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Just like it says. Safe stuff.
175 submissions
Lucario Spanked by boyninja12
Spankings 2 the Spankening by boyninja12
Life of 5-Volt 3 by boyninja12
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Here be art, there be lewds.
1159 submissions
Agni Son of Bowser and Floof 2 by boyninja12
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Place where I bitch and review dumb things. Whee.
38 submissions
Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood Review by boyninja12
Lunar Dragon Song Review by boyninja12
Paper Mario Sticker Star Review by boyninja12
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This is voicing for lewd things for your sins. I can only voice one person though... Sorry. I'm just one guy.
304 submissions
Sonic X Listener Kiss by boyninja12
My Struggles by boyninja12
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Stories I make sometimes.
134 submissions
Cream Spanked by boyninja12
Bowser's Inside Story Alternate Ending by boyninja12
Dimentio's Horrible Realization by boyninja12
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My more... personal stuff.
8 submissions
Jake Tired by boyninja12
Worst Roleplays EVER by boyninja12
Anxiety given Form (AKA: Me.) by boyninja12
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Just some dumb thing I have in my head.
5 submissions
Gadget the Wolf Ace Attorney by boyninja12
Victim: Ashton Maxwell by boyninja12
Culprit/Witness: Ignis Savage by boyninja12
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Something I do for fun.
98 submissions
Kirby Superstar "Meta Knight Battle" Remastered by boyninja12
Kirby Superstar "Revenge of Meta Knight Ending" Remastered by boyninja12
Lufia 2 Rise of the Sinistrals "Battle" Remastered by boyninja12
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