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[Just an Idea Is All] by SkyWubztep
[Just an Idea Is All]
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[Just an Idea Is All] by SkyWubztep
[Just an Idea Is All]
Tails by Kuuneho
by Kuuneho
Group Outing by E13A411
Group Outing
by E13A411
Breaking bad x Sonic by Spaicy
Breaking bad x Sonic
by Spaicy
Fox Boy  - 2021 w/ Alts by StoneHedgeART
Fox Boy  - 2021 w/ Alts
Ship meme by Hyoumaru
Ship meme
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Happy Tails animation by NinoM4ster
Happy Tails animation
Going out together by KrazyELF
Going out together
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At some point we'll run out of oxygen by KrazyELF
At some point we'll run out of...
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Sonic, Tails and Knuckles: Sonic Heroes by KrazyELF
Sonic, Tails and Knuckles: Son...
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Tails selfie by MARIOxCAP
Tails selfie
Birthday Gift - Phantom by MARIOxCAP
Birthday Gift - Phantom
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I just found this post from 2018 that heavily describes my journal and how most porn artist that either do Sonic porn for a living or just draws it here and there are severely lacking originality. Some of the comments this artist received from fans are things I have said in my journal, and I'm glad this artist understands they failed as a porn artist when it came to the image they drew. Literally all I can say is that if you draw Tails bottom then you are a coward, and don't just tell me to commission you as pretty much you are just admitting to giving little to no effort to your actual images you produced for free or behind patreon. So why should you deserve mine or anyone's money?



This video is super important and adds more to what my journal is about, this is a serious problem and I can't believe that anyone thinks this is fine.

Ever since I was a kid, I loved playing the Sonic the hedgehog games, but I wasn't good at them as I couldn't get past the second or third stages. Then one day, when playing Sonic the hedgehog 3, I decided to play as Tails just for fun, and I became good at Sonic 3 all of a sudden, I could play past the stages I couldn't before, and even get close to the final stages of the games, and it was all because of Tails, his gameplay style was just right for me, and if it wasn't for him I wouldn't of experienced the amazing games. I even loved playing as Tails in other games he's in as a kid, and still do. (That was my first step into loving Tails, next was his character.) I've been bullied a lot in my life at school, even the teachers bullied me, and my only friend had to leave for a very, very long time.
(But I've reunited with him now, and are still friends to this day, I also have a lot of new friends as well.) But there was this new teacher that I was friends with, we even had one thing very in common, and that was our love for Spider-man. Spider-man was my hero, every day I would dress up as him, and I liked to pretend to be him. Last year I got back into Sonic and I remembered Tails being my favorite, so I tried to learn everything I didn't know already about him, and I found out that he's very close to me with personally and back story, he's also now my biggest inspiration and I even dream to voice act him one day, which would actually go down in history as I would be the first adult male who has voiced him, and can actually do the voice. I even found out how badly he has been treated in the newer 3D games to a point that he's not even the same character anymore. But I'm glad that in Sonic mania he's himself there. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/4400539570883788...

Here is what I would list as essentials in Tails' art:

Seeing him covered with oil:
(Look, Tails is a hard worker and there is for some reason a lack of Tails being a messy engineer, so I would love to see more of this.)

Masturbating himself off with his twin tails:
(There is only one image of this, and I think it's cute that he is jerking himself off with the thing he once thought was a curse.)

Actually having Tails looking like himself:
(This is something I can't even believe I have to say, but I wouldn't be gay for him or think he's sexy if I didn't like the way he actually looks like, so Tails with wide hips, a big ass, or a face that's not even close is not only very gross but offensive as well. Tails is a guy, respect him as one. Please.)

Having a small, medium, or even big, sized dick:
(I don't do monster cock, but sometimes I will make an exception.)

Being top with the guys:
(Tails being top in gay art is so good! Too bad though there's like, 3% of him being top and 97% of him being bottom, and I wish that it could be more even. So artist, could you please make more images of Tails topping in gay art, please... I'm literally forced to like something I don't, and that's Tails being bottom. And might I add that out of the 3 other people I know that absolutely love Tails as a character also don't like him bottom, giving me the theory that people that actually know and love his character don't even like the art he always receives and instead you attract others that don't know nor care about Tails, absolutely defeating the purpose of actually really making something real Tails fans want.)

Like my profile pic? Here you go.
I didn't make it, all rights belong to the original artist called TOJYO on Inkbunny.

