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Im so hot! by Mizuhiro
Im so hot!
Da Missed
Evah Missh Shumwuns Dats Ya Cared Fur Shows Bads, Dats Eets Mades Ya Cwys Cuz Days Aways Tews Longs? I's Missh Yer Company... Shows Gets Wells Shoons Shugah Tush. -Yer FishBweath.
1 month ago
Furred adventures wanted
Dares a mew games ons da horizon, ands ish callings tews yews, ish vast ands ish bloody shows watch yer tails. Da Biomutants are ons da prowl, will yews bes da hero? O's wills yews embrace da evil wif...
3 months, 3 weeks ago
Free Art
Free art is still available to the user with the best original idea. see ad posting for details.
4 months, 3 weeks ago
Im so hot! by Mizuhiro
Im so hot!
by Mizuhiro
Me in bed by Darkinian
Me in bed
by Darkinian
Klonoa Wedgie by AOXA
Klonoa Wedgie
the voises. are not silent by inkfurry
the voises. are not silent
by inkfurry
The Worst Kind of Wake-Up Alarm! by lavilovi
The Worst Kind of Wake-Up Alar...
by lavilovi
Fresh Out of Bath by ShadowEyenoom
Fresh Out of Bath
Baby buddies! by Bastion
Baby buddies!
by Bastion
Silly Portrait by jamesfoxbr
Silly Portrait
Sleeping by KimaCats
by KimaCats
Commission 55 by KukkiisArt
Commission 55
Wich kima do you like? by KimaCats
Wich kima do you like?
by KimaCats
Evil child by DelKon
Evil child
by DelKon
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Nintendo Friend Code: SW-7003-7193-4246
Talks Funny And Is Usualy Naked If he has to wear cloths he will only wear briefs, thongs or anything skimpy.

Kitty is a promiscuously precocious little cub who at times acts much like a little girl. Kitty is incapable of cussing or saying bad words, he is a vegetarian/boarderline vegan. Also! Feel free to dry hump him, or rub your crotch against him if you're a girl, he will like that very much. To any artist reading this, Kitty Is seeking art for his profile. Will pay handsomly for cub porn involving himself!

Back story a W.I.P Kitty was abandoned at infancy in a lonely dark alley, somewhere In the red light district of Los Angeles's China Town, between the chinese fast food restaurant and a questionable night club known by local law enforcement.
Kitty dosn't remember much of those days except for a shadowy figure kissing him on the head, no his memories began in the grip of the night club owner's hand a cold scalie hand, rough and similar to a sharks flesh, this "guardian" didn't reveal much of himself, but taught the kitten everything he needed to know about how to survive with what little he had. "if your going to survive, you're going to need to know how to please." It wasn't much but the owner (who went by the name of Mr. Skunk) let the small feline keep his earnings.
Mr. Skunk took the kitten cub under his wing and showed the small feline other skills, grooming the kitten into his first underaged prostitue. And for a few short years everyting was going great the kitten thought there relationship as foster parent and kit was undeniable. Suddenly things changed, the kittens friend his "guardian parent" turned on him. It began with the neglect, then the yelling and finaly the violence as the kitten was ultimatly thrown outside like trash with out ever knowing what Mr. Skunks face looked like, aside from that shadowy figure sitting upon his throne.
The little kitten cried for hours till he could cry no more, and fell asleep. unbeknownst to the little kitten in the twilight hours, Mr. Skunk would shed his own tears. he loved the kitten but knew it could never work, how could he protect something so small and sweet when his curse only allowed him out at night while the kitten slept.


Kitty a little pudgy ball of happy. Lives his days in his alley usually tending to his dandelions, forgotten by the world and seemingly hated by most, he dosn't own much in ways of possessions and isn't worth very much either it would seem, he's a little dim wited but enjoys light hearted humor. Kitty carries his sorrow behind a mask of smiles and awaits the one day when his true love will come to him and ask to be there mate.

preferred contact method Ink bunny PM system or any of the major IM services

Click the fallowing link if you wish to learn about his kinks https://www.f-list.net/c/the%20naked%20kitten/
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4 weeks, 1 day ago
god dang....
told me you were back, and somehow, I never noticed the shout, till just now....welcome back man....god dang its been ages.  juuuuuuuust in case you do not remember ME....its map from yahoo....heh...been a long time man.
3 months, 3 weeks ago
Wish you a happy new year my dear li'l bro *hug*
4 months ago
Wish you a happy Christmas eve li'l bro ... may this one be a happy and peaceful one
4 months, 2 weeks ago
Hey! How come you never told me you where back? :o
8 months, 2 weeks ago
Thanks for the watch!
1 year, 2 months ago
WELCOME BACK TO INKBUNNY LI'L BRO ... so glad to see you back *hug*
1 year, 3 months ago
!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? .... ooohhh boy Am I dreaming .. Horray ... I'm so glad to see you back li'l bro  *hug* *hug* *hug*
5 years, 1 month ago
aww man...to think I found you again, only to find out you left your account...man the feels that hurts...anyways, I do so hope to see you back here bud...its been far far too long since we last chatted and I miss talking to you so badly, reading your emails on yahoo always cheered my days up no mater what had happened because you are a freaking awesome guy.
5 years, 11 months ago
On the off chance ya happen to see this...you are greatly missed dude...reading a comment from you always made me smile...so...a few jokes to hopefully make you smile as well
Q: Why did the cow cross the road?
A: To get to the udder side.
Q: What do you do if your dog chews a dictionary?
A: Take the words out of his mouth!
Q: How does a mouse feel after it takes a shower?
A: Squeaky clean!
6 years ago
Tear... I miss you a lot... InkBunny isn't the same without you
7 years ago
Still miss you dude...internet just dont seem the same without you
7 years, 2 months ago
mew~! miss you being around here *leaves a little cookie at the door*
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