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Pandr Pandafox by Marina Neira in the snow by Pandr
Pandr Pandafox by Marina Neira in the snow
It is not very often find a good friend
Over the years I have found friends or so-called friends the ones when you need help are not there or have something better to do when you really need help.but I have found very few that I could actu...
7 years ago
New cooktop and microwave on its way thanks to Jimmy.
Well yesterday Jimmy got me my new cooktop and the microwave for my kitchen remodel from Lowe's. And on that note about getting it from Lowe's was going to get it from Home Depot until I found out th...
7 years, 1 month ago
Working on my DIY project today
Well there really wasn't much to do but I learned a few things one I already knew but went ahead and did it anyways and now I have to redo it. Was working on the small cabinet that goes above the micr...
7 years, 1 month ago
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The N7 Bears by Pandr
The N7 Bears
Panda Day by Pandr
Panda Day
Pandr Pandafox by Marina Neira in the snow by Pandr
Pandr Pandafox by Marina Neira...
Winter Wonderland by Pandr
Winter Wonderland
Pandr Pandafox by Marina Neira by Pandr
Pandr Pandafox by Marina Neira
Jonthy the fox by Pandr
Jonthy the fox
(APB)On the lookout for,... by Pandr
(APB)On the lookout for,...
A gift from Xander, Tanks Love you by Pandr
A gift from Xander, Tanks Love...
Xander and Pandr, Love is good by Pandr
Xander and Pandr, Love is good
3-D airplane I have been working on by Pandr
3-D airplane I have been worki...
The 3-D airplane I've been working on by Pandr
The 3-D airplane I've been wor...
Working weth fonts by Pandr
Working weth fonts
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My second  3-D model using Blender by Pandr
Despicable Me  Minion made with Blender by Pandr
My first 3-D rendering with DAZ by Pandr
3-D Art
My 3-D Art
11 submissions
Pandr Pandafox leaning on pillow by Pandr
Pandr Pandafox leaning on pillow colored by Pandr
Pandr Plushies collard by Pandr
before and after
these are where you will find the line art for eyecolor them
7 submissions
It's a pear, my first by Pandr
My art
my artwork that has been totally done by me
1 submission
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Friar's Kion Huggies by Friar
Friar's Kion Huggies
by Friar
Mageplex Badge  from Poofy Shark by KibaSWolf
Mageplex Badge  from Poofy Sha...
by KibaSWolf
[C] Deven Drake's regression 1/4 by UniaMoon
[C] Deven Drake's regression 1...
by UniaMoon
[C] Deven Drake's regression 2/4 by UniaMoon
[C] Deven Drake's regression 2...
by UniaMoon
[C] Deven Drake's regression 3/4 by UniaMoon
[C] Deven Drake's regression 3...
by UniaMoon
[C] Deven Drake's regression 4/4 by UniaMoon
[C] Deven Drake's regression 4...
by UniaMoon
Surprise doodle by Malachyte by Tycloud
Surprise doodle by Malachyte
by Tycloud
Playing cards by zooshi
Playing cards
by zooshi
Not knocking, by Cornett by Salmy
Not knocking, by Cornett
by Salmy
I'm innocent ! by Loupy
I'm innocent !
by Loupy
🇨🇦 Happy 150th Birthday Canada! 🇨🇦 by Jimox1985
🇨🇦 Happy 150th Birthday Canada...
by Jimox1985
I DIDN'T stole the cookies ! by Loupy
I DIDN'T stole the cookies !
by Loupy
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Hi, I am Pandr P. Panda

I am a panda, some of you may ask will if you are a panda why do you have a bushy fox like tail and ears, that is because I am also a pandafox sometimes which gives me the bushy tail fox like ears and another part that I'm not allowed to talk about *botches and giggles*

Sorry I am not an artist all our work here that I have and will post/ed has been done by other artists please do not use without permission from myself or the artist that was commission to do the original artwork.

