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Phone and Friend by draconicon
Phone and Friend
Bondage and Cock Milking Story Stream
https://docs.google.com/document/d/1MwRjVO036GlNmj37kC4IctPeYGwDxlhjMbzsgLH6TcY/edit?usp=sharing Hello everyone. Welcome to the Bondage and Cock Milking story stream. Stories for this stream need to ...
3 days, 21 hrs ago
Commission Raffle is Open
Hello, hello, everyone. I’d say that we did pretty good with the first cycle of 2022, and now, we’re moving into the second. One slot behind, but that’s not too bad. Now, obviously: *‌‌Commissions a...
6 days, 15 hrs ago
Extreme Casualness and Prostitution Story Stream
https://docs.google.com/document/d/11n7wb8xeRMm_r_D_bAe6M4qK3OThGVIBiXJp6PeG-jA/edit?usp=sharing Hello everyone. Welcome to the Extreme Casualness and Prostitution story stream. Stories for this stre...
1 week, 3 days ago
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Phone and Friend by draconicon
Phone and Friend
A More Human(e) Kingdom by draconicon
A More Human(e) Kingdom
His New Hoard 1: Land of the Dead by draconicon
His New Hoard 1: Land of the D...
Nova Wars 10: Deep in the Mines by draconicon
Nova Wars 10: Deep in the Mine...
Nova Wars 3: Disguise by draconicon
Nova Wars 3: Disguise
Shifting Responsibilities by draconicon
Shifting Responsibilities
First Shift of the New Year by draconicon
First Shift of the New Year
Black and Pink by draconicon
Black and Pink
Edvin and the Massage Parlor by draconicon
Edvin and the Massage Parlor
Far From Sadness by draconicon
Far From Sadness
Hacker Battles: Introduction by draconicon
Hacker Battles: Introduction
The Milking Farm: Introduction (Reboot) by draconicon
The Milking Farm: Introduction...
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His New Hoard 1: Land of the Dead by draconicon
His New Hoard
I guess the canonical story of Draconicon, and why he knows so many people and magics.
9 submissions
Nova Wars 3: Disguise by draconicon
Nova Wars 10: Deep in the Mines by draconicon
Nova Wars
A patreon series that involves a bunch of pirates trying to fix a serious situation.
10 submissions
Whatcha thinkin about by DrJavi
Whatcha thinkin about
by DrJavi
Why Not Both by blackkitten
Why Not Both
Why Javi got two extra arms by DrJavi
Why Javi got two extra arms
by DrJavi
F*ck the Thought Police by DrJavi
F*ck the Thought Police
by DrJavi
SpyroLongs: Ch-Ch-Chase You!! by RaccoonDouglas
SpyroLongs: Ch-Ch-Chase You!!
Unraveling (by MoodyFerret) by Etheras
Unraveling (by MoodyFerret)
by Etheras
Commission: Gaming predicament by QuiteSplendid
Commission: Gaming predicament
Mindes' Porn Addiction by GrimArt
Mindes' Porn Addiction
by GrimArt
Later that night... by Orgunis
Later that night...
by Orgunis
Tails Feet Model Edit by TwinTails3D
Tails Feet Model Edit
Samuel and Walter by eldiman
Samuel and Walter
by eldiman
Jump into the 90s by HalcyonWinter
Jump into the 90s
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Hello, everyone, and welcome to my library. My name is Draconicon, and if you’re in the mood for written porn or erotica – and a smaller collection of actual plotted out stories – this is the place for you. Considering how many different settings, characters, kinks, and themes I’ve written on in the past, I’m sure that there’s something here for you to enjoy.

For those that already know this, a link to my Terms of Services:


For those needing an update or some basics, here’s some FAQs.

Who are you?

Glad you asked. I’m Draconicon, Drac to my friends, and I’m basically a full-time writer here. I do some work on patreon on the side, but most of my income comes through commissions from people here and on other websites. The gallery that you see here is pretty much all commission-based, stuff I’ve written for others, so if you’re wondering why there’s so much different stuff, that’s why.

I’m a bit of a nerd, very fond of D&D and RPGs, a reader as often as I can be, and a part-time traveler during the summer. Also, oversexual in a lot of ways, so if you’re somehow on this page and not signed in, that’s why you’re not going to see much.

Now, the gallery’s huge, but it’s still growing, recently at the rate of about 20 stories a week. You want to be part of that? You want something for yourself? Keep reading.

Do you do requests?


What about gifts?

VERY rarely, and usually for friends I’ve known for years.

Okay, um, what do you have that’s cheap?

That, I can help you with.

I run themed streams twice a week, focused on different kinks, fetishes, universes, or locations. If you want to get a shorter story (these are limited to 3 pages), these would be the things to show up to. It’s a good way to find out if you like my writing for you or not. Keep an eye out every Wednesday and Sunday.

I was kind of hoping for something longer. What can you do for that?[/u]

I believe I’m one of the more low-priced authors around for something of extended length, so, let’s go over your options.

