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JoshStory by Sila
by Sila
Help out a fellow fur, guys
If you can. https://www.furaffinity.net/journal/1510766 Having had to lose a dog myself due to the vet costs being so high and being unable to afford the procedures that might have saved her..This ...
9 years, 3 months ago
Jumpin on the bandwagon
and making an Inkbunny (what's the 'acronym' for this place anyway? IB? lol) account. :3 Will be uploading some of my art from furaffinity- mostly just the stuff that I'm actually proud of though. A...
9 years, 4 months ago
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JoshStory by Sila
Linkitty by Sila
Andy + Mani by Sila
Andy + Mani
Silacub by Sila
Tauvix the mage by Sila
Tauvix the mage
Stormy night by Sila
Stormy night
Zephy by Sila
I'm here for you by Sila
I'm here for you
Cuties by Sila
Mizzycub by Sila
Zombie plushie RAWWWR by Sila
Zombie plushie RAWWWR
Maytricks the gray tabby by Sila
Maytricks the gray tabby
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Maytricks the gray tabby by Sila
Mizzycub by Sila
Cuties by Sila
Babyfur art
Art of/for Babyfurs. :3 All is G rated.
7 submissions
shibby and leppy smewchin by lepkitty
shibby and leppy smewchin
by lepkitty
box cubs will rule the world by lepkitty
box cubs will rule the world
by lepkitty




Hai peoples. About me? :P
 I'm a bit of a babyfur...Leaning toward kidfur more or less. like it or not, that's who I am. Deal with it. :3
I'm respectful of your boundaries and interests, you be respectful of mine.
Please if you draw my fursona, do not forget to add her scar or floppy ear. <3 Those are the most important physical traits to her.
My fursona's info is here https://www.furaffinity.net/journal/1383897/ <3

I've got a few friends, but only a select few I can ever consider to be really close to. That one's Bobkitty, who not only do I love as a great friend, but he's my mate and partner in life <3  Love you forever hun. <3<3
Such a sweet guy too :3 Known him for years now, love him to death no matter how much of a brat he can be.
Kitty x Puppy forever and ever. <3

I'm 18 IRL, turning 19  July 16th. :/ Don't like it for more than one reason:
-I'm terrified of thunderstorms, and any other natural disaster.
- I hate hot weather.
- I dun like loud noises, so fireworks = bad...Birthday is not too far off of 4th of July. >_<
All of those happen in july. It sucks. :D

I love a bunch of music, books, shiney things and cutesy things!  I've got an oral fixation...so I'm always chewing or sucking on something, whether that be my nails, fingers, or random objects that look like they won't kill me :3
I'm a huge fan of Studio Ghibli works, including Ponyo, Spirited away, and Princess Mononoke! X3 Ponyo ponyo!


I'm currently working on my art style...
Atm I'm semi-open to commissions (about 15 dollars fullbody color) but I'm looking to trade for diapers more so than money :P

I love art of all kinds and i'm always interested in art of my fursona or my friends, despite if i deny it or not :P i'm just shy XD

Note: Even though I am a babyfur irl, my fursona is not always depicted as a baby or a toddler.
 I'm more of a "kidfur" with "little tendancies" basically x3
 I has a bit of an oral fixation...meaning I'm always sucking or chewing on something- much like a puppy does anyway. *nodnod*

Feel free to ask me somethin! :3
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eep!  >////<
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Thanks for the watch! ^^
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