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How do you browse?

So, how do you usually view furry sites like this? On your phone, pad, or 'puter? And how do you tend to save and, um, 'review' what you've saved? Just curious as there's so many ways now :)

I tend to use my desktop computer for most browsing and viewing, and my phone for comment browsing. If I didn't have to hook my phone to my desktop and open and copy files, I'd probably use my phone for a lot more image browsing and saving. (....I cant believe I'm as lazy as that ^_^;;; )
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Added: 1 month ago
1 month ago
computer or laptop
1 month ago
Computer to browse.

Saving stuff, I use the Raccoony plug-in. https://raccoony.thornvalley.com/  It makes folders and organizes stuff for you, and functions for FA, IB, E621, Patreon, and other furry sites.  Super easy to use too.
1 month ago
OWO !!!
1 month ago
About the same as you really.
1 month ago
Usually on my computer. I don't save stuff that often these days, but if I do, I also use Raccoony.
1 month ago
I use IBDownloader
And I've got 1,500+ folders (users) downloaded and that's 474,086 files coming in at 521 GB :o
1 month ago
My desktop. I'm pretty OCD so I have a folder with many sub folders for everything, plus a back up in a separate drive. I don't save stuff other than my own art though, or gifts. Maybe I'll save other art very rarely if I think it would be a good study for poses and such.

I rarely use my phone, other than at work. I'm not a phone person.
1 month ago
Generally I do all my browsing and whatnot on my desktop, but I'll often comment on my phone, handle slot claims, and occasionally download a picture if I like the particular pose or something about the picture that I'd use in a commission at some point!
1 month ago
iPad, 2DS consoles, Wii U, iPhone, laptop pretty much whatever can access the internet and allow me to collect images for both reference and inspiration

Though I mainly use my iPad as that’s what I use to draw
1 month ago
though I am to the point I am considering installing a dedicated hard disk just for my furry downloads.
I use lots of automatic downloading software. some of which has been broken.

I only rarely check IB/FA on my cellphone. only if i am expecting a comment or note or if i am VERY bored.  
1 month ago
I use PC most of the time. I hardly save content these days, except for things to play on the TV when lewding with people over lul. Phone when looking for a fap in the bathroom.
1 month ago
I use PC all the time, and I do save stuff to enjoy later X3
1 month ago
I only Internet on my home desktop.
I save almost everything I favorite, and I use the stuff saved as revolting desktops or run them through Slideshow for a quiet gallery viewing.
1 month ago
Desk/laptop almost exclusively.
1 month ago
computer, because if htere's posts that i liek enough to save them in a folder i can atleast have the the name of the artist in the file name
1 month ago
Hm, Computer to browse,
to save, well, old way, click, right clic, save as and then i put them all in a single folder depending if is IB, FA, or so. I've go a few users as subfolders, but, at top.

Comics are in a separated folder
4 weeks, 1 day ago
I's Use Ma Desk Tops Compy Alls Da Ways. Phones Ands Tablets Tends Tews Bes Tews Annoyings Tews Use Ifs I's Shees Sumffins I's Wants. I's Dos Tends Tews Paw Offs Tews Alls Da Picys I's Likes Ands Shaves As I's View Demz Ins Weal Tymes. =^-^.=

I use my desktop PC all the way. Phones and tablets tend to be to annoying to use, especialy if I find something I want. I do tend to masturbate to all the pictures I like and save as I view them in real time.
4 weeks, 1 day ago
Any machine that's at my disposal, not my work computer, and doesn't belong to someone that isn't me.

So, phone, desktop, tablet, and soon, laptop.
4 weeks, 1 day ago
laptop, and my favorites pages on my site profiles are my only collections.  I don't save much of anything to the laptop out of fear it'll eventually crash and die for good since it's a really old Macbook.  if it does, well, the favs are collected on my profiles, so yay browsing whenever.

doesn't help when artists vanish or clear galleries though :c which makes me sad, going back and looking for an old fav only to find they yeeted from existence or "moved on".  v-v
4 weeks, 1 day ago
Desktop for pretty much everything. Saving and 'recall' is done through the web app itself, though the previous comment about Raccoony caught my eye. Will have to give that a whirl too, just in case.

I love my phone, I love the size and such. But trying to type extended details with that keyboard, even with Flow, is just too much of a pain in the ass for me. I'm way too Olde Skool with my keyboard nowadays.
3 weeks, 4 days ago
I'm such an old fart, I remember only being on a desktop, and it was so slow and required so much time to do things, I had to dedicate myself to it for a couple hours or more. So when I go to art sites, I'm still in that habit, and just surf through the pages and pages of submissions (I don't check that often ^!^; ) I have a laptop, which is more powerful than any of my 90's or early 2000's computers combined, and runs fine, but I still feel odd not sitting at a desk with a mouse and my headphones when I surf the web.

For Twitter, I use my phone almost exclusively. I never really check an art sites on my phone. Again, I have that weird sense of "What is this?" when I do, plus I can't save files to my phone (can, but won't)
3 weeks ago
Mainly on my phone unless I find something I need to see larger, then off to the PC for a better look. I tend to click tags with pics to dig more into those things that interest me. As for saving, I save often but I'm WAY behind on saving all I want to. Sadly, it's been so long that many of the pics I wanted to save have vanished off my list since I think IB only keeps like 12 months on your submissions list.
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