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Orion and Aro by cyiancefiction
Orion and Aro
Your Support
Hello everyone, art process will slow down quite a bit again as I must get a job once more to keep my home and my cat. To help make the process faster once more your support is needed by going to http...
2 months ago
NSFW Art and WIPs
Hey everyone I'm doing multiple collabs with my beloved, want to support us, find us here. https://www.patreon.com/artbycrotser
9 months, 1 week ago
If i get this site hooked up to an account so money can be wired, I'm going to make pony adobtables $5 each
3 years, 8 months ago
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Orion and Aro by cyiancefiction
Orion and Aro
Just a small WIP by cyiancefiction
Just a small WIP
Sano Merfur by cyiancefiction
Sano Merfur
Catfish by cyiancefiction
Corupted by cyiancefiction
Madness Returns by cyiancefiction
Madness Returns
Gentleman Fox by cyiancefiction
Gentleman Fox
I will catch you by cyiancefiction
I will catch you
Do It For Her by cyiancefiction
Do It For Her
Ami and her keyblade by cyiancefiction
Ami and her keyblade
Here Comes A Thought by cyiancefiction
Here Comes A Thought
Bunner by cyiancefiction
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Just a small WIP by cyiancefiction
Orion and Aro by cyiancefiction
Contains pictures of other furs in the Rosiana world
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The Fox And The Moon
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I do requests, but please give me a pm about what you want with specifications, and I will see what I can do. I will not do cubs for I am uncomfortable with doing so, also no aroused parts, just nudes are acceptable. Example would be like a woman bending over showing off without being all wet.

Sofur --> https://cy-fi.sofurry.com/
FA--> https://www.furaffinity.net/user/cyiancefiction/

Now for fursona info

A black vampire, is a vampire that has a lust for both sex, and blood. A black vampire normally has large fangs, claws, and either leather bat like wings, or wings of bone, they also have pitch black eyes.
A favorite form is human with the same brown hair and green eyes, but with snow white skin and ruby red lips, there is a trail of rose vines coming from the nap of the neck, it covers the back left shoulder blade. The roses are a greenish blue colors. There is bite mark from a vampire, that is pink on the right side of the neck.

Name: Amilia
Age 18 by human years, 300 by vampires [pretty young really]
Species/look: Black Vampiric Shape Shifting Feline [can not change gender, and more of a house cat] with a tipped tail, neon purple fur, and a black star on the back of each ear. She also has a pair of bright pink wings that are angelic, but small, normally hidden, unless used for flight. When extremely mad or bloodthirsty, ect, Her feathers on her wings turn to ash and leave bone. Her eyes go completely black, her nails grow long and black to dagger like, and her fangs grow to a large, very noticeable size. When she is in a normal mood, her eyes are either a dark brown or, a bright green [haven't decided which I like better]
Gender: 100% Female
Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
Hight: 5'9"
Weaknesses: Fire [not flammable like alcohol, more like a human] a herb called nightshade [too high a dose and she can die, just low enough and she will be human like, other words no normal vampire abilities or anything else, but can still move] can bleed to death [if cut enough times and deep enough]
Other Info: She likes to keep things bottled up most of the time, but she lets her emotions out by drawing, singing and playing music...... so if she is singing, most likely the song she is singing, reflects her mood. She hates being ignored more than anything, and she hates when people mess up food she is trying to cook, leave her be when she is cooking, or at lest don't mess with the food. She may be a vampire, but that doesn't mean she can't blush. She is also not venomous, so if she bites you, don't worry, you won't turn in to a vampire. What happens is that when her saliva enters the system, it can make a person very drowsy, or aroused, sometimes a mix [it all depends on her mood weather the person becomes drowsy or aroused].  She hates the taste of her own blood. Ovaries where removed by Sano, so can't become pregnant anymore, but Sano can put an egg of her own from her ovaries, so she can have a child.

Name: Sano
Age: ????
Species/look: A large wolf [anthro], not built, but you can see the muscles in him. He is all black with bright blue eyes and hair, he has a plain streak on his tail, and has what looks like two teeth on the up lip and two teeth on the lower lip for face markings, and a pink scar over the right eye. All of his markings are bright blue. He has somewhat a mowhawk that bend foreword a bit and hand slightly over one eye. When as a reaper, his fur turns white and all his markings and hair and eyes turn a blood red. His black trench coat turns in to a reaper's robe. His wings are normally blue with black streaks, as a reaper, they turn white with red streaks. He normally wearing dark blue jeans with  rips in the knees, and they don't sag off his butt. His shoes are normally just a pair of plain combat boots.
Gender: 100% male
Sexual Orientation: heterosexual
Hight: 10'
Weaknesses: emotions
Other Info: He has a crystal heart that is about as big as a human fist, and it's bright blue. It is in all literal, his heart. He let's Cyan keep a hold of it, as he loves her more than a brother should love a sister. He keeps it well hidden though. He often get jealous and watches over her, but is okay, and chews out any male that hurts her in some way. He is always watching her no matter what, and will always come to her aid in a fight. He is smarter than Kaito, and slightly weaker physically.

Name: Kaito
Age: ????
Species/look: A large wolf [anthro] who is built more than his twin Sano, you can clearly see his muscles in his arms, he has the same pattern as Sano, but instead jagged edges on the line on his tail, and is red instead of blue. He also wear a fishnet muscle man shirt to show off those nice muscles. He has an actual mowhawk that is is red and doesn't bend. He also wear a pair of dark red jeans with some chains and a few tears in places. He is also a bit of a demon.
Gender:100% male
Sexual Orientation: heterosexual
Hight: 10'
Weaknesses: sex... anything that deals with sexual hints as well.... and people who are actually smart
Other Info: He often wrestles with Sano, to try and outwit and outmatch him, but has lost every single one so far. Kaito happens to be the dumber of the twins but yet sightly physically stronger than Sano. He follows Sano's orders, normally without question, and he is the one who is normally, being naughty and getting in to trouble. He hates doing nothing, and.... sleeps around with a lot of girls.
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Thankies for the watch ^^
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hey hey thanx fer the watch. :]
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Ya i'll watch ya improvement might happen ya never know right ! ? OUO
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Youuuuuuuuurrrrrrree welcome ! OUO OUO
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You are welcome
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Thank you very much for the watch ^.^
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Thank you most kindly! I am most excited to be a part of such a thing. :)
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Thanks for the faves ; A ;
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Thanks for the watch!
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