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New year not starting off too well

Well here we are the eighth day into the new year and I have already had a very bad chest cold and stomach virus, I was feeling pretty good today so I decided to finish working on the brake job that I have been doing on my car my little gray 92 Saturn sports coupe SC, I had already bought the caliper and the caliper holder came in today *jumps up and down and shout for joy* (NOT!!!!!)

Well let's see the horror story behind the brake job on my the little car begins before I bought it, seems that my car originally came from the upper part of Texas where it snows the brake caliper assembly for the right rear wheel was rusted pretty badly the part that holds the caliper in place and that the brake pads rides in, which is a brake caliper mounting bracket one of the sliding bolts seized inside of this so the bolt had to be cut, now you can cut the bolt flipped the caliper up and slide the caliper off to replace the brake pads this is what the person did before me. The only problem with this procedure is there is no way of really securing your caliper in the right position, what happens is the caliper will eventually come out of place and flipped upward into the rim, I have magnesium rims, And which the caliper had started to grind on the inside of my rim so I had to fix this and seeing that this pen was seized inside of the mounting bracket I bought a new caliper and a new mounting bracket, I figured I could just unbolt the old mounting bracket, the to bolts at the bottom of the bracket that mount it to the strut rod assembly, all well and good right (WRONG!!!).

These two little blankety-blank blank bolts that heads were rounded off and were seized into the strut rod assembly with a ton of rust I used a torch and a pair of vise grips and could not get them to budge in the least, we finally got a replicating saw with a metal blade and was able to cut the caliper assembly mounting bracket into pieces so I could get the rotor off then from there we were able to drill out the bolts, then during reassembly I had to have one more little technical difficulty, go by,.. the bolts that I got when I bought the mounting bracket work too short (DAM IT).

Simple fix but it was still all of the aggravation, Jimmy went to the Discount Auto Parts are what is now called Advanced Auto Parts and bot a couple of bolts when he gets back I have my bolts and was able to finish putting my car back together I now have good breaks but what should have taken 20 min. at the most took me 2 1/2 days.

All better now but I still have to probably do the same thing to the other side because I know I'm going to have to replace the brake pads pretty soon and I might as well replace the other caliper and mounting bracket just hoping that when I do that that these bolts are not rusted in place like the other side was.

So yeah my new year is not going too well to start off with.
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Added: 8 years ago
8 years ago
Aaaawww *hug you* hope that you'll go better li'l panda
8 years ago
Dawww *huggies* Well you know what they say, when your at the bottom, the only direction left is UP!
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