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Solomon's Law Mini-comic Page 2: Deor's boredom by TanekXavier
Solomon's Law Mini-comic Page 2: Deor's boredom
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Solomon's Law Mini-comic Page 2: Deor's boredom by TanekXavier
Solomon's Law Mini-comic Page ...
Solomon's Law practice art. by TanekXavier
Solomon's Law practice art.
Sally Acorn - Free at what cost? by TanekXavier
Sally Acorn - Free at what cos...
Streaming Commissions! by TanekXavier
Streaming Commissions!
Femme Jackle (old) by TanekXavier
Femme Jackle (old)
Sick'em! by TanekXavier
Vacation Time by TanekXavier
Vacation Time
IN th Grip of Malice by TanekXavier
IN th Grip of Malice
COmmission for JudasKOda by TanekXavier
COmmission for JudasKOda
Halloween 2016 Mortal Kombat Sheeva by TanekXavier
Halloween 2016 Mortal Kombat S...
Allow me to demonstrate... by TanekXavier
Allow me to demonstrate...
Unpaid Commish - Furight Night! by Carrot
Unpaid Commish - Furight Night...
by Carrot
I am an Anthro artist.  I draw mostly sci-fi and fantasy artwork. I do not draw ferals, and I do not draw humanoids with fully feral heads. Evolution doesn't stop at the neck.

I have a few darker fetishes that I've only drawn a tiny handful of pictures (Which may or may not appear here, depending on whether or not I get requests for such art).  I can, but do not often, draw gore ranging from impalement to beheading, etc.  It is not my usual stuff, so don't look for too much of it in my gallery.

I am also a writer/role player with roughly 25 years of experience.

If you expect to roleplay with me, you better be able to work with paragraphs, and don't reply with one-line actions or statements.  If I put in the effort, YOU put in the effort, too.

I am generally a friendly fellow. I don't necessarily consider myself a furry, even if I draw anthro art. I just prefer anthro art because of the nigh-limitless potential of the genre, whereas humans get pretty boring to draw and create.

I ~can~ be a prick, but only if people rub me the wrong way.  I am generally friendly by default.

I take art commissions and trades. I do not do freebies very often, and generally only for my close friends.  Do not ask me for free art, I will ignore it.

My commission prices are fairly cheap considering my skill level.

Sketches: 5$
Inks: $10
Flats: $15
Full digital Color: $30

Additional Characters: Each additional character qualifies as it's own piece, so if you want two character sketch, it's $10, so on, and so forth.

ON TRANSFORMATION COMMISSIONS: Each panel will be considered a stand-alone, and the price is multiplied by how many panels you want.

Links and Contact Details
Fur Affinity
Second Life
Tanek Ohtobide
YouTube channel
2 years, 10 months ago
While this is late, hello and welcome to InkBunny. Better late than never.
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