I wanna start to draw my own art one day. And maybe that art that I want to draw might be posted here one day as well, who knows. Tails will most likely be the thing I only draw haha. SFW will probably be what I'll start with, but when I get better definitely will give a go with NSFW.

There is this video on YouTube by Drabaz Doug, called
"Pain to Power - (An Inspirational Gohan Tribute) DBZ AMV"
and it's the most beautiful thing I've seen that isn't Tails' cute adorably stunning face. This video connects to me a lot, as it's what I've been through, and it is the reason Tails' character is important to me and should never, ever, be messed with. I'm looking at you Sonic Forces.

And speaking about Sonic forces, if it was written by people with good understanding of good opportunities, they would of made the main character Tails. This would of been his greatest character development ever, because he would have proved himself more capable then Sonic, by beating something Sonic couldn't. If this was how the game was then I would call this the theme song for Tails, in this goodly written version of Sonic Forces.

"If You Could See Me Now" by The Script

In Tails' early days before he met Sonic. He was always bullied because of his twin tails, the other kids would step on his tails and make him trip over, they would even break his inventions that he so deeply cared about. The nickname "Tails" was what the bullies called him by, well that, or freak. Tails, would try and hide his other tail in hopes to seem normal to the other kids, but to no success. But when he was one day walking in the forest crying over one of his inventions being destroyed, he saw this cool looking blue hedgehog running past by in the forest, Tails then followed the hedgehog and came across a red plane. He then went to go and get some blue paint to paint this red plane blue because he was inspired by that cool looking blue hedgehog he saw back in the forest. When he got done painting it, the blue hedgehog saw that he was messing with his plane, and instead of him saying to the fox boy "Hey what are you doing messing with my plane, freak!" He actually complemented the fox, saying that he "never liked it red anyways." Tails never in his life had heard a complement towards himself, and didn't know how to react, so he just said "Oh it was nothing." The hedgehog asked for the fox's name, to which the fox replied with his nickname, "Tails" instead of his actual name Miles Prower, the blue hedgehog told him that his name is Sonic. The time he spent with Sonic made him much more confident in himself and even learnt how to fly with what he once thought was a curse, his twin tails, because of Sonic, and Sonic learnt the spin dash from Tails trying to mimic him. Tails has gone through so much with or with out Sonic by his side, fearlessly. He has accomplished many challenges and has proven many times that he is also a hero.

Tails is so inspiring. Once a nobody, turned into a somebody, and for all the things he has been through, he still will never in a million years give up. And then Sonic Forces happens...

But I really shouldn't be just hating on Sonic Forces, Sonic Unleashed was the one who started Tails' downgrade as a character, and
really Sonic Unleashed has a worse wimp out scene then what forces had, and Sonic Lost World was Tails bashing the game, though he is at least independent some times in Sonic Lost World, but in Sonic Generations and Sonic Colors, Tails doesn't do anything in those games, besides needing saving. But what about the spin offs right, you have absolute freedom of what you can do in a spin off so Tails has to be a badass right? Nope, he just gets turned into useless NPCS. Tails' best portrayals are Sonic OVA, the Adventure games, and the 2D games.

If you want to talk with me, I'm totally fine with it.
This is here because I want it to.
This song is Tails' theme song.
He just wants to be a good friend, and prove that he's also capable on his own.

"I've changed a lot since I started hanging with Sonic, but I can't depend on him forever. I know I can do this by myself! Okay, Eggman! Bring it on!"
~ Miles "Tails" Prower.


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Thanks for the fave!
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Thanks for the fav! ^v^
1 year ago
I made that around the same time I made the journal, and was done as a vent shitpost and I have never rereaded it to fix certain details. Sonic didn't teach Tails to fly but to use his tails to go faster.

1 year ago
“ time he spent with Sonic made him much more confident in himself and even learnt how to fly with what he once thought was a curse, his twin tails, because of Sonic, and Sonic learnt the spin dash from Tails trying to mimic him.”

Omg that’s incredible ;w; I never knew this much about tails’s backstory. You tell the story in a very beautiful way—I can tell you’re really passionate about it. Let me know if you’d ever want to be involved in any works I do involving Tails going forward!!!
1 year ago
Hiya~ thanks for faving my art <3
1 year ago
Thanks for the watch and the fav!  ^v^
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how are you diong
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Why can't tails bottom sometimes?
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Thanks a lot!
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thanks for the many faves
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Thanks for the +fav.
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