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Inkbunny Downloader lives again.

Hey folks, Xial here.

A few years back,
released a nice little addon for Mozilla Firefox, simply entitled as the Inkbunny Downloader.
It would conveniently download media viewed here on Inkbunny to folders that you designated, much like the mostly forgotten FurAffinity downloader does if you're a Firefox user.

The recent update to Inkbunny managed to break this particular unsigned addon, but thankfully, Humbird0 also posted the source code for the work they did. I did figure out what was amiss, and restored it to working.

Now, there are a bunch of caveats, some of which I figure have led to the lower popularity of the addon in question. Namely, if you're a mainline Mozilla Firefox user (STOP THAT DAMNIT), this addon is NOT likely to work for you.

Why? Because Mozilla has decided that they will do the thinking for their userbase. Between Australis (that godugly UI change a while back), the removal of overriding the browser if you DO want to use an unsigned extension, and the change to Web Extensions only coming around the end of the year, good luck installing an older or unsigned extension in that browser outside of maybe an ESR.

If you happen to be a user of one of the many Firefox forks that exist, such as Waterfox or Pale Moon, this addon's for you.

I've made it available on my site at:

I don't see myself learning enough about Firefox to convert this over to the new extension requirements, so this is more a stay of execution than anything else.

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Added: 4 years, 7 months ago
4 years, 7 months ago
Thanks for the patch! I've noted it on our apps page.
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