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Journey of the Chosen Chapter Two by Secretshadow
Journey of the Chosen Chapter Two
Been a while, so here comes the rest of JotC.
Decided to go ahead an post the rest of the story JotC I have from SoFurry, might take a bit of trying to get it all here though. Been mostly focused on the rewrite of my Bloodline novel in making su...
3 years, 2 months ago
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Journey of the Chosen Chapter Two by Secretshadow
Journey of the Chosen Chapter ...
Journey of the Chosen Chapter One by Secretshadow
Journey of the Chosen Chapter ...

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Journey of the Chosen Chapter One by Secretshadow
Journey of the Chosen Chapter Two by Secretshadow
Long ongoing romance adventure between my character (Evin) who has come from our world, his Lucario (Rika), and the already in existent character from the animated series Dawn.
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Hug by Aoinu
by Aoinu
FFⅨ Title theme "A Place to Call Home" whistle cover by iChiba
FFⅨ Title theme "A Place to Ca...
by iChiba
Flora by fluffKevlar
Under a waterfall by WereFox
Under a waterfall
by WereFox
Rudderbutt in the Forest by Zaush
Rudderbutt in the Forest
by Zaush
Tammy Reference "nude"  by Tycloud
Tammy Reference "nude"
by Tycloud
[GIFT] Breaking The Ice by FeralMoonlight
[GIFT] Breaking The Ice
Chinese Warrior by ZetaHaru
Chinese Warrior
by ZetaHaru
MEEK by Aogami
by Aogami
by Aogami
Scrapping out a liveing by wildbunnykasa
Scrapping out a liveing
Single male, strait and still looking for that special significant other. I'm a bit addicted to visiting sites like this and often find myself in the mood to get into reading long stories or comics. I have a lot of favorite artist that I keep track of here on Ink-bunny, FA and So-furry, so If you are ever in wonder of what it is I like in the way of art all you have to do is look at my favorite list. As for who my absolute favorite artists are (In this order): Aogami, Zaush, Tsampikos, Quetzalli, FYoshi, RukiFox, DevoidKiss, fluffKevlar, TheGiantHamster, Samkin, and the last though not necessarily the one that did all the art Taleir. I adore the style each one of these artists bring to the table and wish them all the best of luck.  :)

I'm a take it slow easy going kind of guy and like many others here on this site I started writing my own stories just out of the shear desire to make something the way I wanted it to be. Stories of magic, romance and epic adventure is the style I like to read, as well as the style I like to write with.

As a solo writer that has come to love the furry world since my early twenties, I have always been rather shy/lazy about posting my work because of the nature of the stories I have been writing. It's been a long crazy road with that, as I am just now finally getting close to being able to unveil one of my most prized novels I've been working on, which was originally called Bloodline. Though it had originally started out as nothing more than a very flashy yiffer's fantasy, it has evolved into a great adventurer with nearly limitless possibilities from the first book I wrote and never shared. The beginning starts with a young cat boy, who is the last surviving member of his clan who is struggling for survival against all the odds of many other races (humans included) trying to capture the power he has or destroy it. :)  It's become the very essence of my being trying to finish this book and it was a relieving gratification when I had finally worked up the courage to share it with my family.

 So far the only site that I currently have one of my ongoing stories posted on is SoFurry.com, which was a story that I had created for the fun and experience I would gain by writing a very long ongoing Lucario/human epic romance adventure, if you read more into it, it becomes m/f/f/f after a while, might have gone a little overboard at one point.

  As per my usual tendencies, most of the stories I have created remain in storage mostly unfinished, so when compared to what I've posted or finished I have shown relatively nothing to the world yet. Back when I first started posting, to remedy my feelings of tenacious secrecy, I used the pokemon world as a method to keep my personal interest along with the ideas that made the story at an arm's length distance so that I wouldn't become too attached to trying to keep the stories to myself. Mainly the story (JotC) was for writing experience, but also just because I wanted to see a good Lucario/human relationship story out there that was very much to my own liking.

 Over the years I've been perfecting my skills and have come to find that even among other fantasy writers and novelists, I have the ability of creation (or just an over active imagination). Though my follow-through is a bit lacking, as I seem to keep coming up with new ideas for many kinds of novel length stories, but never seem to finish writing them to the end. Most are furry, many are adult rated, but some are the beginnings of legend.

  Someday I should ask someone to help me get on task and finish them along with becoming my editor, but for now, while I'm still a single guy that watches too much anime, they await to be finished.

Be sure to check out my story Journey of the Chosen (JotC) at SoFurry and feel free to drop in a few comments or message me if you have any questions.
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Secret shadow
3 years, 3 months ago
Thanks for watching and faving ^w^
3 years, 9 months ago
Thanks for the Watch <3
3 years, 10 months ago
Thanks for watching!~
4 years ago
Thanks for the watch. ^_^
5 years, 2 months ago
Hmm, maybe I awt to try posting some stuff here so I at least get noticed a little... Then again this site seems to be against having anything dealing with humans involved in the works. One day I'll post a version of my Bloodline story, that will do the trick, I'm sure of that, but not until I get a published and copyrighted version of it out in the world.
5 years, 6 months ago
Many thanks for watching me! C=
6 years, 3 months ago
^^ thank you for the great pics. :)
6 years, 3 months ago
Thankies! ^^
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