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Another Sporty Hare by SquareOtter
Another Sporty Hare
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Another Sporty Hare by SquareOtter
Another Sporty Hare
Fun With Zoology III by SquareOtter
Fun With Zoology III
Marley Still Training by SquareOtter
Marley Still Training
Simon - The Cuddly Bear by SquareOtter
Simon - The Cuddly Bear
Jonas - At The Pool by SquareOtter
Jonas - At The Pool
Another Scribble by SquareOtter
Another Scribble
Fun With Zoology II by SquareOtter
Fun With Zoology II
Fun With Zoology I by SquareOtter
Fun With Zoology I
Eight Degrees Celsius by SquareOtter
Eight Degrees Celsius
Khari Climbing Out Of The pool by SquareOtter
Khari Climbing Out Of The pool
Marley Jogging Through The Wood by SquareOtter
Marley Jogging Through The Woo...
Another Otter - Diego by SquareOtter
Another Otter - Diego
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Fall Fox - Avery by Samdafurry
Fall Fox - Avery
Fox Cub Mowing the Grass for Mom and Dad by moyomongoose
Fox Cub Mowing the Grass for M...
Bugs the Cubs Like to Catch by moyomongoose
Bugs the Cubs Like to Catch
$ Space Snugglies! by OOOeyGoooey
$ Space Snugglies!
(Completely new on this page)

I´m a simple man, enjoying your beautiful art.
I've been painting myself for some time now and it's just very enjoyable. Thank you so much for your positive feedback, I am happy about every single comment and every Fav and it motivates me to continue and improve.

*** Do you have a cool character? ***
I`m always looking for ideas and stuff, so if you want me to paint one of your characters, don't be shy, just tell me! :)
It might take me a while, but this is very exciting! ;)
(for free of course... I'm not good enough to take your money...)
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4 days, 12 hrs ago
Your welcome, and keep drawing, you are doing very good.  :)
2 weeks, 4 days ago
I appreciate the faves. Thanks.
3 weeks, 2 days ago
You are welcome X3
3 weeks, 2 days ago
Very adorable art! I love it! :)
3 weeks, 2 days ago
(Part two, read the stuff below fist)
[...] This text is a copy of my Furaffinity-Stuff, like most of my pictures and things...but what I really want to tell you (only for this site) is that going to Inkbunny was a very ...  interesting step for me! =) This site is not that big, but it was sooo damn cool how I was recognized here, how nice the people are... I am really glad to have found this... and I just want to thank all of you. If you got questions, want to chat, got ideas or other things... never be afraid to tell me, I am so excited to hear that! =)
And as always... stay strange, stay special, be weird... that is the fuel of the human race.... I love you! =)
3 weeks, 2 days ago
Well... I thought I should tell the little group of people (who like my stuff) that my activities on this site, at this community etc. will end in a month or so. I am afraid of this and the reasons are... very personal. There was a time like a year ago, when I took a long break, and the next might be shorter, or longer, or forever. I don't know what the future holds for me. Maybe I'll start drawing again soon, maybe there will never be new pictures from me 2020... I just don't know. The reasons are.... convoluted, strange... I don't want to bother you with this. The point is, I want to put out as much stupid, bad, funny, sexy, cool, ridiculous stuff as possible in the last six weeks I might have.
Don't ask me why, don't be afraid.... just contact me, tell me what [....]
3 weeks, 6 days ago
No problemo! x3 Keep on keeping on! ive been at it a long time and ive still much to learn haha
4 weeks ago
Welcome to Inkbunny fellow artist! x3 your stuff looks nice! :3 look forward to seeing you grow as an artist more too!

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