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Santos (Albion) Character Sheet
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Dream (Albion) Character Sheet

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Character Sheet for Yume Chō
Dream / Dreamer
Varies throughout the series. First appears as a preteen, then later as a teenager and then a man in his 20's. All of which are in flash backs so he's likely to be in his 50's or 60's by now.
Character Description
Dream is blind and a master of Tai Chi and Wing Chun. He can hear people's movements through the air and counter their attacks effortlessly. This essentially gives him 3D vision allowing him to be aware of things behind him so he's never caught off guard. However since his vision is based on sound he has a limited distance he can see without something actually making a noise. His movements are very smooth and flowing and appear very gentle though he actually has rather strong attacks. The smoothness of his movements make him appear slow but in reality he's rather quick. His main form of attack is truly devastating holds that wrench joints and break bones. His biggest foe is Orig who can cut through the air without tearing it making his moves silent.
a very pretty boy and very good at social manipulation he often likes to control women who fancy him by trapping them socially. other than that and his obnoxious big headed pride as a fighter though he's morally aligned for good. He's generally very calm and gentle and relaxing to be around and always keeps his cool. He's very humble and lives an honest hard-working life doing chores for people in exchange for a place to stay. However secretly he's very big-headed and arrogant. He's always on the move so tends not to make long term friends however he defends those who can't protect themselves and respects honest hard-working people. However he may not act immediately if he sees someone in danger and likes to gauge the situation first before acting to have the most devastating affect on his enemies. Make no mistake however because his vengeance is relentless. Despite his calm nature he often solves problems with violence all the time with a pleasant smile on his face.
likes showing off, being a hero and being challenged, dislikes arrogant people, bullies and having his honor insulted
Dream grew up in Kret and encountered Tai at an early age, mistaking him for Versus. After having a childish fascination with the person he eventually got bored of them. However before that point his village was attacked by bandits and wanting to be like his hero Dream stood up to them and was blinded when they struck him in the back of the head. Having to learn to cope with his blindness Dream sought tuition from a local Tai Chi master and became so good at the art of Tai Chi and Wing Chun he acquired the title "the untouchable" due to his ability to deflect any attacks effortlessly. While Drako was taking a detour through Kret he encountered Dream and recognized him as an "interesting person" meaning someone who was a very skilled fighter. Dream later gathered up a large amount of prize money from fighting in competitions and used it to build an extravagant manor house made entirely from polished white marble and some land inside a forested area. In the meantime a race of giant spiders with human-level intelligence had been all but wiped out and removed from their home so that some humans in the area could build a road through their territory. Erika Kade, the lone survivor of the spiders escaped and wandered through the forest before eventually coming across the marble house and decided to make her home there killing whoever lived inside. However Dream turned out to be a formidable foe and ran rings around Ellie. Impressing and seducing her with his smooth movements Dream took Erika as his wife which tormented her mentally as she couldn't resist no matter how hard she tried. They went on to have a child called Princess but after that the series doesn't show what happened next. Princess later appears alone in the ruins of a town that the invading humans build in the spiders' territory under the name Princess Butterfly, "Butterfly" being the English translation of her surname. She claims to be the official tenant of the land due to her people being there first and the humans had no right to kick them out.
Dream's family were killed when he was young and he's moved from place to place since so he has no real sense of family in terms of parents or siblings. He later married Erika Kade and had a child named Princess.
Albion is a generally fantasy themed world with some elements of modern day and science fiction. Dream lives in the region of Kret which is themed on Feudal Japan and Ancient China.
Japanese American mixed race with pale skin, bleach blonde, bright baby blue eyes. very fair of face and has a subtle muscular tone.
white vest, white cotton gloves, white cloth shoes, baby blue baggy long sleeve shirt, baby blue baggy pants.
usually doesn't carry any items
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Published: 2 years, 4 months ago
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2 years, 2 months ago
this guy is a wonder to watch
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