want something of the blessed?

Daxter: Then what do you want?

Gavin: Only to assist you. Take me into your confidence. I have studied well the book of Maximus. I can assist you on the path to hedonism. Have I not already proven myself by interpreting the Triskelion for you?

[Long pause]

Daxter: [Calmly] It no longer hurts me.


Gavin: Had I not said so?

[Long Pause]

Daxter: If I am to take you into my home... [Pause] What shall your title be?


Gavin: Hmm... I shall be your interpreter.


Daxter: And would being my interpreter please you?

Gavin: Absolutely. It shall suit my interest perfectly. I'd even go so far as to call it a personal... /pleasure./

Daxter: Make the arrangements to have your office moved into my estate.

Gavin: [Light and friendly chuckle] At once.

[Slow music fading in while the room and clock fades out]

Narrator: I felt trapped. I realized that I was asleep, but I was unable to wake back up. I stood within the room and bore witness to the contract that had been formed. [Pause] That symbol. The goat man had been branded. He had been blessed by Maximus himself. //What did it all mean? I had no choice but to keep watching... and listening as this terrible story unfolded before my very eyes.

[Fade and end.]

male 803,859, canine 117,491, dog 107,495, goat 13,339, man 11,749, pain 4,089, drama 2,995, old 1,947, audio 1,061, sound 836, voice 468, branding 284, divine 183, themes 42, maximus 40, hedonism 16
Type: Music - Single Track
Published: 2 weeks ago
Rating: Mature

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