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Non story linear short comics.
12 submissions
Rusty's Nightmare P.1 by Germees
Topper by Germees
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Chapter 2 Behind the Lens's Revival
61 submissions
BtL2.1 by Germees
BtL2.2 by Germees
BtL2.3 by Germees
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The older unfinished chapter 2.
16 submissions
Behind the Lens: 2.1 by Germees
Behind the Lens: 2.2 by Germees
Behind the Lens: 2.3 by Germees
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17 submissions
Style Update- Germees! by Germees
Shoot 2- teaser 2 by Germees
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Chapter 1 Behind the Lens.
73 submissions
Behind the Lens Page 5 by Germees
Behind the Lens Page 6 by Germees
Behind the Lens Page 10 by Germees
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First chapter of the new comic: R.P.G.  With the main hero: J'rar.  This takes a new twist on the RPG genre and hopefully a humorous one!  Follow along as he walks blindly, unaware of his future.
10 submissions
RPG.1.1 by Germees
RPG.1.3 by Germees
RPG.1.2 by Germees
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Newest Comic in the batch and in the works.  Wing Eight follows 7 students and a professor watching over them as they each overcome individual ordeals as they find their path in life.
2 submissions
Wing Eight Cast (lined) by Germees
Wing Eight Cast-Released! by Germees
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