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My Characters- No stealing!
12 submissions
Sear the Fire Elemental by KatPanikku
Nexus the Water Elemental by KatPanikku
Corpus Necrus the Strigoi by KatPanikku
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Sonic finds himself kidnapped by Scourge, brought to Moebius, and sold into slavery.
23 submissions
Collar (SmnP6) by KatPanikku
Scissors (SmnP7) by KatPanikku
Deep (SmnP8) by KatPanikku
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A “what if” where Mephiles the Dark survives the ending of Sonic 06’ and is victorious in seeking revenge against the heroes who stopped him.
9 submissions
Mephiles’s Latex Revenge by KatPanikku
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Male Pairings
6 submissions
Share...? by KatPanikku
Forgiveness by KatPanikku
Bring my Soul Light by KatPanikku
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30 submissions
Intober Kinktober #1: Hole by KatPanikku
Kinktober #4: Tree by KatPanikku
Inktober Kinktober #8: Oops by KatPanikku
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Any Sonic the Hedgehog character tied, chained, restrained or contained
6 submissions
Tape Trap Badnik by KatPanikku
You Forgot, Sonic! by KatPanikku
Almost Got It by KatPanikku
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Any of my OC characters bound or tied
2 submissions
Like Candy? by KatPanikku
Rocking Horse by KatPanikku
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Sonic & Amy pairings
4 submissions
Classics see grown-up Amy by KatPanikku
Jealous of an Emerald by KatPanikku
Love by KatPanikku
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