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trying to catch up with the updated pictures now that work allows time for that.
5 years ago
*** Project Update: Status ***
Hey everyone, its been ages, things kinda took a massively turn at the end of 2014 for me, pretty much losing touch with almost everything over 2015. However, things are going well again and I finally...
5 years, 10 months ago
Update to the Gallery
I will be updating the IB gallery till its up to date, enjoy the ride folks, new images will be updated here as well. Current List #88 Grimer (Ooze Male) #89 Muk (Ooze female) ---- #90 Shellder (Vi...
7 years, 2 months ago
Hello, and welcome to Bluepaw's Pokedex of Pokesmecks. Here, you can watch his attempt to draw and anthroize every pokemon on the active list, as well as maybe other pokemon works as well, isn't that fun?

Some Rules and Information

DI = Inked
DC = Digital Coloring
VC = Viewers Choice
IP = In Progress

Gender based pokemon will be focus'd on their gender mainly, but there may be room for a swing.

Expect varying sizes from slinder to chunky, hyper to normal, or mutliple characters, depending on my mood.

Want to HELP out with future pictures, here is a list, simply PM me with a 1 for male, 2 female, or 3 for herm by each one and all of them will be tallied at the end of the next image cycle. IF YOU DO NOT PM ME OR REPLY IN THE JOURNAL YOUR VOTE WILL NOT BE COUNTED.

#83 Farfetch'd - #84 Doduo - #85 Dodrio - # 87 Dewgong - #90 Shellder - #91 Gastly - #98 Krabby - #99 Kingler - #102 Exeggcute

Just remember, this is a silent count voting, even if you put your responce in the journal, all votes are not represented in it. To keep the surprise of what the next morph will be, keep that in mind.

Please note: I do NOT want messages about balancing or posting more of one type, images are updated as I see fit for the character. If you want to affect how a character turns out as a gender, Keep an eye out for the listing I request.

If I get no notes about it then they will be subject to my own taste. I am primarily a MALE artist, but i do females as well, so if you want to see more females, you need to follow the directions for upcoming pokemon that are requested.

Remember, do not give suggestions on what they should be doing, how they should look, and do not reply with them in this journal and no recommendations about Pokemon in later regions, I don't care, your responses will be ignored, If I sound like an ass so be it =P I am doing this out of sheer enjoyment, not as a request panel. Why won't I listen to suggestions? because it aggravates me and everyone wants their 2 cents.. so again I don't care, just follow the above guidelines concerning voting.

Currently in the Works:

#59 Arcanine - (Male) - (In Progress) - (DC)
#60 Poliwag - (Female) - (In Progress) - (DI)
#61 Poliwhirl - (Male) - (In Progress) - (DI)
#62 Poliwrath - (Hyper Muscle Male) - (In Progress) - (DC)
#63 Abra - (Male) - (Viewers Choice)  -  (DC)
#64 Kadabra - (Female) - (Viewers Choice)
#65 Alakazam - (Male) - (Viewers Choice)
#66, #67, #68 - Machop, Machoke, and Machamp - (Male) - (DC)
#69 Bellsprout - (Female)
#70 Weepinbell - (Male)
#71 Victreebel - (Herm)
#72 Tentacool - (Male) - (Viewers Choice)
#73 Tentacruel - (Herm) - (Viewers Choice)
#74 Geodude - (Male)
#75 Graveler - (Male)
#76 Golem - (Female)
#77 Ponyta - (Male) - (Viewers Choice)
#78 Rapidash - (Male) -  (Viewers Choice)
#79 Slowpoke - (Herm)
#80 Slowbro - (Male)
#81 Magnemite - (Herm) - (Viewers Choice)
#82 Magneton - (Male) - (Viewers Choice)
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