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Clover by eeveefan
small update
so my uncle is ok, i talked to him a few days ago when he was over, the one that got stabbed, the knife slipped between his jugglar and his wind pipe, he was incredibly lucky. he had a surgical line g...
1 day, 18 hrs ago
its my bday
...... yaaaaaay..... well on the plus side i only need about... 90 dollars for my new computer so yay birthday money from my family? xD anyways party poppers and stuff aside i have.... aloooooooot of ...
2 weeks ago
my uncle got stabbed
yeah apparentlymy uncle got stabbed, he was downtown and someone came up to him about his ebike and stabbed him, im guessing he was trying to steal it, he got stabbed in the juggular and is in the ICU...
2 weeks, 6 days ago
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Clover by eeveefan
Cappy by eeveefan
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Miracle of Life
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Sengir84's Birthday
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leopard gal
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fishy boy
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Munta Caterpillar
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Kura cub and grown up by eeveefan
Kura cub and grown up
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Food? by eeveefan
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Cappy by eeveefan
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also for those who are wondering about me I guess I can do this...
relationship: single
sexual preference: straight
status: 60% crazy, 60% decent looking, 80% crazy, 90% silly, 120% affectionate and very funny depending how much coffee you injested XD

hey guys my name is eeveefan. i go by other names as well that i created for my characters.
so i also go by these titles:
Puffy and the Princess
Chico and friends
eeveefan (my original)

i will allow people to draw my chars but only if you message me first and tell me what you want to do with them, scenario, pose and whatnot. NO sexual stuff or nudity with my characters that I do not allow to be sexualized or naked with. clean art only for my clean characters.
in the future when i get better at art i might do trades/ commisions.

i have many many characters and i love each of them very much.
my current characters i have are: (OC = original character) (MC = Main Character)

Main Characters
Puffy -  (my main original bunny character) - OC MC
Kuranemas (Kura)  -  (my Zepaline) - OC MC
Bones  - (my undead ancient fish, currently in working progress) - OC MC
Sam - (Vampire Rabbit) - OC MC

Origional Characters (maybe allowed for Sexual things)
Zeppy  -  (my Zepaline) - OC
Midnight  -  (my adoptable i got) - OC
Auraveilis - (Shunamir) OC
Bright - (Shunamir) OC
Blizzard -  (my lop ear'd Frost Rabbit) - OC
Winter -  (my lop ear'd Frost Rabbit) - OC
Fang - (my lop eared vampire rabbit) - OC
Melody Summer Breeze - (Furred Dragon) - OC MC

please note my MC (Main Characters) are ones I do not allow others to enguage in sexual stuff with, they are clean art only. the ones not marked with MC I might allow depending on the situation.

my art is clean for my MC (Main Characters) I will NOT under any circumstances allow anyone to make anything sexual with them.  .
im a person who doesn't care about being famous, i want people to see my art for what it is and if they like it then that's fine, if they don't then they don't.

My chars ill allow for sexual encounters but only for the chars i choose:
Winter (possibly)
Midnight (possibly)

im hoping to someday make Puffy and the Princess into a comic book series and eventually more. many of my characters are destined for greatness and i hope to be there with them someday.

more to know about my rabbits:
my rabbits each have different species and alot of them i created myself. heres the list of what i have thus far.


Normal Rabbits:
Lop Ear'd Rabbits
Straight Ear'd Rabbits

Forest Dwelling Rabbits:
Tree Climbing Rabbits
Swamp Rabbits
Wood Rabbits

Mountain Rabbits:
Stone Rabbits
Cave Rabbits

Volcanic Rabbits:
Lava Rabbits
Fire Rabbits
Blue Fire Rabbits
White Fire Rabbits
Cold Fire Rabbits (made by crossbreeding Frost rabbits and Fire rabbits)

Aquatic Rabbits:
Aqua Rabbits
Octo Rabbits (also known as Tentacle Rabbits)
Deep Sea Rabbits
Slime Rabbits
Steam Rabbits (made by crossbreeding Fire rabbits and Aqua rabbits)

Tundra Rabbits:
Frost Rabbits
Snow Rabbits
Ice Rabbits
Frost wisp rabbits (made by crossbreeding Frost rabbits and Fire rabbits)

Undead / Spooky Rabbits:
Ethril Rabbits
Undead Rabbits
Skeletal Rabbits
Reaper Rabbit (only one of his kind)
Vampire Rabbits
Ghostly Rabbits
Banshee Rabbits
Shadow Rabbits

Sky Rabbits:
Winged Rabbits
Cloud Rabbits (also known as Storm Rabbits)

Weather Rabbits:
Rain Rabbits
Thunderstorm Rabbits
Blizzard Rabbits
Wind Rabbits
Mist rabbits/ Fog rabbits

Desert Rabbits
Sand Rabbits

Legendary Rabbits
Drabbits (knows as Dragon Rabbits)

Gemstone Rabbits
Opal Rabbits
Jade Rabbits
Amethyst Rabbits
Topaz Rabbits
Sapphire Rabbits
Emerald Rabbits
Ruby Rabbits
Diamond Rabbits
Onyx Rabbits
Dragonstone Rabbits
Aquamarine Rabbits


Volcanic Sheep
Fire Sheep

Aquatic Sheep
Aqua Sheep
Abyss Sheep

Mountain Sheep
Stone Sheep

Zepaline Planet Wildlife
Glider Senayes (sen-ay-es) "Glunta Sentayus"
(Glider Senayes or as the Zepaline's call them "Glunta Sentayus" are a type of gliding rabbit like creatures that had been discovered on the home world of the Zepalines, these creatures survived the mass excinction that happened on the Zepaline planet long ago and have not changed much at all from the time they were still alive and thriving, sadly their numbers decreased from the extinction that happened but are on the rise again. the Zepalines are currently making friends with their kind, these creatures are very smart and like to socialize, they don't wear clothes due to their membrane used for gliding so they are not shy at all and represent rabbits at first glance but are not related to rabbits, their ears are long and triangular and can be seen either like a lop and on the sides of their heads, behind their heads, or up in the air and can open up to form a glider or a way of scaring off predators by making themselves look bigger and having scary patterns on the inside. they are very lightweight and can glide for hours. their membrane stretches and is elastic like going from their paws to their ankles. their anthropomorphic and walk on two legs. their fur is super soft and smooth, and they love cuddling.) I am keeping this as a reference for later when their made.

(more to come when i get more ideas :D)
also if anyone wants me to post descriptions of each of these rabbit types let me know. if i get alot of people interested ill do so :D

Note: please do NOT post my pictures or edit any of my characters and post them on other sites. if this happens please contact me about this. the artists that make the arts and the ones I commissioned with are the only others that can post my art elsewhere.
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Chico bunny
1 month ago
thansk for the fav =w=
8 months, 2 weeks ago
thank you for watch & comment!
10 months, 3 weeks ago
I'm fine..still having problems.
1 year, 2 months ago
Thanks for the watch eeveefan ~~! >w< *hugs*
1 year, 2 months ago
My pizza lovely brother. :)
1 year, 3 months ago
thanks for the fav ^///^ *hugs you*
1 year, 6 months ago
Thanks a ton fur the fave! ^^
1 year, 7 months ago
1 year, 7 months ago
Ima baaaaaaah all over you~ >:P
1 year, 8 months ago
*boops the fellow bunbun and cuddles*
1 year, 10 months ago
Thanks for the fav! 😊
1 year, 11 months ago
Cool drawing.
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