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Chaos is a Ladder by ZoomSwish
Chaos is a Ladder
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Chaos is a Ladder by ZoomSwish
Chaos is a Ladder
by ZoomSwish
Tell me : Are you the ghost of jealousy ? by RaianOnzika
Tell me : Are you the ghost of...
Sally on the prowl! (C) by Foxy101
Sally on the prowl! (C)
by Foxy101
Mobian Fox-Fire by WhiteWhiskey
Mobian Fox-Fire
*C* Tails and Millie by NegiCake
*C* Tails and Millie
by NegiCake
Village Craftsman Tails by WolfTank68
Village Craftsman Tails
Shaman Nicole by WolfTank68
Shaman Nicole
Anarchy God by ZoomSwish
Anarchy God
by ZoomSwish
God King Tails by AzureTheGamerKobold
God King Tails
What Is Your Wish Master? by WolfTank68
What Is Your Wish Master?
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5 months, 2 weeks ago
Thanks for watching, dude ^^
6 months, 2 weeks ago
Thanks for the watch, dude. X3
11 months, 1 week ago
For how I personally feel about Tails' taunts towards Rouge and Shadow in Team Sonic Racing, as much as out of character they are, I'm fine with them seeing that it's at least a step up from his portrayals in recent years because he actually sounds confident. This is also meant to be a competitive racing game, plus a spin-off, so them trying to be as accurate as possible isn't really a high priority, and even Nintendo do the same with their spin-off games, like in Mario kart 8 you have Luigi's death stare despite him not really being a character to do such a thing.
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