3, 6, or 9 pages: These stories are the most basic you can get. Either a three page, six page, or nine page story, suitable for quick one-shots that don’t need to cover much, don’t have much plot, and just focus on porn. Yes, it needs to be a multiple of three. Cost: $18, $36, $53, depending on page count

10 pages: A longer story for a stand-alone piece of work, but with plenty of space for character dev alongside some porn. Cost: $60

Miniseries: Purchased at a minimum of 2 10-page chapters, these give plenty of space for a long, expanded story and plenty of kink development. As a result of the greater number of chapters, there’s a discount per-chapter. Cost: $50/chapter

Private Streams: Basically, this is one of the weekly streams given exclusively to a single person. It’s 4 3-page stories, totaling a bit more than 12 pages, all done either completely privately or for an audience of your choice. Cost: $50

Game Stories: Ever wanted a personal, live text game? That’s more or less what this is. After some brainstorming, I’ll set up a google document where I run a ‘game’ for you in story form. You reply with what you want to do, and with the use of some dice, we decide whether you succeed or fail. Be ready for the possibility of bad ends. Cost: $25/hour

Sponsorship: Every time I open for commissions, I’ll have a list of stories that can be sponsored for continuation, or to start them. Usually, sponsorships will not give the commissioner much control over what happens next; this is done purely as a way to see a story you like continue. If you don’t see a story you like, feel free to mention it to me, but if the story was started by a different commissioner rather than myself, then you’ll need their permission for it to be continued under new management. Cost: Variable

Splurge: This is the most expensive option, but it’s the most worthwhile in terms of content, as well. You can buy a one or two-week splurge, which purchases you exclusive control of my writing for that period of time. This usually means about 140 pages for one week, 280 for two. This is the only way that you can buy so many stories at once, and I will write additional content that I am not always willing to touch. Note: If you plan on buying this, notify me at least one week in advance and have write-ups ready. If there are no write-ups or plans for stories on a day, it still counts towards the days you’ve paid for. Cost: $800/$1,600

Thanks for the prices. How do I go about commissioning you, then?

Here’s a step-by-step link if you want a more detailed answer:


In short, though, keep an eye out for commission-opening announcements and be ready to jump on them. I’m not constantly open, otherwise my queue would never end, and I’d get stressed out. Instead, I open for new stuff every other Sunday. The upcoming dates are:

September 8th
September 22nd
October 6th
October 20th
November 3rd
November 17th

Keep an eye out on those Sunday nights for the opening. If you can’t make it, I do offer a raffle before the day, for those that are either in a bad time zone or can’t make it online at that time, but it’s a limited selection there.

I don’t want to get a new story, but I really loved (insert story here). Are you ever going to do more of it?

If it hasn’t been posted to for a while, probably not. I do have a backlog of submissions to post, but there’s a lot of times when commissioners will either run out of money or interest and drop a series in the middle of the project.

That said, if you want to get in touch with the original commissioner and get permission to carry it on with your money, feel free. I can’t promise that they’ll give you permission, but go ahead and ask.

I want to get a story, but I don’t know what I want.

I offer a service I call the Wheel of Fetish. Basically, you give me a certain set of information (gender/sex pairings, species, settings, and kinks), and for the cost of $3, I will give you back 3-5 ideas I’ve brainstormed for that list (minimum 3, but will always attempt more). Just note me, and we’ll get you set up.

Full instructions here:


I’d like to support you, but I don’t really need any stories. What can I do?

There’s a couple of options there. Obviously, if you like my stories, comment on them and favorite them. The comments in particular are an immense emotional uplift, because it tells me that someone legitimately like them.

If you want to support me financially, I always include a ko-fi link for quick tips on the different stories I upload. If you liked something, feel free to leave something behind in the tip jar. It always helps.

If you want to be a more active supporter, there’s always patreon. I use it to work through longer personal works, chapter-stories of 10-20 chapters, and there’s a number of good tiers that are examined every six months or so for fairness and good rewards.


Thank you VERY much for your time, and I hope that you enjoy yourself among my gallery.
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Fur Affinity
1 year, 8 months ago
hey draconicon, by any chance you have an archiveofourown page?
4 years, 5 months ago
Thanks for Watching me! ♥
5 years, 12 months ago
Saw this and thought of you: http://tinyurl.com/j5nh8fu ^^
6 years, 2 months ago
Thank you for being a friend.
6 years, 6 months ago
Is there anymore for The Milking Club?
6 years, 9 months ago
thanks for the watch ^^
6 years, 11 months ago
Hi there! Thanks for the fav!!
7 years, 2 months ago
Thanks for the fave! ^.^
7 years, 6 months ago
can you possibly post a link to your corruption stream story part 3?
7 years, 7 months ago
Glad I found yaw. I really have enjoyed your writing.
8 years, 1 month ago
Many thanks fur favvin'! ^^
8 years, 1 month ago
Thank you very much for the watch ^.^
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