I also have an account on FA username Pandr on IB username Pandr on DA username Pandafox1213 you can also find me on YouTube under Daniel Lowery on Facebook as Daniel P Lowery and on twitter pandrppanda

For those of you who are wondering or may wonder yes I do have a mate his name is Xander loved him dearly, and he will be moving in with me soon.

I also made Babyfur videos and post them to my YouTube page, used with permission from the artist's, so if you like good music and clean babyfur art stop on by and check them out leave comments and subscribe if you like.

Pandr Panda

Hi all
I am Pandr P Panda an I am a babyfur.
I like to RP, diapers, some baby foods and formulas.
I LOVE Teddy Bears A Lot *blushes*
I love art, and I think there is art everywhere.

Meaning of a Lick
Stick This On Your Page! ♥ ♥~Meaning Of A Lick~♥
 *Lick on the Tail: Will you be my mate
 *Lick on the Ear: I think you are cute!
 *Lick on the stomach/Belly: I'm ready.
 *Lick on the Paw: Your my Everything
 *Lick on the nose:I love you
 *Lick on the Shoulder: I want you.
 *Lick on the Lips: I need you
 *Lick on the Back: For fun! .
 ~Lick on the stomach; I'm ready.
 ~Lick on the Forehead; I hopeyou. we're together forever.
 ~Lick on the Head; Your my everything.
 ~Lick Below the Chin; I like you.
 ~Lick on the Neck; We belong together.
 ~Lick on the Muzzle; I love you.
***** Sorry ALL Licks are for Xander*****

A Definition Of A Teddy Bear

The world doesn't get any less scary as we grow up. But somehow we're asked to shed the knowns of our childhood so we can become big people.


There's some impossible property in their stuffing which soaks up all of our anger and fears and uncertainty.

We try to replace them with other people. But other people are filled with the same selfish goals as we are. With no room left to store someone else's insecurities, even for a little while.

Whatever addict he's been sitting in for however long, He'll love you just as much as the day you left him there. He'll except your abuse and your tears and your selfless love like he always has.

He'll make you remember how to be a person.

Your best friend. Your Teddy Bear.

Personal quotes
1 "The roots to great tragedy start on the smallest roads"
2 "No one person is more important than another"
3 "The very young, Don't always do as they are told"
Links and Contact Details
Yahoo Messenger
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Fur Affinity
Fur Affinity
XMPP (Jabber, Google Talk)
1 month ago
Miss you
1 year, 3 months ago
For anyone who is not aware of the situation: Pandr lost his life from low glucose levels, which led to diabetic shock. Typically, this happens when a person doesn't have enough carbs in his body (there are other causes), starving the brain, and in this case, leading to his demise.
2 years, 2 months ago
All this time you friended me, and I never got to do so before you passed. Well, better late then never buddy. You are greatly missed. T.T

(Friended and Watched)
5 years, 2 months ago
I think about you a lot my friend, I hope we can catch up sometime I hope theirs room for a Poltergeist in heaven Rest Easy My Friend 🙂☮️🌺💚
5 years, 6 months ago
Wish you a happy Merry Christmas eve Pandr ... may this one be a happy and peaceful one were you're right now
5 years, 10 months ago
I miss you so much and I wish I got to know you better
6 years, 4 months ago
I wish I knew what has happened to you sooner, but all I can is I hope you found peace in Heaven, RIP Pandr you were a great friend.
6 years, 5 months ago
I Wish you a Merry Christmas Pandr and a very happy new year ... I'm sure that you've found happines and peace with no health problems where you are right now *hug* ... you're really missed and we all hope that you check on us from time to time
6 years, 8 months ago
Pandr, you were a good fur and a good friend. You favorited many of my pics and I thank you for that. Farewell, Pandr. You will be missed.
6 years, 11 months ago
Im sorry that i didn't reply to u andd i know is to late but

*snuggle hugs*

6 years, 11 months ago
R.I.P. Pandr

At least now your at peace now in Heaven, free from disease and sickness and in the Lord's grace. I'm pretty sure you reunited with PandaGuy up there.
6 years, 11 months ago
Love you son. Daddy will always miss you.
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